535Q Cry Baby review by Dunlop

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (96 votes)
Dunlop: 535Q Cry Baby

Sound — 9
Epiphone-dunl. C.B, Ibanez Tubescreamer, Vox 15w. It's true bypass as far as I can tell, when the batteries die and you engage the effect, it's a mute switch, but it still passes signal. The sound quality is great and much more recognizable once you spend some time with it and tailor it to your rig. You can get anywhere from a bluesy wailing rock wah to metal and funk. Everything in one box, though not at the same settings. The volume boost is a great help, it lets you sing above everything else in the mix, as well as get a little bit more distortion. You can also dial in some nice feedback if you let it sit on the higher frequencies. No noise.

Overall Impression — 9
I play rock and metal stuff. This wah is perfect beacuse it has the Fasel inductor. The inductor gives it a nice tone with loads of distortion. I have been playing for about 2 years now. If this were stolen or lost, I would definately purchase another one of these! I love the sweep and how good it sounds, the boost is also extremely useful for leads. I compared this to other wah pedals (Dimebag wah, Tremonti power wah, Classic Crybaby) and the only one that compared was the Dime one. It was $100 more and this wah had all the same features! This wah inspires me to new levels of playing all the time. That's all for my review, I totally recommend this pedal for any level of musician.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It's heavy. Like a gold brick. You could knock someone out with this thing. I would use it without a backup but there's one thing I wouldn't use it with live, batteries. I've had the batteries die just inexplicably, you're supposed to unhook the input signal to stop a slow drain, and I do, but whenever I need the durn thing it turns into a 10 lb mute switch. Get a power supply!

Ease of Use — 8
3 knobs - volume boost, the Q (sweep/bandpass), and the 6-way range selector (emphasizes lows, mids, or highs). You can plug it in, click it on, and play, but that's not really going to do much. Folks say it's 'set it and forget it,' but then you're forgetting about the tonal possibilities of the pedal. It can do a heck of a lot if you take the time to tweak it. You can get heavy metal-ish, guttural wahs and nice reggae/funk sounds that resemble an envelope filter. The settings in the manual are helpful, before I didn't realize the volume knob made a noticeable effect on the tone. Mine's an old model, 18v with the knobs on the bottom. Pain in the rear to get to but Dunlop seems to have rectified that with the newer models.

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    Dude, my Crybaby GCB 95 is like, 10 years old, and I'm the third owner. The only repair it's had done to it is a replacement pot, which I did three days ago. Unreliable Dunlops? Give me a break.
    EricSewellAUS wrote: this wah, you could use on several rock and metal songs... but get the dimebag wah... made for metal.
    you DO know the Dimebag wah is based on this one? He used a 535Q until he got his signature wah.
    Yeah mine was broken when i bought it, and i brought it back and they "fixed" it, and then it broke within 2 weeks. The q knob is completely gone, but i luckily have a 2 year accident plan. But regardless of my bad luck, its a great pedal that shouldnt be rated on the fact that I happen to be given one shoddy pedal, and neither should the other dude.
    the spiker
    Great pedal you can't go wrong. Very sturdy, can take a stompin. Sound is great, I can play just like Jimmy Page
    some one must have the slash pedal out there...review it!!! Too many people just slagging or praisng stuff that they have never personally tried!!
    my good friend gave this wah to me (kinda borrowing) but yeah its amazing hah
    WARNING! do NOT buy this pedal!! I used to have one and it broke within a week!
    This is a common problem. A lot of people get adapters and do not look at the polarity. If the adapter's polarity is different to the one on the pedal's, then your pedal will burn out within a week. The Cry Baby uses a DC 9 volt. The adapter should have this symbol on it: +-C--. Positive-C-Negative.
    i have the gcb-95 and i love the tone, can u still get the tone of the GCB, if you wanted to, usin the dials n such
    Very good choice. I use it for everything, but especially for j-rock, like Dir en Grey or X- Japan, and it sounds like no other.
    heh, its good, but i need help playing wahs, for example the opening riff of voodoo child. thx. got it for 80$ canadian at cosmo music at the sale.
    trip, im using an educated guess right now, mabe if you didnt get really pissed of at your dad, and killed your pedal, nothing may have happened, (that happened to me once with my tubescreamer ts7) or you thought you were like gona "rock on" and jump on it. or you broke up with your girlfriend, or you just wanted to make a comment to make no one get the pedal. im pretty sure its one of those
    Hey I got mine at Long and McQuade too....anyhow one of the great aspects of this pedal is the little manual that comes with it that shows how to get different people's sound.....i did a lot of searching before i bought this wah and trust me, you wont be dissapointed
    I have purchased this pedal and really like the unique sounds that you can create out of it. It doesn't come with a power adapter so if you don't want to go through batteries like crazy I would reccomend buying the adapter. Other than that this wah pedal has very good tone to it, and is built very strong.
    WARNING! do NOT buy this pedal!! I used to have one and it broke within a week! Since then I have never bought another dunlop product and I advise you to look around for a better wah wah. i would try musiciansfriend or your local music store. Honestly! save your self the trouble! Its not worth your hard earned dough!