FD2 Mosfet Review

manufacturer: Fulltone date: 01/10/2012 category: Guitar Effects
Fulltone: FD2 Mosfet
It's an overdrive pedal with lots of tonal options on it.
 Sound: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9.2
 Ease of Use: 8.8
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overall: 8.8
FD2 Mosfet Reviewed by: sg4ever, on august 18, 2011
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Price paid: $ 152.15

Purchased from: musiciansfriend.com

Ease of Use: There are a decent number of parameters available for your tweaking, but they are all easy to decipher and pretty much explain themselves (volume means volume, Overdrive means overdrive, etc.). The volume and tone knobs have a fairly large sweep, but you won't spend a week trying to make it work. If it's too loud turn the volume down and if it's too bright then turn the tone knob down, and vice versa. The Overdrive knob has a decent gain range and you can easily dial in an amount of Overdrive to satisfy yourself (as long as you realize it is an Overdrive pedal and not a Boss Metalzone). The boost mode is useful for getting an extra saturated sound for heavy power chords or sustain for a big solo and the amount of boost is controllable. Unfortunately, you can't boost your clean signal with it and only the pedal's own overdrive. Oh well. The standard/mosfet Switch is useful and provides interesting textures to choose from and the voice Switch gives you three usable tones to work with and tweak. The manual itself is fairly useful as a starting point and provides a few useful tips and a tone few settings. All in all the features are solid and not overly complicated, although those familiar with the three knob pedal format might be intimidated. // 9

Sound: I'm currently using it into a Vox VT50 and with a Greg Bennett AV3 or Fender MiM Strat. That probably isn't the best setup for it, but it sounds nice into the AC30TB (bright and jangly), Tweed 4x10 (smooth and spongy), and Modded Clean (tight, clear, and smooth) models. I have heard it in person through a better setup and it kills, so in the event I upgrade my amp then I have that to look forward to. I suppose it can be noisy, but only in typical situations (single coils, overly bright settings, too much overdrive, any crazy scenario involving stacking with other dirt plus all of the above, etc.). The compcut, fm, and Vintage modes all offer interesting and usable textures. Comp cut mode will sound more like your amp with an uncolored volume boost. It's especially more transparent with the Overdrive knob backed off and the volume knob turned up a bit, but it's an interesting sound. FM mode gives you less of a clean boost sound and more of a transparently voiced overdrive. It's not as saturated or thick, but it allows the character of your guitar and amp to Shine through. It also cleans up well with the guitar volume. Vintage mode is more focused in the mids, but you don't get as much of a bass cut as a tubescreamer which is all very focused in the mids. In that respect, it's sort of like a less snarly and smoother tubescreamer with more bass. Fulltone says that this is the Original voicing of the previous Fulldrive model. All in all very useful. The versatility of the pedal is pretty stupid. You can do milder blues and then dial in edgier blues/rock tones. Classic rock tones are easy to dial in as well. You can dial in more edge with the tone knob, more crunch with the Overdrive knob, and in conjunction with the boost knob you'll get varying levels of distortion appropriate for playing your favorite modern alternative rock. The mosfet mode will be helpful in this as it will give the Overdrive a tighter bass and more overall punch as opposed to the softer and smoother standard mode. The only complaints I can really voice is that the boost mode takes some of the tightness and edge out of the overall voicing and seems more appropriate for saturated lead tones rather than articulate chording in a Switchfoot or Foo Fighters song. It's only mild complaint as it's mostly a tweakable fix. It all does fall short in certain respects if you want a glassy Overdrive sound with hardly any dirt as it wants to get thick and dirty fairly quickly. If you want that clangy and chimey neck pickup sound, you might have to work a little harder to get that. Finally, the compcut mode is sort of redundant. I could use it for recording, but I never use it live. Understanding that though, there are plenty of other pedals that will get the sort of sounds you might miss and it has plenty of good sounds already. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The pedal feels like it's built like a tank, and yet it's also light. I have used it onstage and I'm pleased with it overall. Although, I do trust the construction and build quality of it, I also have a Visual Sound Route 66 that I can always Switch to if something happened. It's not the same sound per se, but it will work for what I want if I can't depend on the Fulldrive. I'm under the impression I can trust it though, as I baby all of my gear and it's certainly hardy enough for a click hear and there to turn it on and off. // 9

