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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
GFS: Twin Overdrive

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Sound — 7
I'm running this pedal through a Peavey Classic 30 with a Stratocaster Copy with an HSS Setup. Kent Armstrong Single Coils and a American Fender Stock Humbucker. The pedal is essentially GFS's take on a Dual Tubescreamer pedal. The "Boost" channel representing a TS-808 and the "Overdrive" Channel representing the more modern TS-9. Now off the bat, I consider these labels to be incorrect. I feel like the "Boost" and "Overdrive" should've been switched because when using cascading overdrives, the "Boost" doesn't add much of an increase in overall volume as much as the "Overdrive" side would. Compared to the real TS808 and TS9 I really feel like they are "harsher" overdrives. I can't really discern either side tonally other than that, the "808" side seems to have a better Bass response (which I feel stays true to a real 808). Any genre that utilizes any form of Overdrive be it Blues or Rock can use this pedal. By itself however, the pedal really isn't capable of High Gain Nu-metal, Black Metal Dist. At least not with my amp. But I suspect it can be used in front of an already overdriven amp like a 6505 to break it up even further. The pedal isn't much noisier than any other Overdrive pedal really. It features a true bypass which is also nice so it doesn't color the rest of the pedals in your chain.

Overall Impression — 7
Now, it being advertised as two Overdrive pedals in one, it certainly passes the qualifications for overdrive, anything from a clean boost drive, to a thick cream tone can easily be accomplished through the combination of the two channels. Both sides work wonderfully well together (which I believe is inherent to Tubescreamer circuits in general) The idea that you can adjust the amount of Distortion on either the Drive or Boost channel allows for a TON of different tones. Keep in mind that any dual channel dirt pedal essentially adds 3 additional happy channels to your rig. While slightly different from their Ibanez/Maxon counterparts, this is still a great pedal. You honestly can't beat it for the price. A TS9 and an 808 would cost you over $200 new. New, this pedal cost less than half. Please UG. Stay Frosty.

Reliability & Durability — 6
Its built to be pretty sturdy, nice racing green paint job. The price had me worried that I'd be buying into something flimsy like those cheap green MXR Overdrive boxes, but I was pleasantly surprised in the metal casing, rubber feet, and batt compartment. Knobs are smooth solid plastic, remind me of Fulltone knobs I guess. Green LED's are reasonably bright though, not the best for daylight shows still very functional. MUCH BETTER THAN THE STOCK LED's on a TS-9. I doubt you'd need a backup, but that should really hold true for any effect pedal IMO. *For some strange reason, every now and then my pedal's LED tend to blink for no reason, but it doesn't affect the sound whenever it happens. I suspect a poor solder connection in the switch. I'd like to think that this is the case with only my pedal and I am judging accordingly.

Ease of Use — 8
1 switch and 3 knobs on both sides, gain, tone and Volume. Just like a Tubescreamer. Only twice. Pretty easy to setup, just watch your volume compared to your clean channel and you should be good to go. Its not crazy loud like a Muff or stupid quiet either, expect to have the volume below the 12 o clock position. Just be wary of cascading overdrives in general and listen to how the different settings can affect each other. Just like with any dual dirt pedal. It could only really be made simpler if you had less knobs. Or just took an ax to the damn thing to make it one pedal**. **probably doesn't work.

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    Way Cool JR.
    GFS makes great pedals for the money, IMO they are the best out of all the budget friendly pedals. I got to disagree about the MXR's being flimsy they are built like tanks as are the GFS pedals. I just bought the new design Brownie Classic(Rat Clone)and it truly kicks butt. You cant beat buying an Original Rat & a Turbo Rat that also has a no clipping diode mode for only $50
    I just bought a blemished one on sale for $69 to my door! With that said, does anyone know if the are modifiable?