Nano Small Stone Phase Shifter review by Electro-Harmonix

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  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Sound: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (16 votes)
Electro-Harmonix: Nano Small Stone Phase Shifter

Price paid: € 70

Purchased from: Wild Guitars (Israel)

Ease of Use — 10
There's only one knob and one switch, so needless to say, it's very easy to use. It comes with a short manual (exactly what you need, give or take), and it sounds great right out of the box. When it comes to modulation pedals I think it's up to the one who plays it to determine how adjustable it is to sound good in their ears, in my opinion. But there's not much noodling that's necessary in order to find a good setting for it.

Didn't hear about any mods made to it, I don't think it's necessary at all to modify such a pedal.

Sound — 9
I was inspired to buy this phaser by Tame Impala (Kevin Parker) to add a psychedelic edge to my sound. It's incredible and very versatile, and could make my bottom-tier Squier sing out Tame Impala tones with an ease. It can either sound very bold with a "jet" kind of sound (using the "Color" toggle), or it can be very mild and just add a bit of mojo to your tone. You can use it to create any kind of tone you would want, depending on context that requires a phase. It can be used for both rhythm and solo playing and it wouldn't disappoint you at either. It's also true bypass so it's not felt while off. It can make some background noise in case it's on and you're not playing, but I guess no one would have it on unless it's necessary.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It's very solid and lightweight, greatly comfortable and seems dependable. I haven't owned it for a long while to tell how durable it is but it doesn't feel like it's made out of cheap material. It's very portable and is ideal for a live performer on the go. It came in good packaging and has a great finish to it, the ideal kind you would definitely want on any of your pedals. I doubt it won't last for as long as I will own it unless it gets beaten up... I know Kevin from Tame Impala has been using it for years, so I doubt you'll have any problems with it.

Overall Impression — 9
I use this pedal with my Squier Stratocaster and Fender Frontman 25R. As for effects, I use it together with a Digitech DF-7 (as either a distortion, a fuzz or an overdrive), a Boss DD-3 and a Diamond Vibrato (also a chorus) pedal. It goes great along with all of these pedals, except for the fuzz, which at least with the one delivered by my DF-7 it's not really felt. But other than that it's perfect for overdrives/distortions and instantly takes the magic of your tone a few notches up. I wish it had an "intensity" knob of some sort, so I could decide to what extent do I want it to alter the original sound, but as it seems it's not really a standard in today's major phaser pedals.

Overall it's one of my favorite purchases so far and I'd widely recommend it to anyone looking for a good, reliable and portable phaser that delivers the whole package. I'd definitely buy it again in case I lost it.

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