MXR Custom Shop GT-OD Overdrive Review

manufacturer: Dunlop date: 02/25/2010 category: Guitar Effects
Dunlop: MXR Custom Shop GT-OD Overdrive
Built from the ground up with the best available components, the MXR Custom Shop GT-OD Overdrive pedal creates smooth, warm, and classic overdrive without excess noise or tone coloring.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8.3
 Ease of Use: 9
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overall: 9
MXR Custom Shop GT-OD Overdrive Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 25, 2010
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Price paid: $ 99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: What we have here is the MXR Custom Shop GT-OD Overdrive pedal, a rather overlooked offering from MXR. It's a very simple pedal to operate, and it's appearance may make one think "Tube Screamer". Gain, tone, and output knobs are available to tweak to your hearts content. Looks like a familiar companion, and is just as simple to use, but has more to offer sonically. // 9

Sound: I'm running an Engl Fireball head through a modded Marshall 1960A cab (speaker swap, V30/G12-65 clones) with various different humbucking equipped guitars (all passive pickups). Truth be told, I use this pedal far less these days now that I have my Engl, but it is golden for boosting a mid-gain amp into metal territory, or for tightening up loose low end, such as that found on the Mesa Boogie F-50 head I owned prior to my Engl. Aside from using this thing as a gain boost/bass tightener for metal tones on an already dirty amp, it offers fantastic warm, gritty tube Overdrive tone on it's own that is perfect for blues, classic rock, and rockabilly. It has quite a bit of gain on tap too. Not enough for anything that uses a lot of gain like metal or punk, but plenty for just about anythig else. The tone knob is quite useful on this thing too. You can dial in lots of clarity with ease, something I've found to be lacking on cheaper Overdrive pedals. It's just more tonally flexible overall too. Do watch out for noise though. A little goes a long way with the gain on this thing, and using too much will result in much hum and feedback. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This pedal has been great to me, and has never let me down. It seems quite well built. The only complaint I have about it is the paint job on it - It will scratch quite easily, so invest in some kind of way to keep it protected for gigs, unless you don't mind a bit of character on your gear. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a fantastic Overdrive pedal, especially for the price. It blows away the TS9 IMO, and just has a better core tone/is better built than the SD-1 or the Bad Monkey. Whether you need a nice, classic tube grit for light-mid gain stuff, or you want to turn your already dirty tube amp into a fire-breathing dragon, this makes a great addition to any rig. It doesn't offer as many bells and whistles as some of it's competition, but it does what it's designed to do very well. If I had to replace this, I'd either seek out another one, or go with a modded Maxon OD808 if I were to spend more. Recommended! // 9

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overall: 8.8
MXR Custom Shop GT-OD Overdrive Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 26, 2007
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Price paid: $ 78.21

Purchased from: Tom Lee Music

Ease of Use: This pedal is a great overdrive pedal for any music style, and is very easy to set up and use. It has just three simple knobs, output, tone, and gain. And those knobs can create thousand's of different sounds, with the turn of just one of them. The manual was helpful, but not necessarily needed. It had some preset settings with descriptions for beginners, but most likely you'll want to find your own sound soon after purchasing it. // 10

Sound: I am playing an Ibanez JTK1, through the GT-OD, and into my Peavey Transtube 112 EFX amp, and am in love with the sound it brings. There is no added noise with this pedal, unless you have distortion already on the amp, and then have the pedal cranked as well. The pedal helps me achieve many familiar sounds from artists I love, most notably Angus Young's sound, from AC/DC. The sound is always very warm, and never starts to deteriorate under any settings. You should also note, this pedal is not for metal, it's for blues to classic rock, and that's where it sounds best. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I can, and do depend on this pedal. It is made with very good quality, and had no errors when I got it. I would use it to gig without a backup, but would definitely advise using the rubber control covers that can be bought for MXR products. They can easily be put on, so that your foot doesn't accidentally get rid of the settings you wanted, when you're trying to engage the pedal. // 9

Overall Impression: I play mostly metal and classic rock, but I have a special place in my heart for the blues, and that is the reason I bought this pedal. When playing metal, I like to use this as a solo boost, but when playing classic rock or other lighter genres, I use it as my main means of gain. I really like how natural the overdrive on it sounds, and pretty much everything else about the pedal is pretty good too. The only thing I DO not like, is the size. It's a very small pedal, about 3 inches long, and it has three knobs so you often touch them when trying to step on the Switch. I also wish it was easier to put a 9v battery in, because instead of having an easy little case, you need to unscrew the entire bottom compartment off, and then put it in. Other than that, I love this pedal. // 8

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overall: 8.8
MXR Custom Shop GT-OD Overdrive Reviewed by: Weepin_Guitar, on march 28, 2008
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Price paid: $ 138.6

Purchased from: Music Store ( Germany)

Ease of Use: After three months having this pedal, I'm still impressed. It has an output knob, tone and gain knob. the manual is very usefull, any noob will know how it works by reading this. Another cool feature is that in a dark room, you can still see what the settings are, the White Stripes on the knobs will light up. // 8

Sound: I use it with my Ibanez GRG170DX, then I also use a Dunlop crybaby 535Q and a Boss DS-1 pedal, and then it goes to my Line 6 spider II. I've also tried it out with a tele and a strat ( not mine) and it sounds great. It isn't noisy at all, with the gain turned all the way down, it can be used as a clean boost. It's pretty much plug in and play, especially in a band situation it will always sound great, no matter what the settings are. It can make any amp sound like a warm tube Overdrive. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I don't always take all my pedals with me, but I take this one every where I go. that means I always put it on the ground and not on a pedalboard, it has no protecting on the back and it's losing the paint:) but I don't mind for a few scares on this one, because I don't want to sell this pedal, ever. you also need to unscrew the back for installing the battery, so you better have an adaptor. Yes I use it without backup. // 7

Overall Impression: I play progrock on my own, but I study jazz and I have an all round coverband, and this pedal fits everywhere. Of all my pedals (3) this one is my favourite and I'd recommend it to every player. My Boss distortion really sucks comparing to this one. I'm now looking for more MXR products, because they really rock! If it was stolen, I'd buy it again. // 10

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