Nano Pocket Metal Muff review by Electro-Harmonix

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 8.2 (52 votes)
Electro-Harmonix: Nano Pocket Metal Muff

Sound — 7
I found the Pocket Metal Muff excessively bright, and needed to bring my amp's treble down to compensate. Its distortion is cold, edgy, and tight. This is not necessarily a bad thing; many "metal" style distortion boxes have way too much bass that only muddies up at loud volumes. In my opinion, the "Scoop" switch was best left off, but some players may like less midrange than me. Different settings of the knob and Switch did not drastically alter the Metal Muff's tone, but colored it in a somewhat subtle way. The pedal is designed to be flat-out all the time, and I found the tone to be heaviest with the Gain knob on 10. Bummer it doesn't go to eleven! I miss not having at least a bass and treble pot, which would increase the pedal's versatility. You can only have so many knobs and features on a pedal this small, though. If you're into metal or industrial, this could be the pedal for you.

Overall Impression — 8
This is not a sound I would use for my main Live tone, but I would consider getting one for studio use. Its cold, bright distortion would be great for filling in frequencies that might be missing from your recorded tone. Like its title implies, you won't find any blues, country, jazz or even classic rock tones here. If you're constantly looking for a heavier tone, give it a try. Especially considering its extremely reasonable price tag of $65 or so, the Nano Pocket Metal Muff is well worth having around.

Reliability & Durability — 8
The case is unfinished cast aluminum, so you're not going to break that no matter how hard you step on it. The construction seems solid and the soldering inside is very clean. The only reservation I have is that the jacks are mounted directly to the circuit board. Be careful that you don't step on the cables when they're connected, as the jacks' solder joints my break and ruin your gig. Besides that, you should not have any trouble with the pedal.

Ease of Use — 8
The Nano Pocket Metal Muff, Electro-Harmonix's latest product whose title could be mistaken for a sex toy, is incredibly easy to use. One knob is for output volume, and the other is for distortion. The mini switch in between is labeled "Scoop," and can be set to Hi, Lo, or Off. In lieu of any other tone-shaping controls, this Switch pulls midrange frequencies out of your tone; Lo for a moderate reduction, Hi for a more drastic cut. This is clearly a pedal aimed at the player Who doesn't want to deal with lots of programming, menus, and other non-user friendly things you might come across in a more complicated device. Its "nano" size is notable also; it measures a mere 4.5" by 2.5", which is great for those whose pedal board real estate is at a premium. I took one point off for the lack of a separate battery compartment. The bottom cover needs to come off to change the battery; this is minor but annoying.

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    This pedal sounded great through a valve amp, but as the reviewer said, it is very bright-sounding, almost too much for a solid state pedal. Great review though.
    I play this through a peavey tube amp and can EASILY get a nice 80's thrash sound i.e. metallica, megadeth, and anthrax. A must have for any fan of heavy metal. NOTE not recommended for EXTREME BRUTAL DEATH METAL though.
    Excellent review. More people should approach their reviews with such a balanced and objective style.
    TheUnholy wrote: Excellent review. More people should approach their reviews with such a balanced and objective style.
    I agree, very nice review. The only thing lacking, which all distortion pedal reviews seem to lack is how well a pedal can improve on the amps distortion channel (volume,sheer gain, or tone); which is also my only use for my dime distortion pedal.
    thanx this was a really good review, i definitly know now taht i don't even have to try this pedal cause its absoulutly not my thing but that's great about this review.
    excellent review, like someone else has said, i wish that all reviews were approached with the professionalism of this one. Others seem to incoporate the reviewers lake of knowledge and sheer opinions, this did not seem to be the case with this review. I fear many reviews say the same positive crap over and over again (even when the reviewed product isn't that good-see BOSS-MT2). Once again, nice job mate! 10/10
    Danis1 wrote: ...lake of knowledge and sheer opinions
    GAHHH i meant lack of knowledge, this totally turns around my intended meaning, silly me (yes i do realise the irony of my mistake).
    I just got the big one with top boost today, and I do not recommend it. It's like a metalzone with fuzz layered on top, and becomes completely unplayable if one turns the distortion knob above halfway. I've heard very good things about the Line 6 ubermetal for metal tones, but I would advise buying this pedal with caution. Make sure you hear it and test it on all settings on an amp similar to yours. I'm sure it's a great pedal, but not on my amp
    Diamond Dave
    nice review, sounds like this pedal might be useful if you used it as a boost for solos if ya just used it to give you some extra high end, volume and gain. ive never heard one of these but ive seen video clips of the metal muff with the top boost and it didnt sound to good to me, that was with a clean amp and the pedal as the only thing providing the distortion.
    This "pocket" pedal lol is awesome you can get a perfect trivium/mettallica sound by this alone. It may get just a little noisey, but not too much of an annoyance.