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manufacturer: Electro-Harmonix date: 08/22/2016 category: Guitar Effects
Electro-Harmonix: Nano LPB-1
Its the Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 Linear Power Booster. It does it what it says. It's a boost pedal.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Ease of Use: 10
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overall: 10
Nano LPB-1 Reviewed by: CkY freak, on november 11, 2009
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Price paid: $ 40

Purchased from: Ebay

Ease of Use: Pedals don't get much simpler than this. It has 1 knob - a level knob. Thats it. It came with a manual, but really, do you need it for just one knob? Its the Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 Linear Power Booster. It does it what it says. Its a boost pedal. Its mostly a clean boost, but after about 3 o clock, I think a little grit is added, but not much though. The manual mentions that this pedal is true bypass. I'm not one to argue with a company manual, but its crazy to think that you can get something true bypass for only $40. I find thats mostly a feature on way more expensive overdrives and effects. // 10

Sound: This pedal is number 3 in my chain after my tuner and Maxon od9. I use this pedal as a solo boost. I have it set with level maxed out. All the way up. Of course on this setting you get some massive feedback while you're not playing. I use it with my mesa amp and my Ibanez RG1570 with a tone zone and air norton. What I really love about this pedal is that it can really send your amp into crazy territory. I have my Mesa Boogie f100 head set to about 5.5 on the gain, which is not a lot of gain. That setting maybe be used for an old classic rock style with a little breakup. Mesa's are not the gain monsters some might think they are. Anyway this pedal enables my amp to go from SRV to Death, with the level knob set all the way up. Its a very very SMOOTH sounding boost. The Maxon OD9 I have has a bit of hair to it, but not the LPB-1, its very smooth. I love it. I don't use the clean channel that much on my amp. I use the rhythm channel and use my volume knob and pickup selector to get a cleaner sound. Honestly, theres not much notice is clean volume when used with an already distorted amp, but when on the clean channel, you can definitely hear a difference. Its like going from 1 to 10 on a master volume with this pedal. I mainly use it for extra sustain on lead parts. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Its in a really heavy study metal casing. However when I did receive mine, the pole piece the knob sits on way really bent. Not sure how that happened. But I straightened it out and its all good now. I really think you could throw this thing against a wall, or have a car run over it and it would still work perfectly. This is my first experience with EH pedals, and Im very impressed! // 10

Overall Impression: I use all my pedals with the Pedal Power 2, so I never use batteries. I think you have to remove the bottom with a screwdriver to get to the battery compartment, and that just seems like a big hassle. But I don't use them, so its not a problem for me. I play a hard rock/metal style music (can be heard in my profile) and I think it works great. It can be used for a variety of things. You can use it at the end of a chain to compensate for signal loss with a ton of pedals, or you can use it at the front like I do to add extra boost to the amp. I swear if my 50 Maxon pedal ever broke, this would be an excellent stand in. And its only $40! If were stolen or lost, without a doubt I'd buy it again. Really, don't let this price fool you, the price makes it seem like a cheap pedal that probably doesn't sound very good, but I can assure, its the total opposite. // 10

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overall: 10
Nano LPB-1 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 30, 2012
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Ease of Use: This pedal comes with a simple Boost knob to boost your signal. Great for tone purists like me, cause I had numerous OD/Dist pedals and the sound is too trebly or too muddy or something else, but you can't get a good sound for shit. You think "I found it!", but then you turn the pedal off, return to the original amp sound and figure out that the pedal just rapes your sound. The manual is dead simple, and dead unnecessary. Yeah, and True Bypass too. // 10

Sound: I'm using Squier CV '60s Strat with Dunlop Crybaby before the LPB-1 through my single-channel Carvin Vintage 16 amp. Without the pedal engaged on full amp gain I get the amount of gain such as newer live versions of Clapton's "Crossroads". Now, with the pedal engaged with knob at 10 o'clock I can get into AC/DC and ZZ Top territory with no problem. It is usable 'til 12 o'clock, but after that the sound is wasted cause the amp is vintage-style, so you can't get hi-gain when heavy-boosting the signal. But the boost is very strong when fully engaged, unlike T-Rex Booster I've tried. The great thing is that it leaves your signal uncoloured. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Full on metal, like any EHX pedal, very reliable and not too heavy, you can almost play football with it. Definitively giggable. The only thing I don't like at Electro-Harmonix is the fact you have to unscrew 4 screws to change the battery, but if you have the adapter, you don't have to worry. // 10

