AX10G review by Korg

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 6.2 (51 votes)
Korg: AX10G

Price paid: $ 126.4

Purchased from: MusicStop

Sound — 7
I'm running it into a 200 watt Fender Eighty-Five amp and I'm using an American Fender Strat and sometimes an Epiphone Les Paul. First when I bought the AX10G I only had a Jay Turser strat copy and with the cheap Pick-ups on it and everything, the sound wasn't very great, only on clean settings. The guitar upgrade really helped. It can be noisy at times(max comp, max gain, and using one of the distortion amp models). Some effects sound good such as the chorus and the u-vibe and a few others, but there should be more variety with them other than just depth and speed. The reverbs are good but I think the delays should be stronger, like the slapback. I pretty much play all Chili Peppers and it works decent with them, except for the Wah pedal, which blows.

Overall Impression — 7
I play altern rock and for the clean sounds, this pedal works pretty good and even some of the distortion sounds are what I need. I've been playing for about 7 years now and I've gone from Brad Paisley to Chili Peppers and now I'm in a cover band. The AX10G is the perfect pedal to start out with and figure out what several effects there are but eventually you will have to upgrade. I now have the AX1500G and I expect I'll follow up with the 3000G (might as well try all the korgs and then I'll change to Line 6 or something) Before buying it I would have asked if you could put more than one mod effect or more than one ambience effect on at the same time, because that aspect is very limiting. if it were lost or stolen I wouldn't buy it again because I have the 1500G. I love the fact that there is an expression pedal. I use it as a volume pedal alot. I hate the wah effect, it isn't of good quality. I didn't compare it with anything when I bought it because I was on a low budget and I'm only a student. All around good pedal though.

Reliability & Durability — 7
I haven't had any problems with it yet but in all honesty it is made out of plastic. Just how can you stomp it until it breaks? If there's one part on it that I would worry about breaking it would be the expression pedal, it's not very sturdy. If you treat it good, I can't see where there would be a problem with gigging without a backup.

Ease of Use — 10
Within 10 minutes of plugging it in and given the manual a glance, I had about 5 different patches saved and was playing away. It's a very simple Machine to use, regardless whether you know much about guitar effects or not. Editing patches is about as simple as it can get. Turn some knobs and press some buttons to get the sound you want and then just press write. The manual clearly explains what everything is and really you don't have to read, the thing is so simple to use.

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    David Roberst
    Hi Guys I have been playing guitar for around 40years and have always looked for that special sound, I bought this AX10G pedal around 1year ago and finally I have got the sound that I have been looking for, most guitar players use a bank of pedals, some use 6 or even 9 in a row, very messy but if it works why not, I played around with this and have finally got the settings right, I have a setting that is like a "Fender Twin", clean and overdriven, a setting that is like a "Vox AC30", and also a "Peter Frampton" show me the way sound, and a "Gary Moore" sound so I am well impressed with this, I use mine in a Custom made box, and power it with a AC adapter, the wah is great once you are used to it, and the sounds you can get are unlimited, if you experiment, try and try and you will eventually get "That Sound", and don't forget the free built in tuner as well, superb piece of kit, well done Korg, 10/10, Taken me years but I have got there, Regards David.
    Overall I like that AX10G. The settings take a while to get used to, but they will eventually become easier to use. The Wah pedal isn't very good, but it does the trick for me (I play in a band which plays around town). You might think it looks bad, but it's built like a rock and actually looks good. One thing that can get kind of akward is that you have to scroll through the channels to get to different sounds, so this could be a problem for some of you.
    I have had an AX10G for over a year or so now. It would appear to have the potential to work well and make good normal guitar sounds. I'm not so impressed by its effects though. The problem with my assessment is that I'm not sure if I am operating it correctly. I have read the other reviews here and I can only think some of them have a different manual than me. The manual does not seem to contain all the information that I need and it is certainly not laid out logically or well. Also it does not have an index to find the parts I want to read, or a glossary to explain all the terms. : I specifically picked the AX10G because it had rotary knobs and tone controls that looked like a proper amp. Unfortunately there are operation and programming modes that are worked by the buttons, but it is not clear in all cases which buttons or how. I have only just recently got it back out of its box to try it again, after turning up to a practice gig (thank goodness it was only a practice!!) to find that I just couldnt repeat the sound that I had spent some time at home finding. This was not a programming problem but a setting up problem. I was trying to use one of the preset sounds. : As I say I can not figure out how to set it up consistently because I can not understand the instruction booklet. I dont like to slag off what appears to be a good bit of kit because of something Im doing wrong, but if I can send a message to the designers of these things THEY HAVE TO WORK ALMOST BY THEMSELVES! : The AX10G is almost intuitive to use but not quite, and Ill apologise a bit to the Korg people because it is my finger trouble, but --- the frustration I am experiencing, is out of all proportion to what I am gaining from the AX10G, Im afraid.
    I wanted to add to my reveiw on the AX10G for anybody thinking of buying such an effects type unit. The AX10G can not a professional device simply because it is too small ! I can hardly read the dials in my bedroom, let alone in the poor lighting of a stage!
    simple rocker
    i bought it to replace my zoom 606 thinking it would be better i was wrong it's f**king horrible it easily broke may pedal is already bent the distrotion sucked the wah is weak i have one quesion for korg why the hell did you make this pedal it succked big time
    Actually is very good, perhaps not perfect, but for its size and price, is actually a nice pedal. I like the 84 for heavy playing, and for cleaner tones there's a bunch to choose from. I would give it a 8.5. It is very durable and works fine with any amp.