535Q Cry Baby review by Dunlop

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (96 votes)
Dunlop: 535Q Cry Baby

Price paid: $ 151.2

Purchased from: Danny Hughes Music

Sound — 10
I use this effect on it's own so it's just guitar wah then amp I use it with both of my marshalls the AVT 275 and the mg-15cd and it sounds greatonly time it's noisey is if I enable the boost switch and even then I only notice the volume increase of the guitar, I was able to get the great tones of Hendrix, Page, Morello and many more great guitarists with this one wah.

Overall Impression — 9
I play all different styles of music from metal to clean stuff and I find it great for everything I have put it upto so far. I have no regrets about buying this product, and if it was stolen I would buy another one in a heartbeat. I love everyting about it wouldn't change a thing, I played with it for about 30 minutes in the shop and from that I decided it wa the wah pedal for me, My favorite Feature would have to be the 15db boost which is great for soloing. I tried a couple of different wahs before this including the JH-1 a Boss wah which I can't remember the name of and a Bad horsie and this one just fitted my style better than the other mainly because it is versatile. The only thing I wish it had would be a sort of simulated talk wah effect.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I fell that I can really Depend on this unit for any situation. I would be confident doing gigs with this but only using a 9v adapter I think it's just a better option over the 9v batteries. Reliability & Durability are overall great.

Ease of Use — 10
This is a very easy unit to get a good sound from from a nice money for nothing tone to a great treble filled lead tone. The manual was great it was full of info on getting the best sound when using it in a chain of effects and came with a couple of pages filled with the setting to get the same tones as Tom Morello and Jimmt Page.

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    jo3myster wrote: Hey Fuck You. Mine Didnt break yet so again **** you you dirty uncle ****er, Your a boner biting bitch uncle ****er
    I think that it's funny you restorted to saying all of that to signal you were defended. I've been thinking about getting one of these. I havn't played one yet but, from what it sounds like you're getting more than you pay for.
    Prince Albert
    Trip272 wrote: WARNING! do NOT buy this pedal!! I used to have one and it broke within a week! Since then I have never bought another dunlop product and I advise you to look around for a better wah wah. i would try musiciansfriend or your local music store. Honestly! save your self the trouble! Its not worth your hard earned dough!
    Did you ever stop to think that maybe you just got a lemon? Seriously, u can't put down the entire Dunlop company because of one bad product.
    help!!! my 535Q doesn't seem to work anymore, the last time I've used it was on a gig and it worked fine, today I used it again and it only works in bypass mode, but it doesn't say 'wah' anymore, it only makes weird noises. I've only used it with the optional adaptor and a 9V battery, and it's still in warranty. I have it about 7 months now. What should I do? does anyone else have this problem?