EW-95V Mister Cry Baby Review

manufacturer: Dunlop date: 04/24/2009 category: Guitar Effects
Dunlop: EW-95V Mister Cry Baby
This pedal is very simple and easy to use. It has your standard Dunlop crybaby expression pedal, which is used for both settings, these are volume control and wah wah effect.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Ease of Use: 10
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overall: 9.8
EW-95V Mister Cry Baby Reviewed by: Mr. Tomnus, on april 24, 2009
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Price paid: A$ 320

Purchased from: guitar factory

Ease of Use: This pedal is very simple and easy to use. It has your standard Dunlop crybaby expression pedal, which is used for both settings, these are volume control and wah wah effect. The mannual that comes with the pedal is very useful for ideas about settings, etc. // 10

Sound: I play this through a Marshall sounding home made amp, which a friend made for me, and through this I play a modified american strat, recently bought which came with SD hot rails and other nice SD single sized humbuckers, thus giving me a six pickup guitar, as well as a Fender electric Acoustic, so my tone does vary. But I mainly play in the style of hendrix, frusciante, morello, Slash and John Mayer. This pedal is perfect for all of the above. The volume control is a very impressive and useful feature, which also corresponds to gain and tone control of the pedal, ie. You can use the pedal on a very heavy distortion setting with the pedal fully down (full volume), then by reducing the volume I can find a cleaner sound without having to stomp around on different pedals and channel switching, which is very useful when I play lead guitar and sing at gigs.The wah is a very solid Dunlop crybaby sound, nothing notably unique about the wah sounds, but then again there is nothing disappointing about it either. The major selling point for me in this pedal was the little red button and knob on the side of the unit, which is the volume boost and respective control. This is perfect for getting that little bit louder than the rest of the song for lead breaks or build ups, absolutely love it, my only qualm with the pedal is that when on volume boost, the wah sacrifices a volume boost, while disappointing I solved this problem by buying a cheap berringer fuzz pedal, removed the Switch between settings and use it as an 11 pedal, well worth it for $15. So all in all, there is hardly an offputting feature in this pedal for me. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This pedal is built like a brick shithouse, and like celebrity guitars, this sob sounds better the more it is knocked around. Recently I accidentally had this fall about 1.5m onto a concrete floor, and if anything has benefitted from said fall, the wah appears to be more receptive and the volume control has it's own unique voice after it. Would never want to replace for gigging intents, because with regular gigging, it has yet to let me down, also batteries are a non issue, with a weekly gig and use every day in between, a single 9v will last me about 3 months. The sound of the pedal is not compromised at high volumes either. // 10

Overall Impression: It's a Dunlop, Jim, but do we really care?... Of course we do, by far my favourite wah pedal I have used in my 5 or so years of playing. There is something very special about having a smorgessboard of simple control options, that sound great no matter what you do with them. Overall a thumbs up pedal, and worth the money, even if it is at the high end of wah prices, first one I've bought and the last one I will need. It is easily repared if broken (I accidentally banged it against the corner of a brickhouse and one of the feet fell off due to the high impact, but a fifteen minute Drive to my hardware store later and a simple washer does the job more than addequately). Will last longer than the sun if treated well.It is a rare gem, which hasn't had the recognition it deserves // 10

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