Overall Impression: I play a mixture of all kinds of styles from clean jazz to shoegazey stuff to blues to all kinds of rock and metal. This handles the lighter to medium level range of dirt and I'm fairly pleased with it. I've been playing for about six years and although intend on replacing much of my aforementioned gear, I can see this pedal staying in my setup for a while. I knew everything about the pedal and even heard in person before buying it. It's a tool that get's the job done to my satisfaction so I like pretty much everything about it, but I will admit that the compcut mode is sort of redundant (but still can be useful). I compared it to a few single function overdrives and although there were plenty of good sounds from them, I was drawn to the consistent good sound and versatility of this pedal. I really don't wish for too much more than what it has. Anything else I could really ask for is just some nit-picking stuff about lower gain sounds and more aggressive and focused rock sounds with the dirt turned up. I would definitely want to replace it if anything happened to it and although I would probably get it again, I also have my eye on some JHS or Wampler Pedals if that need ever arose. Such is life. // 9

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overall: 8
FD2 Mosfet Reviewed by: Jyuuga, on january 10, 2012
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Price paid: € 140

Purchased from: Musicians Friend

Ease of Use: What we have got here is an Overdrive with a decent amount of tonal options. The pedal has two channels, first one giving you more of clean type sound to some light crunch, and you got a boost mode which pushes the pedal itself to medium gain territorries. Although the switches may seem confusing, the manual definitely clears up on this. You got your volume knob, a tone knob, a gain knob and a boost knob that gives you more Overdrive as well as a bit more volume. All these are self explanatory except that the tone knob rather gives you upper harmonics and a brighter sound while leaving the rest intact, then really morphing your sound into more of this or more of that. In addition you got two mini toggles switches with one letting you choose between compcut, fm, and vintage, which affects the first channel. The other lets you choose between mosfet and standard, which affects the boost channel. Ill explain what each mode does. Compcut: This setting gives you an instant volume increase and is the loudest of the modes on this switch. This setting can be used if you want to give your amp an extra hump or to boost your clean sound to be audible. Switch on the boost, and it will enter light crunch. This is good if you want Mayer-y or maybe Froosh" cleans out of it. Your clean will sound anyhow just a bit more tastier. This is mostly a clean boost and you wont get any Overdrive depending if the amp is breaking up or if you stomped the boost on. FM: Or "flat mids" as described by the Fulltone manual. This is the transparent Overdrive on the pedal. Once again you got your first channel which this time, has more OD but less of a volume boost, though that can be compensated for with the volume knob if you switch between compcut and other modes. The boost mode gives you more saturation and a little more volume but stays transparent. Vintage: Same as FM except the fact its voicing is more middy, more of a tubescreamer feel though it doesn't eat the bass up as much, still fairly transparent. Then the other switch: Mosfet: This gives the boost mode a more aggressive, more hard rock kind of feel, will make the Overdrive sound bigger, more full in this mode. It is less transparent, but it makes up with it for great tone. Standard: This gives the boost mode no coloring and is ideal if you liked the first channel and just wanna boost it more, for more gain etc. All in all are most of these switches giving you not amazing versatility, but rather refinements of the tone you personally want and what Fulltone seems to be going for is just that. // 8

Sound: Now to my favorite part of the review: the sound! First of all what I use is a Richwood Les Paul copy, with stock pickups made splittable to single coils. After that comes a Boss SD 1, the Fulldrive 2 and a Boss EQ copy. How I use this pedal: First channel, volume about one o'clock, OD on eleven o'clock switch to FM and tone set to three o'clock. Boost all the way up, and set on mosfet. The strange thing is, you can't use the boost mode out of conjunction of using the first channel. Flipping it on wont do anything if the first channel isn't active. For some gigs however, I do flip on the boost without the first channel engaged. Why? That way, when you press the first channel on, you get instant hard rock crunch instead of tapdancing your way to it. What I then do to for solo, is push on the Boss SD 1 and that will give me more gain and a bit of midrange hump as well as a bit of a volume boost. That setup is great for hardrock a la Guns, Zeppelin, etc. If I want more MAyer-y or Hendrixy sounds, I simply knock the Overdrive knob back, split my Pick ups, leave the rest the same and use the boost on the pedal for solos instead of the SD 1. The reason the last set up works so well for me I think, is because the pedal is so transparent. If you really love just straight on good tone, the Fulltone definitely is an option to consider. The tone control really makes your crunch sing, as it produces wonderful harmonics. So to conclude: this pedal wont win you over with its tonal versatility, but rather with the job it does damn good when it comes to tone if you are into blues to classic rock. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I haven't gigged or have been in the position to throw this thing to bricks, the way it is built with its steel encasing makes me believe this is a pedal worth a long while if you treat it with respect. The design seems durable enough to gig with it without backup. I can't really rate this simply because time will tell, so I give it a seven in the meantime. // 7

