ToneLok DE7 Delay/Echo review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.3 (20 votes)
Ibanez: ToneLok DE7 Delay/Echo

Sound — 7
Primarily I got the Ibanez ToneLok DE7 for some Pink Floyd and Robin Trower type delay and it was very easy to get with this pedal. I played several different guitars and amps with this pedal. I played an Epiphone G400 Goth, Ibanez RG350EX, G&L Tribute Series S500, Ibanez Artcore AXD83P, and a Xaviere XV-599. I used a Blackheart Little Giant, Vox Pathfinder, Line 6 Spider III, and an Orange CR6S for amplification. I probably got the best sound with the G&L Tribute Series S500 going through the Blackheart Little Giant. There are better pedals if you are a true audiophile personally, delay pedals are the hardest for me to hear adverse effects to my tone with. This pedal meets my needs and doesn't damage my tone. The possibility the pedal provides for endlessly repeating long delays and echoes is very interesting for experimenting with and I find myself playing around with making crazy sounds with it every time I plug it in. If you get the echo just right and dampen the strings of your guitar, mess with the EQ just right you can get a good sound like someone running down an alleyway and their footfalls echoing off the walls.

Overall Impression — 7
I play everything from outlaw country to thrash metal and grunge. I primarily play overdriven type electric blues and thrash metal and this pedal seems to work very well for what I use it for. If I could justify spending much more for a delay pedal I would probably get something different - maybe an Electro-Harmonix Memory Man. For what the Ibanez ToneLok DE7 is, it absolutely meets my needs after getting the AC adaptor for it. The ToneLok DE7 is absolutely fun to play with because of all the long delays and never-ending echoes you can set up with it.

Reliability & Durability — 6
The Ibanez ToneLok DE7 is made out of metal, not plastic. It has a rubber foot on the bottom that seems to do a great job of keeping it from sliding around when in use. The button is basically the whole bottom half of the pedal. The knobs depressing seem to really protect them for getting bumped and messing up your settings. The battery doesn't last as long as you might hope. There is a possibility of the battery starting to give out during a long practice or jam session (say if it runs more than a couple of hours). I think if you are running this pedal with the adaptor or powered on a pedal board you would be okay. I absolutely do not trust the battery life on this pedal.

Ease of Use — 8
The Ibanez ToneLok DE7 is easy to use and you can dial in what you want fairly quickly. There are 3 knobs a delay time', repeat' and delay level'. There are two switches the range' switch and the mode' switch. There is an optional AC adaptor you can purchase for the ToneLok DE7. There is an in and 2 outs an out (mono) and a dry out. The 9 volt battery will be drained if you leave guitar cables hooked up to the pedal when not in use. The delay time knob gives you control over the amount of delay based off of the position of the range' switch. The repeat knob gives you control of how many times the delay repeats itself. The delay level gives you control of how strongly the delayed signal is mixed in. The range switch has 3 settings. The first setting is for 30 160 milliseconds. The second setting is for 120 650 milliseconds. The third setting is for 480 2600 milliseconds. The mode Switch has two settings echo and delay. Personally, I find the delay much more useful than the echo. This pedal was very easy to use.

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    Easily one of the best pedal deals on the market today. Both "echo" and "delay" are usable and sound quite good, and you can even get the cool oscillation on the "echo" mode once you push the repeats past half. handy to have the stereo option. If you're looking for longer delay than 2.5 seconds, you might really be after a looper.... Excellent deal, grab if you need a delay on the cheap.
    Smart Patrol
    I have mine now. Made in China, better switch, very good in both modes... All I wanted from a delay.
    Hmm - 75 for a delay pedal without tap tempo isn't exactly cheap. It would have to be outstanding to warrant that price or I would look to spend a little more for a pedal with a tap tempo option
    Way Cool JR.
    I love my DE7 I use it for 70's and 80's Hard-Rock Metal Glam/Hair and it does it superbly. The Echo mode is actually supposed to be analog delay and it works great for 70's music and some early 80's. The Digital mode sounds as good or better than the Boss DD3 I chose it over the DD3 when I needed a new DD3. The buffer in the DE7 is way beyond Boss's and it also loves being in the effects loop way better than up front and there is no loss of tone at all. And IMO it has more than plenty of delay time any more it would just be impractical. I never needed tap tempo and would never use it so that's a win win for me. I cant believe they discontinued the whole tonlock series after all these years they were definitely a stealth series of pedals that flew way under the radar. IMO the TS7 was also the best Tube-screamer Ibanez made also.
    why is there a picture of autowah?.. Delay/echo is a great pedal, considering it comes from a rather shitty series (tonelock) i especially like the echo setting, since it simulates analog delay somehow...
    Smart Patrol
    I want to buy one of these, but has anybody had the broken switch issue on DE7 and other Ibanez pedals?
    I had it once. It did its job fine, but you couldn't really set long delays. Fine if you just want a simple short delay but if you want anything just a bit longer then you won't get it with this