Carbon Fibre Max Grip Jazz III review by Dunlop

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (7 votes)
Dunlop: Carbon Fibre Max Grip Jazz III

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Sound — 9
They sound really nice. I guess they sound a bit brighter compared to the Standard Jazz III's. And to my ears they have better articulation of the notes.

Overall Impression — 9
They are amazing Picks and anyone that wants a really fast releasing Jazz III should check em out. I think anyone who like Jazz III's will love these!

Reliability & Durability — 7
Really reliable from Pick to pick. They always sound consistent. However my only criticism for these Picks are that they don't last as long as Standard Jazz III's. I'm a heavy picker so for me they wear quicker, but there is no change in tones at all or feel from the pick. It stays consistent throughout use. However, saying that they still last for a good 5-6 months with heavy use for hours every day.

Ease of Use — 9
Really great picks. I used to use the Standard Black Jazz III's for years and loved them. I picked these up just as an experiment to see if they really made a difference. As soon as I got them I could tell how much easier they were to hold. So much grip at one point it did hang off my thumb. Also because of the material, it glides off the strings so much faster than the Standard Jazz III's I owned. They really have increased my accuracy in my picking.

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    Love the standard ones gotta try these. Lately I find myself using the red ones far more than black. No idea why. They def are slightly different
    This for me is the best pick ever, i had used all other jazz IIIs and i liked them all, and i was just about to buy another pack then saw these. Because of the super gripy surface and the fact the are carbon fibre. it has took a whole lot of stress of my picking hand allowing me to play faster, more accurately and for longer.
    shredder3386 wrote: Love the regular stiffo Jazz IIIs but I have wanted to try these for awhile. My pick rarely slips but I still feel like I am using extra energy making sure I hold it. This might be the solution.
    Just quoted myslef (lame I know) but just wanted to follow-up. I used these and holy **** they are awesome. I bought only one pack as a test, then after a day of playing ran back to the store to buy them out. My playing is alot smoother now, and things I wasnt getting with my metronome suddenly clicked (no pun intended). Definitely recommend.
    Love the regular stiffo Jazz IIIs but I have wanted to try these for awhile. My pick rarely slips but I still feel like I am using extra energy making sure I hold it. This might be the solution.
    i dont like these very much. the standards are faster, better sounding, and the grip on this isnt very comfortable to me. i have a set of picks by dava with a grip that is slightly larger than the standards and its better than this but different than the standard.
    Standard Jazz III is the slighty better shape. But these have a better grip for sure.
    Do they make these in XL? I use Jazz III XL and have yet to make the jump to the standard tiny ones.
    sashki wrote: Are they actually made of carbon fibre or is that just a fancy name?
    they are made of a combination of carbon fibre and the black stiffo material. the stiffo is there just to add a bit more strength to the pick because just carbon fibre would be really soft. but yeah about 70% carbon fibre to 30% stiffo material
    I bought four about two years ago. I'm down to one, and that's only because I lost the other three. They haven't ground down at all.
    Loved the size, the stiffness, the shape. Didn't love the sound. On a mahogany guitar with an already fat tone these Carbon Fiber Jazz III's lost enough treble and attack to be a problem for me. It was like rolling the tone pot off 4-5 numbers. The grip is definitely grippy. Once it's gripped it's not going anywhere. Perhaps a bit 'too much' but that's personal taste. I since tried the ULTEX Jazz III's (sort of yellow opaque colour) and they really sing. All the Jazz III shape love but bags of tone and treble/attack is back.