Overall Impression: So to conclude this long review: get this pedal if you can find yourself in anything said above. If you like blues, classic rock, from The Who, to Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Guns, from Muddy Waters to Hendrix, SRV, Mayer, and if you use another ovedrive I could mention Eric Johnson as well, take this pedal for a spin. Like I said, for those who love tone more than versatility, this one may be the one for you. // 9

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overall: 9.5
FD2 Mosfet Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 22, 2007
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Price paid: $ 211

Purchased from: Ebenex music

Ease of Use: Well, it's an overdrive pedal with lots of tonal options on it. There are 3 modes Vintage, flat mids and compcut. There are also two voicings available, standard and Mosfet. The fulldrive 2 has a boost button too for that extra juice during solos. The boost can only be activated when the pedal is on.The manual is quite decent I guess, just tells you what each knob does and has some suggested settings. This model is the latest one from Fulltone, not the older fulldrive 2 without the mosfet voicing. // 9

Sound: The Fulldrive 2 has loads of tones you could get out of it. From Vintage sounding amp overdrives to more modern pedal overdrives, this pedal offers it all. I'm currently using a Fender 60th Anniversary Strat into a Peavey Microbass. Strangely enough, when the fulldrive is connected to my Ernie ball jr volume pedal and the cables are place in a certain angle, bringing down the volume using the pedal picks up radio stations. The fulldrive 2 also has it's artist endorsements, John Mayer being one of the many out there using this. The overdrives that this pedal offers can go from being gritty to smooth as baby's bottem. The boost function allows the Overdrive to get even grittier and louder for any solo you're tackling. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Well, definitely, it saw me through a couple of playing engagements recently. It's built like a tank but doesn't weigh like one. All in all, it's been reliable, never working erratically like the Visual Sound route 66 I used to have. The fulldrive 2 has seen many a person through a gig without fail, and mine appears to do so too. And yes I wouldn't have a backup since I don't think anything out there can do what the fulldrive 2 can. // 10

Overall Impression: I've been playing most styles, from jazz to rock, but I've been into rock lately and the Fulldrive nails all the tones I want to achieve. It actually sounds good with my other pedal, a Boss CE-5 and DD-6. Stacking it with a Line 6 tone core Dr Distorto also bring out even more colorful distortion. This has been on my wishlist ever since I heard samples of it and seen it on so many people's board. The boost function however is a bit of a letdown. The boost doesn't serve to have the discernible volume change as much I want it to. But the modes and the voicings make up for that. I think this pedal stands alone and can't really be compared to other pedals. And yes if it was lost/stolen, I'll buy a new one and kill the guy Who stole mine. // 9

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overall: 9.8
FD2 Mosfet Reviewed by: Kevin Saale, on december 01, 2008
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Price paid: $ 170

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: It's very simple pedal to use, Volume, Tone, and Overdrive are the control on the main channel, the Boost channel is controlled by the boost knob. The comp-cut, FM, and Vintage modes are well explained in the manual, as well as the mosfet vs standard modes. I'll give it a 9 since the extra switches can be confusing if you don't read through the short manual first. // 9

Sound: I'm running a Jimmie Vaughan Strat with a quarter pounder in the bridge to the FD2 to my blues jr. The pedal is fairly quiet, but being a boost it's gonna amplify any noise that's already there. This pedal can do anything from a huge clean boost in the comp cut mode to a great crunch sound, to VH levels of gain. In comp cut mode this pedal is basically a clean boost. Even with the Overdrive up it's really not adding much gain besides what you're getting from slamming the front end of the amp. If you use an 18v adapter you'll have even more headroom to push the amp with. In FM mode the pedal is still pretty transparent, but there's a lot more gain on tap. When I'm playing quietly I use this mode since it doesn't add middle range and allows the bass and treble to come through nicely. With the Overdrive set to about halfway I get a nice classic rock crunch in the bridge position and nice singing lead tone in the bridge position. The Vintage mode is basically the same, but it adds a lot of mids, something that's very desirable when playing at higher volumes. If I use this mode at lower volumes it makes things sound kind of mushy. The boost mode isn't a volume boost so much as a gain boost. At lower settings it's a bit hard to tell it's on, but with it turned up past halfway and the Overdrive set fairly high you can definitely get up to some hard rock tones with this thing. The mosefet mode just adds some gain and some bottom end. Overall it's not a huge difference, but I prefer to have the mosfet on at all time. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This this is tank. The case is extremely sturdy, the jacks seem very strong and the switches feel good too. I'd definitely gig without a backup. My only experience with Fulltone was the sales department, but they replied very quickly so I'd expect the same service from tech support. // 10

