TS9 Tubescreamer review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (157 votes)
Ibanez: TS9 Tubescreamer

Price paid: $ 99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I use this pedal with an Ibanez ICT700 electric guitar and Peavey Valveking 212. The pedal *can* be noisy, but only when you over-do the settings ( I.e. pushing the Drive or level up too high ), but you can get any distortion sound you want. The effects are only weak if your guitar is weak, it's a face-melting kick-ass pedal. I can always get the sound I want, even if I have to look for it for a minute. My favorite artists are Metallica, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Slipknot, Dream Theater and so on and I can get the sound of all these bands with this pedal and the right tone settings.

Overall Impression — 10
I mainly play metal, thrash metal, hard rock, heavy blues rock, and sometimes southern rock. This pedal plays all types of distorted music perfectly. I've been playing about a year and a half now, and I own this, an Ibanez ICT700 guitar, Peavey valveking 212, Ibanez CF-7, Dunlop crybaby 535q, and a Morley little alligator. I mainly bought this because several of my favorite artists (including Kirk Hammett) use this pedal. I plugged it in and loved it. If it was stolen I would be sad. Then I'd buy it again. I love everything about it and hate nothing. I love it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I could always depend on this pedal, it's metal housing is sturdy and stout, and this pedal is so tough I'm pretty sure if you were to smack someone over the head you would kill them, No Doubt. I always say never play a gig without a backup, but if the situation came that I had to use it without a backup, I would.

Ease of Use — 9
There's always some good sound out of this thing. It's very easy to get a good sound and it's a very easy to use pedal. There is a manual for it, but you don't really need it. It has 3 controls, Drive, Tone, and level. I'm not *exactly* sure what level *is* but, it does effect the sound and makes it heavier. My unit has not been upgraded.

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    It's funny how many gutiarists know very little. The TS9 is an overdrive pedal and not a distortion pedal. A distortion pedal is meant to be used with a clean channel an overdrive is meant to be used with either. The overdrive only provides a little bit of distortion which can act as a smooth gritty blues sound on a clean channel or it can add some "scream" to your leads if you are running it before the distortion on your big marshall ( I find it makes a big difference on the JCM2000 because it seems to lack just a little gain for metal). It's meant to compliment a tube amp hence the name. The Metal Zone MT-2 is awful. It's very very noisy and sterile sounding. I have one in my closet and I use to use it for boosting the signal to a tube amp by turning down the gain but it coloured the sound pretty badly and added a LOT of noise. I use the TS9 with my Peavey 5150 and while the Peavey has tons of preamp gain the TS9 still tightens it up a little and gives some extra sparkle to the sound. I don't doubt that the TS808 is better though. I'd like to try it sometime.
    the boss MT-2 is awful, i dont get why people buy them, they sound like shit. if u actually want a pedal to take a clean channel and make it high gain, use a satchurator. boss stuff is so meh, i dont get why people use it when they could get much much better stuff. and not a single person has mentioned santana used a tube screamer with a mesa and listen to his tone.
    My strat sounds sick clean though my marshall valvestate but the overdrive sucks, i bought this pedal to use on the clean channel and now i get awesome sounds for blues/rock. These pedals are not just for tube amps.
    See i've been thinking of buying an overdrive pedal for a boost to give me some 'THUNK!'. Currently hav a Kustom Contender, which does get real beefy as you crank it up! You reckon as TS9 through the Kustom at full drive would give me a fat metal sound? Cos im talking i want some real grit and girth to the sound.
    the maxons have tru bypass, or so ive heard, the ibanez ts9 doesnt have jrc458d chips and doesnt have tru bypass. both 808's use the jrc4558d chips. these rn't supposed to be fab for clean if u want won that is look into one that doesnt use diode clipping and uses a 12ax7 instead.
    will-loves-zep wrote: i need a booster for my solos to rise above the second guitar but will this give me much more volume?? should i look at a volume pedal instead?
    NNNNOOOO volume pedals only act as a contraollable resistor to your volume this should work fine, take it put volume very high and gain relatively low.
    IROn 5L1nKY
    Is it worth getting the TURBO Tube Screamer of the normal TS9. I mean, I've played around with one a bit and it seemed able to give some pretty decent metal distortion and I was just wondering. What do you guys think? It's only ten dollars more.
    D Gates
    I have a VOX amp and a Schecter C1 Hellraiser, how do you think this would sound with the VOX and C1 Hellraiser? comment me or message me b/c I really wanna know.
    this pedal sounds amazing with my crate v series halfstack, i got a v33h head and a v212 cab. this pedal by itself gives a great blues tone for solos!! but if you mix it with my amps distortion with the presence on! God it sounds amazing, you can hit pinch harmonics you never thought possible! reminds me of the devil wears prada and chiodos its got the same tone! i highly suggest you buy this pedal!
    it really annoys me when people use this thing with a solid-state amp. It isn't a solid-state screamer. And I also don't understand why people don't like to use this thing on a clean tone. I love using it on a clean tone.
    i know im writing alot but this is what happens --/aa\bbbbb/aa\bbbbb/aa\ when a space grows it -/----\----/----\----/----\ becomes more distorted /bbbbb\aa/bbbbb\aa/bbbbb\but when b space shrinks and a space grows, it becomes true distortion.
    This pedal is alrite i bought mine for $300 brand new sound a bot tooo tiny for i like the real bassy stuff .bss pedal are my fav tube screamer not RECOMMENDED