Greenie Classic Distortion Review

manufacturer: GFS date: 07/24/2012 category: Guitar Effects
GFS: Greenie Classic Distortion
I play in a cover band and we cover a wide variety of music. I absolutely could not go without this pedal.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Ease of Use: 9
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overall: 9.5
Greenie Classic Distortion Reviewed by: WSP Fan, on august 06, 2010
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Price paid: $ 49

Purchased from:

Ease of Use: This pedal is a super easy analog configuration. No need to even read any kind of instructions, its plug and play. The different settings are easy to Switch to and each provide a different sound. The knobs are a little touchy though, it seems as if the smallest movement changes the tone a lot. // 10

Sound: I am running several guitars through it pushing from a Peavey Studio Pro 110 solid state amp. It really sounds good on all of my guitars through this amp. It has three different settings Classic, Fat, and Tight. The Fat setting sounds amazing through my amp, and I plugged my LP into a Peavey DB amp and set it on the classic setting. Absolutely great sound, with a little tweaking, you can get almost any of the classic lead sounds from Clapton to the Allman Bros and I play some pretty good WSP and Govt Mule covers through it as well. The tight setting is a little more of a modern sound, I don't really play with it much so I can't comment on it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Totally dependable, I gig with it and wouldn't think of needing a backup. It is built very well. I actually dropped it on a cement floor and plugged it in and it was just fine. Solid construction and a really good value for the dollar! // 10

Overall Impression: I play in a cover band and we cover a wide variety of music. I absolutely could not go without this pedal. I have played through pedals that cost more than twice this much, and you aren't getting any better sound out of those than with this pedal. I love that its an easy to use analog configuration, because I like for things to be simple on stage so I don't accidentally mess something up. Its extremely durable. The only thing I would change is how touchy the knobs are, any little movement changes the tone dramatically, I would like a little more play in the knobs. // 9

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overall: 8
Greenie Classic Distortion Reviewed by: Robbgnarly, on july 24, 2012
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Price paid: $ 45

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Ease of Use: This is a straight forward pedal. 1 tone, 1 level and 1 gain knob. It also has a 3 way mini toggle switch that gives 3 slightly diff settings: Classic, Fat and Tight. It is in a metal chasis, so it is fairly rugged in design. True bypass operation, so no tone sucking when not in use. It can run off of a single 9-volt battery or a 9-volt AC adapter. It came with a pece of paper that gives 4 settings to start with and a simple overview of features. // 8

Sound: I use this more for a boost rather than for Overdrive sounds. I run this with a Bugera 333 and a Krank Nineteen 80. The sound change is very subtle, but it is deffinately noticeable when using this pedal. The nice surprise is that when it is off it is a true bypass pedal, so no tone sucking. This was my 2nd Overdrive pedal I have purchased. It works fine for a boost, but it does get a nice Overdrive tone on a clean channel. The gain will do AC/DCish amount of gain, but this is common for most OD pedals. The 3 way switch will give you many more options than your typical tube Screamer pedal will. I use it on the Fat mode mostly. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The GFS Greeny Classic seams pretty rugged for such an inexpensive pedal. The chasis is all metal, wich seems like it will take the normal giging abuse you would expect any good quality pedal to take. I would gig without a backup to this pedal. I use the 9-volt battery to power it rather than using the AC adapter, I never worrie about power outlets this way and it keeps out-side noise tamed. // 8

Overall Impression: I have been playing guitar since '94, but have never really been into FX other than Delay/Chorus/Wah. Then I was reading up on helping sustain/lead boost and Tube Screamers were what everyone recomended. With the frequency that I use it, I really didn't want to spend $100 on a pedal that will see less than 2 hour of play a month. I would recomend this pedal to anyone who wants a good sound and doesn't want to spend alot of money. The only thing is I wish it did not cut as much bass as it does, but it is not intolerable. // 8

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