Overall Impression: I've playing for 3yrs or so and play mainly classic rock and blues and this pedal suits me perfectly. Like I said, I own jimmie vaughan strat and a blues jr. I also own a GGG TS808 and an LPB1 that now get no use since the purchase of my FD2. I love everything about this pedal and there's really nothing that I could add to it to make it better. I compared this to every boost I could try and some that I own and it wins hands down. If you ever have a chance to try this pedal be sure that you do, it's the perfect companion to a clean amp or as a very transparent boost to your gain channel. // 10

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overall: 9.8
FD2 Mosfet Reviewed by: ShameofaNation, on august 21, 2009
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Price paid: $ 160

Purchased from: Guitar Emporium

Ease of Use: A pretty simple pedal, 4 knobs and two switches. Volume, Tone(which only deals with higher frequencies), Overdrive and Boost. There is a three way Switch for the Overdrive channel, Compcut, which is the clean boost setting. Flat Mids gives more gain and flattened mids. And Vintage, which is the mode with the most gain and boosted mids. Then their is the two way Switch for the Boost channel. Standard, which adds more gain. And MOSFET, which adds more gain and low end boost. It is very easy to get a good sound out of this, although the tone knob is a bit iffy and it took me a while to get it just right, but when I did it was fantastic. // 9

Sound: I'm using this with an Epiphone SG Prophecy GX and a Crate V18-212. This pedal just sounds amazing; that Vintage sounding Overdrive that I have been looking for, and the boost Switch gives more gain for a sweet lead tone. And it has never been noisy on any setting. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This pedal is built in a sturdy metal case that seems very dependable. I can imagine that if it were dropped that absolutely nothing would be damaged, but then again I wouldn't drop it. And I would definitely use it at a gig without a backup. Of course, I would have to get a gig first. // 10

Overall Impression: I play a lot of classic rock music and it suits that perfectly. I am 110% satisfied with this pedal; I have no complaints or concerns. I love the boost feature because I like more gain for my solos. And if it were lost or stolen I would get another as fast as I could. // 10

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overall: 9.5
FD2 Mosfet Reviewed by: Guitarlolz, on december 21, 2009
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Price paid: $ 160

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: I must say I am very pleased with the Fulldrive 2 MOSFET I bought. It gets the job done and provides and nice crunchy Overdrive at every setting. The tone knob I like a lot because it doesn't hold too much treble but does not get muddy when you lower it. The MOSFET setting is very nice because it tightens up the low end and it sounds very nice. There aren't many knobs to deal with so it shouldn't be that hard to get i the way you like it // 9

Sound: It sounds really good with my BC Rich NJ classic Eagle. I put it with an EQ and it sounds a lot tighter. Unfortunately I have a Line 6 spider 3 but with the Fulldrive and EQ it sounds almost tube like. This pedal really shines when you play with a medium gain tone. It gives it that extra punch and it sounds so much better than originally does. It is also True Bypass and is as quiet as a mouse on every setting. You can get a good Punk Rock sound and a good Classic rock sound. This is a very versatile pedal // 10

Reliability & Durability: It is very well built (handmade in California) its very sturdy and I would gig without backup. I do, however, think that if you dropped it on the facedown something would break, but nothing too severe, but that as is with all pedals that aren't like Boss or Behrinder where the Switch to turn the pedal on is inside and not sticking out and the knobs are recessed. // 9

Overall Impression: I play every style of rock music and the Fulldrive 2 works great as a solo boost, something to push your crushing gain over the edge or just overdriving a clean sound. I've been playing for almost 3 years and I have owned several other Overdrive pedals but nothing compares to this one. I have no regrets and I can see myself playing this 10 years from now and it working fine. If it were stolen I'd definitely replace it ASAP. I love everything about it but my favorite feature is the MOSFET & standard Switch. It is the best sounding Overdrive pedal I have every played. // 10

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