YJM308 Overdrive review by DOD

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (35 votes)
DOD: YJM308 Overdrive

Price paid: $ 70

Purchased from: Muscian's Friend

Sound — 8
I am using this with a Fender Standard Strat with a Dimarzio twinblade humbucker in the bridge position (I'm not sure what Dimarzio calls this type of pickup, but I know that Carvin calls them twinblade, so I'll go with that). I am playing out of a Carvin solid state 120 combo. This pedal very noisy when you are not playing, due to the necessity of having to run it over a gain channel. However, it does not feedback, but there is just a waterfall sort of sound. When using it on a clean channel, there is next to no noise. Obviously, I can get Yngwie Malmsteen's tone perfectly with this pedal, and am quite happy, because I have been forever trying to find ways to emulate his tone. The only downside to this is probably the waterfall noise when you are not playing, but it's something that I'm willing to deal with, and when you're not playing, it's not all that hard to turn off the pedal.

Overall Impression — 9
I play Metal, Rock, Blues, Classical, and Jazz and it works great for anything that requires distortion. I have been playing for six years and have used a Boss DS-1 Distortion and an Ibanez Tubescreamer. The DOD outperforms them both, although I think that I could get a great sound out of running the DOD and Tubescreamer simultaneously. If it were stolen or lost I would do my best to find it, but would most definitely buy another one. I have already incorporated it into my setup and is no needed to achieve the tone that I love. I love the clarity of this pedal. I'm very into sweep picking and fast little runs were every note needs to be heard and this pedal brings every note out without drowning it in unnecessary gain. I saw this on Musician's Friend and just had to buy it. There was no question. I knew that this would be the pedal for me, and it is. I'm kinda bumming about the no LED, but it's worth it to get this perfect tone. If you want to get a tone that embodies neo-classical metal, then the DOD YJM308 is right for you.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I would use this at a gig without a backup for sure. It's built like a brick house and I would rely on it completely. Extra batteries, however would be necessary. It's always good to bring extra batteries if you're using a stompbox with no adapter. The thing about the adapter is that it has a very odd hole and I'm pretty sure that you would need a very very specific adapter and I've looked online and haven't been able to find one. I'm still in the process but if I can find one I guess I'll just have to be going to gigs with a couple batteries on hand.

Ease of Use — 9
DOD has produced an extremely versitile pedal in the YJM308 Overdrive. Whether you're looking for Yngwie Malmsteen's signature tone by running it in front of a gain channel or trying to attain a bluesy, biting tone by using it with the clean channel, this pedal comes through perfectly. First off, you have to know a little about Yngwie's setup if you're looking for his tone. He uses this over a gain channel, which produces massive amounts of distortion, but somehow the clarity is amazing, perfect if you want every note to be heard in your sweep arpeggios. (And I assume you do.) It takes a while to find the perfect combination of settings between the amp and the pedal, but I find that it's best if you turn the amp gain up half way and then turn the two knobs, Gain and Level up to about five o'clock. My pedal did not come with a manual but with only two knobs, it isn't that hard to work. My one complaint would be the lack of LED indicator to tell you whether it is on or off. This is a small problem though and you just have to remember if you have it switched on or off.

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    This thing is $30 now on musiciansfriend. Snatch it up folks! It's worth it, even if it doesn't have an LED. :/
    Silky Smooth
    Great pedal Nice and transparent and sounds beautiful boosting a dirty channel. It really brings out the notes crystal clear.