DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell review by Dunlop

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (50 votes)
Dunlop: DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell

Price paid: $ 149.99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I use a Heritage Cherry P-90 Equipped Gibson SG that runs through a Boss MT2 Metal Zone into a Crate GTD120 2x12 Amp. That configuration alone allows for so many possible tones and sounds, but this Wah Pedal just blows them all up, adding the right sound to everything. It's only noisy when the toe is pressed all the way down, but that's only because of the single coils in my guitar. It never fades in or out, and is always consistent. I've been trying for months to get the classic Iommi feedback of songs like Iron Man and Black Sabbath, and the weeping panoramic of Led Zepp's "Dazed and Confused." With this pedal, I can get every sound, from Iommi to Page to Clapton to Jimi with no trouble at all.

Overall Impression — 10
I play a lot of old school rock, blues, and metal, with some old progressive stuff [like Emerson, Lake & Palmer] and this pedal excels in allowing me the flexibility to play any of those genres. I can use it to mellow out my tone for blues, add a nasally bite for rock, and push it toe-down to get that vicious, snarling sound we all know and love. I've been playing for almost five years now, and in that time, I've tested and tried many wah pedals, but this pedal beats them all out. the one thing I love about most is the Variable Q Control. It allows me to dial in either a bright sparkling trebly tone perfect for soloing, or a darker, deeper tone for more acoustic/ambient riffs. Overall, kick-ass. Nothing I'd rather have by my side. If you play any form of rock, get your ass out there and get this damn pedal. You won't be sorry. Keep it loud, keep it heavy.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This thing is amazing. I've gigged with it multiple times, and it excels every time. I can't imagine any other wah pedal I'd rather have in my arsenal than this one. How much more reliable can Dunlop get? I have no idea, but it'll sure be a challenge to beat this one out. Great overall, it's practically a tank, and the camo finish affirms the fact that it could technically be a weapon.

Ease of Use — 7
This pedal is so great, just another masterpiece to add to Dunlop's long line of kick-ass wah pedals. I love this thing. At first, it might be a little hard to work with, but then again, all pedals need to be broken in. Once you read the manual and figure out what goes with what, and how it sounds, it is so easy to get the greatest wah tones you need out of it. I wouldn't take anything else over this.

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    if you put the wah first in your effects chain the boost doesnt really work, but if you put it after the diortion or another effects it works awesome. I say this because i've heard others say that the boost doesnt work. Oh, and by the way this pedal shreds all others out there! RIP Dime
    Danis1 wrote: im currently looking for a wah pedal and i cant decide what i should get, in whoevers personal opinion what is better DB-01 (Dimebag Darrel Signature wah) or a GCB-95F (CLASSIC crybaby)?
    MorgMetal_666 wrote: I'm stuck between the wylde and the dime one. Which one could get a Kirk Hammett sound? Do they work with a distortion pedal? My 535Q doesn't.
    in an interview, Hammett stated that he uses this wah in his recording, mainly in Death Magnetic.
    D Gates
    I want this pedal really bad. I'm alreday saving up money too. I'm just wondering how good it would sound with my VOX amp, and my Schecter C1 Hellraiser.
    I'm considering buying one, but it seems kind of poserish to play with someone else's name on your stuff. However, if it's good, it's good, I guess.