Metal Muff With Top Boost review by Electro-Harmonix

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (191 votes)
Electro-Harmonix: Metal Muff With Top Boost

Price paid: $ 89.99

Purchased from: Music Stop

Sound — 9
Assuming you wern't offended by my opinion on this pedals ease of use, and have continued to read, let me say that this is, I believe, the only pedal on the market today with the name "Metal" in the title that is worth buying. Metal Zone, Metal Fest, Metal Head, all fail when placed next to this. I have run it with a MIM Fender Strat, a hot-wired Ibanez RG7321, a '79 Global LP clone, and an Ibanez AF75 Artcore into both a Vox AD15VT and a Fender Pro Junior with an aftermarket Eminence speaker. Killer through most of them, although obviously better with the all tube PJ and had some feedback issues with the Artcore (noticable, but conrollable) and more hiss than I'd like with the MIM Strat (blame it on the PU's). This pedal delievers what it claims, an outstanding metal tone. The beauty is it's flexibility. I have yet to try any disortion stompbox that can get the same range of distortion, from a gentle but present bulldog-like bite and snarl to a bleeding treble-soaked wail. You simply must try it. And the eq bands are, as I said, very well thoght out. Downside is the hiss, like most EH pedals, but this never bothered me. The hiss is only going to matter while you're not playing, and if you're not playing, why are you thinking about buying a distortion pedal?

Overall Impression — 10
A beautiful piece of equipent, but I have one more bit of tripe for you to consider. Something this pedal has that I haven't seen mentioned is something that most EH pedals have gallons of: vibe. You could fit eny EH pedal into a tiny little stompbox enclosure with modern switches and those cute little Boss or DigiTech knobs, but the magic would be gone. There's something truly special about a brick shaped block of steel that loudly proclaims it's muffhood and lack of give-a-shit that just makes me love mine. You Boss kiddies can keep your compact, matching little Metal Zone and Metal Core and Metal Land pedals; I, for one, have the balls to play with my big, firm, EH Metal Muff.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Solid. Big hunky switches, smooth solid pots, firm jacks. Steel case, I think, but don't quote me. Gig without backup? Sure, but if it broke, I'd just play the distorted part clean and really loud, and claim I was doing a ultra extra special live version of the song. That's "how I roll."

Ease of Use — 6
If your reading this, you either heard good things about this pedal, or simply wonder how something named a Metal Muff With Top Boost could possibbly be an effect and not the main character in a grade C porno. I assure you, this belongs in only the finest of adult films. I KID. EH has a reputation for putting out an innovative, fresh, origional pedal, and this is a great, fresh take on the "plug in for instant Death Metal guitar hero-ness" theme that seems oh so popular these days. If this is your first distortion pedal, it'll be a beast to get a good tone out of, and you'll blow out your ruddy Squire 10 watt practice amp when you crank every knob to 11. If you understand what equilization actually does to your tone and how, you'll get fabulous tones from this pedal. The eq bands on this pedal, with the top boost, are very very powerful features, if you know what they do. I rate it down on ease of use only because I assume the average buyer will be a tight-pants wearing kid with a Squier Bullet, and will have problems with such things as finishing his pre-algebra homework, zipping up his fly, and sculpting a good tone out of this pedal.

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    Your ease of use bit was interesting, i used to be one of those guys you describe haha, i'm planning to buy this pedal and your review helped