Overall Impression: For everyone who wants to boost his pedals, or tilt you tube amp harder like me, this is for you. I like everything about it. In short, if you need to get more Drive out of your amp without changing your tone, for decent price, get this thing and forget about any other Overdrive pedal because in my opinion, there is no OD/Dist pedal that can replace the real, natural tube overdrive. // 10

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overall: 10
Nano LPB-1 Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 08, 2012
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Price paid: £ 29

Purchased from: Reidys The Home of Music

Ease of Use: Simples, press the switch and turn up the amount of boost you need. There is a manual but you don't need one. Its probably the simplest pedal I have owned. The small size means is pedal board friendly and it has the usual standard centre negative 9v dc power input... This is the first EHX Nano pedal I have bought and I have to say it is nice. // 10

Sound: I use it with a few other effects into my Marshall TSL100, 1960A Cab. My guitars are an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Gibson 490R and 498T Pick ups and a Squier Vintage Modified 70's Stratocaster & a USA PRS Custom 24. This pedal is fantastic. what's it does it it pushes your amp harder. I don't really use it on the clean channel but with its only knob cranked to around 2 o clock on the crunch and lead channels it kicks the Marshall into the 'zone'. Even my Squier fattens up a lot and gets great sustain, yet still sounds like a Strat... On my Les Paul and PRS its can get insane soaring lead sounds..! If you are wondering if this pedal is worth buying, well it absolutely is. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Yes its tough, its an EHX Nano - enough said. Solid. Switch is good quality. Other pedals which I use are Akai Drive 3 Fuzz, MXR 10 Band EQ, TC Vortex Flanger, Vox Delaylab, Boss CH1 Chorus, Boss DS1 Distortion, Boss CS3 Compressor, Cry Baby Wah and a Behringer Vintage Phaser (a very cool Phaser btw). // 10

Overall Impression: I play all sorts of music, mainly rock music with little forays into blues, jazz and fusiony stuff. I could not do without this little magic box now. I wish I discovered one of these years back when I was gigging more. All I can say is that this has a permanent place on my pedalboard. // 10

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overall: 10
Nano LPB-1 Reviewed by: Rasel, on august 22, 2016
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Price paid: $ 45

Purchased from: Musican's Friend

Ease of Use: The Linear Power Booster is one of the simplest boost pedals out there. Easy as it can be with a pedal with one knob, a foot switch, x input jack, and a output jack. To get a good sound out of it you must first have a good sound going into it. It amplifies signals coming in from the input jack. The pedal is analog with analog controls none of the Editing Patches complexities. There is a manual for the Linear Power Booster but its not really much to it. I'm pretty sure the only revision numbers related to the LPB-1 is the schematic revision number. // 10

Sound: The Linear Power Booster is one of EHX's oldest effects. The Nano is just a new casing for old circuit. It sound's like a preamp has been added to your signal chain. I really doesn't alter your sound more like makes it louder. When it comes to noise, the pedal has none because its a clean boost. I can take a clean valve and and push it into overdrive or distortion if set right. I typically use it after a digital effects such as my Boss PS-2 or after the Big Muff Pi. So they will be at a level that my amp likes. // 10

Reliability & Durability: The Linear Power Booster could withstand live playing. I'm pretty sure the pedal seems like it would last. All this would seem the case with the pedals Aluminum chassis. Depend on it? sure its a great tool for getting my levels correct. I'm guessing the finish would wear off at some point in time. Not that it would be and issue because of the simplicity the pedal offers. At a gig it would be a dependable item it would mostly serve as a back up. It's kinda a just in case pedal. Since, the amp I used replaced most of the effects and pedals I use. // 10

Overall Impression: What is there to be impressed about it's a boost pedal. You can't put it anywhere it needs to be. I does its job and doesn't need to pretty. I kinda wished it had a quality and balanced buffer. However, its part of that true bypass fad. Thought that is nice it means if the battery is dead you can keep playing without worrying about it. I've got plenty of true bypass pedals that are like that. I did consider other pedals but I believe the LPB was on sale. It was also the simplest. I already had the Boss CS-3 I wanted to ditch. // 10

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