Airplane Flanger AF2 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (9 votes)
Ibanez: Airplane Flanger AF2

Sound — 9
Im quit new with this flanger but I uses mainly Paul Gilberts own EQs and may edit the sound after my own taste after the EQ settings. Oh yes! This flanger can be very noisy but only if you with to otherwise it is very quiet. The settings should be set at high Speed and high Enhance settings out of a scale of 1-10(10 is the highest). You can always make the sound weak or very powerful depending on your taste. You can push this flanger way to high if you want to. This flanger is very flexible but when useing higher setting I do not recommend high distorion with speed. With speed I mean your own Pick and left hand speed as in fast shred stuff. It will just make noises and the flanger will more or less take over the sound. There is tips from Paul Gilbert in the manual regarding the issues about fast shred with heavy flange effects.

Overall Impression — 9
I've been playing for 4 years now and I play mainly Mr. Big stuff and Paul Gilbert stuff. This pedal matches overall every music style. I've jamed The Beatles - Let it be with this flanger and the Takeoff mode is just awesome to use when the solo starts and ends. I use a modified PRS SE Standard tremolo black guitar. The stuff changed is the pickups and ton/volym nobs. The pickups is (bridge) DiMarzio Super Distortion and (neck) DiMarzio Air Classic Norton. The guitar has a 3 way switch but with the new nobs I can split the humbuckers in to singel coils. I have around 8 diffrent combinations to choose from now. It is very handy when playing with this flanger pedal and of course in common use. I use a Marshall 2266 combo black amplifier and togeather with the flanger and PRS guitar it sounds awesome. There is nothing I regret about this purchase and thats it. I would buy a new one if something happend to this flanger (or any other gear of mine). I love this flanger from the deepest pits of my heart but what I dont like about the flanger is the combination problems. You can use only use the Taxi mode if you want to or only the Takeoff mode or wire the two modes. By wire I mean that you can put the Takeoff on one footselector and the Taxi mode on the other. What you can not do is to wire the three functions in one set, Clean-takeoff-taxi mode altogeather. When you wire the Takeoff and Taxi togeather you have to turn one of them offline if you want to play clean again and that is quiet troublesome when you need a quick change of sound. I've been testing 4 diffrent flangers before this awesome flanger and one one is as powerful as the AF2. Sorry but I can't remember the name of the 4 other pedals I tried out. As I tried to explain, I wish it had a three way switch to wire the three sounds diffrently so that you can switch to clean when needed fast.

Reliability & Durability — 10
You can depend on this flanger. It's solid as a stone and if you don't push the limits of its duarbility, as in break it somehow, it wont disapoint you. I have that feeling at least. Just don't do the same misstake that I did at first. I put the plugin cables in the wrong input/output so the sound was a totally mess. I totally fooled myself that it was broken already... I would use this flanger any time without a backup but thats me. I dont know how hard youre stomping on your gear.

Ease of Use — 10
This flanger is very easy to use. You just need the standard gear to get it going, two plugin cables, one guitar, one amplifier and a DC/AC addapter whitch is included when bought. The thing that makes this flanger so easy to use is that Paul Gilbert himself has included his top 10 EQ uses. So try them out and edit the sound after your own taste. A very amazing thing with this flanger is that is has two combined pedal modes in it. The Taxi and Takeoff mode. You can easly push the two chanels in every way you want to.

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    Well its good to know that you don't need one cable and two guitars to use it, that would have been rather tricky!
    Sorry that my english is so awful I tried my best thought But I think that the most important thing is that everyone can understand and if not... well. If anyone can help me with my english I would appreciate it and if this review is that awful then someone should rewrite it from scratch
    That is the worst spelling and grammar I have ever seen in an Ultimate Guitar review.
    gfreak117 wrote: Yeah but spell heck isn't that hard to use. Now is it. Good review but my brain hurts a little.
    You could use a spell check yourself sir lol This looks like a groovy pedal! Putting this on my to get list
    Well, I see only one part that I couldn't understand: "This flanger can be very noisy but only if you with to otherwise it is very quiet." I just don't get what you were saying here. But otherwise, yes there were a lot of spelling mistakes but who cares, I could understand everything. And I don't think if you are from Sweden it's hard to write in English. Because I'm from Finland and Finnish and English are so far away from each other and I don't have difficulties in writing something in English. So of course you should spell check what you have written but done is done, you can't edit your review (which sucks).
    Dude don't worry these guys are being jerks, your spelling really isn't that bad at all. Great review. "Yeah but spell heck isn't that hard to use." Oh really, gfreak? Then why don't you try and use it?
    I think it's funny when people spell "realize" especially when they're trying to correct someone else. But hey good review, grammer wasn't great but helpful.
    Ohh and one more thing! The english spelling is a pain in the ass for most of the Swedish people. Please try to learn some Swedish and I will correct it for you
    I was really skeptical about this pedal, mainly because I'm not a Paul Gilbert fan and dislike signature models, but I was in need of a flanger and saw it used for $80. The takeoff mode is pretty useless, but the Taxi mode has basically replaced my Chorus pedal in my lineup. It does flanging and chorus very, very well, and the manual has some great settings for a cocked wah sound, Hemispheres-era Rush chorus, a talk box-ish vowel sound, and a cool ring modulator-like effect. It's subtle enough to be really useful in any situation, tracks fast notes very well, and it the range to make everything sound like a mental breakdown. Can't recommend it enough.