Graphic Fuzz review by Electro-Harmonix

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.7 (15 votes)
Electro-Harmonix: Graphic Fuzz

Purchased from: Long and McQuade

Sound — 10
I play an Agile ST-802 with tex mex pickups and an Epiphone Vintage G400, running through either my Traynor YCV40T, or my Fender Blues Junior, an electro harmonix the wiggler, and an electro harmonix big muff. Very smooth, with no hum or weird noises coming from it. The fuzz is very easily controlled, and can go from a nice slightly fuzz, to crazy fuzz, and with the Overdrive and sustain all the way up it just gets insane. I can get a very accurate Hendrix, and White Stripes sound, not exact but very good (obviously, since tone is mostly about the fingers). And it sounds remarkable when I play with a slide, crystal clear and rings like a bell. I would just like to mention once again that the dynamics slider is a very cool, and versatile feature. 10 because it sounded exactly the way I wanted it to, and I'm very happy with this purchase.

Overall Impression — 10
Great for blues, classic rock, and anything in between. If it were stolen I kill the SOB Who stole it, and then pee on his grave. I love the dynamics slider for slow songs/slow blues. love everything about this pedal, I find it very easy to use and very versatile. Compared to my big muff, it sounds so much better, and it's a lot easier to get a good sound out of this then the muff. Love it, buy it, would never think about buying another fuzz box ever. 10 because it does everything I want it to and then some, I find it very easy to use.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Have no idea, EHX makes some very sturdy pedals, so I wouldn't expect it to be problematic. Would definately gig with it without a backup, but if it did break down I have my big muff in my chain so I would just Switch to that. I've never had a problem with any of my EHX pedals, and as you can see I love EHX products, and am almost always disappointed with any other pedals. 10 because I am very confident it will last a lifetime.

Ease of Use — 10
Fuzz box with a 6 band EQ, volume, sustain, dynamics, and overdrive/distortion, all of which are controlled with sliders and not knobs. Which for some reason I seem to like better then knobs, seems like I have a lot more control over the sensitivity of each slider/feature. Seems like it would be a pain to use. I thought because of all the sliders I would be overwhelmed, but it's actually really easy. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I was able to find some very nice sweet spots. Would've liked a manual, but it doesn't come with one, just a very detailed description of what each slider does. But manuals never told me what I can't figure out within 5 mins. of using a pedal. The fuzz is very, well fuzzy is the best way to describe it, sounds great for a Hendrix type tone. The sustain slider is amazing and adds sustain for miles. The Dynamics slider is a really cool feature aswell, it controls the sensitivity of your playing, the higher up the slider is moved will make it louder as you play harder, and softer as you play more gently. Very nice feature when your playing some nice slow blues stuff and you want certain notes to be louder then others. 10 because it's sounds amazing, and has a way better fuzz sound then most boutique fuzz boxes I've tried, and with a built in 6 band EQ, you can get a lot of different sounds out of it.

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    Inahrima wrote: Jack Whites tone is in his fingers? wtf? *no disrespect though, love the stripes*
    None taken. I'll try to explain that a little. Tone is always gonna be different from person to person. You can have 2 identical amps with the same settings on both, same guitar with the same action, strings, and everything, and the tone is always gonna be different from person to person because not everyone has the same fingers. Some are more bony some are fatter and the amount of calluses will effect your tone aswell. It's a well known fact, ask anybody on the forums.
    Jack Whites tone is in his fingers? wtf? *no disrespect though, love the stripes*
    euhm, pretty much off-toppic, but i think inahrima ment no disrespect for jack white :p
    its true (L_Z_Nut is correct) Josh Homme of QOTSA said in an interview with TG that Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top came to help on a album with him and he played all of Josh's guitars and Josh said it sounded exactly like Gibbons on every one
    AAAGH!, 10 on everything? and only one review? this doesn't help at all
    You could try reading the review, instead of just looking at the numbers. That tends to help. Musicians' Friend just discontinued it
    Cobalt Blue
    it's a pretty sweet peddle, picked one up last week. going to have to take an afternoon to just sit and mess with the EQ sometime.