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manufacturer: Fender date: 01/23/2013 category: Guitar Effects
Fender: Mustang Floor
Love it. First time I've found multifx that sounds like a real amp. Using it for classic rock, alt country, some jazz noodling.
 Sound: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Ease of Use: 9
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overall: 9.5
Mustang Floor Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 02, 2012
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Guitar center

Ease of Use: Straight out of box running XLR into PA. // 10

Sound: Fender Strat guitar. No amp. Straight into pa via XLR. Some of distortion settings are noisy until tweaked a little. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Yes it is sturdy and simple. // 9

Overall Impression: Love it. First time I've found multifx that sounds like a real amp. Using it for classic rock, alt country, some jazz noodling. This is outrageously good if you're going straight to PA through a good Stratocaster. The clean sounds are like glass. Dirty can go from nicely overdriven to outrageous Hendrix killing floor madness. Responds very well to dynamics and guitar volume tone and pickup settings. The preset patch volumes are uneven, but you can compensate by paying attention to volume pedal and guitar controls. Can of course be tweaked, but I've had for 3 days and haven't gotten through first 15 presets yet. Trust me when I tell you that if you are running a good American Strat through this box straight to pa, it beats all of the DigiTech, Line 6, and Boss (including GT-100, which I returned the day after I got this). Do yourself a favor and forget about the stupid tweaking. Get one of these and enjoy having something that really sounds like 12 different amps with good tasteful effects. Btw there is an effects loop and every other connection you could need including stereo XLRs, unbalanced, and USB. This is it. And I promise you I don't work for Fender. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Mustang Floor Reviewed by: courtjustshan, on january 23, 2013
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Price paid: $ 157.6

Purchased from: American Musical

Ease of Use: I purchased the Fender Mustang Floor at the end of 2012, paid $157.50 after Fender's $25.00 off promotion and then an additional 10% coupon code from Amercian Musical. I plugged directly into my computer and was able to start loading/saving/customizing presets within 5 minutes. It is very simple to use, especially with Fender Fuse. Some notes on upgrades and manuals. First, there is a manual, but it is much faster to just get the serial number from the box and download the Fuse software and just get going with the software install. Second, the software requested that I update the firmware when I first turned it on, and it updated the unit with no problems. I really like the entire user experience on the Fender site, it is very simple to use. Again, I was cranking that blues vibe through a Fender Bassman with 4x12 stack with custom bias in less than 30 minutes of opening the box. That is about as simple as it gets. // 8

Sound: I am using this with my Vintage Fender Mustang and a homebuilt tube amp that I made from a 1950 PA amp. The modelling for the Fender amps is very realistic, some of the effects are a bit weird (pitch shifter for example), but overall, the quality of the Fender amp sounds alone made it worth the investment for me. The best part of the Floor is the ability (inside the software) to download presets and backing tracks directly from Fender and then load them to the board. Within 20 minutes, I had dozens of additional presets loaded and customized. Very cool feature and one of the reasons I purchased. They figured out that people like me hate fiddling with buttons and wheels and knobs and moved the entire interface to the computer // 10

Reliability & Durability: Very heavy duty,it is new, but I expect it to last a long time. The case is well made, there is no flex in the unit and because of the computer interface, I don't expect that the board itself will really see that much hard use. I use the computer interface for everything, and then just tap the switches to go back and forth. The pedal is a bit non linear, but I don't use it much, I have a Dunlop Crybaby from the 70s that I bought as a kid that I held onto. I wish I could put that Wah Wah pedal and motion onto the Floor, it would be a perfect combo. // 9

Overall Impression: For an old blues guy that started playing guitar in the early 70's, this is the perfect pedal board. I own other effects, about a dozen guitars and a half dozen amps. I really like just plugging my headphones into the board, sitting at the computer, creating custom sounds, adding backing tracks and recording. Although I don't gig professionally anymore, I wouldn't hestitate to use this. I did test the unit going into my small PA system and it worked fine. Although I would never give up my Vintage Crybaby, my Vintage Tube Screamer, etc, I really enjoy using those devices in conjunction with the Mustang Floor. It gives me the amp sounds I like (especially the Fender models), the ability to really tweak the sound, and a ton of community based content that makes experimentation effortless. Hard to believe that this thing only cost me slightly over $150, I feel it was a good value. I remember building my own flanger in 1978 from parts at Radio Shack, and it cost me at least half of that! // 10

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