AX1500G review by Korg

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (145 votes)
Korg: AX1500G

Price paid: $ 235

Sound — 9
The processor itself does't add much noise. However, if your guitar is too noisy, then it pains you a bit 'cause the noise-gate kinda cuts off the sustains at high noise-cut-off levels. The effects are pretty cool and 'practical', though you can create some weird space-age sounds as well. You can't configure the pedal wah (sweep, depth etc.) and isn't that good at high gain settings while using distortion, but is pretty decent otherwise. Not exactly a wide range of distortion, but you can if used cleverly with the EQ and cabinet settings you can create a wide range of sounds, from hardcore Death Metal to drop-dead Funk to crunchy Blues to squeaky clean. However, don't rely on the factory pre-sets, especially the clean ones. It makes full use of the stereo output also (the effects likes of the Ping-pong delay and Traveler can kick-ass I used cleverly). The 2 phasers, 2 choruses, tremolo and flanger are really impressive, 4 reverbs and delays are just awesome and you have some pretty cool echo modulated effects too. However, the pitch-shifter isn't good when used totally wet and the autowah is crappy. But overall, it's pretty impressive!

Overall Impression — 9
I use a korean Fender Strat clone (with a humbucker at the bridge) through a Marshal 10CD for practicing in my room and a Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 for Live gigs (clean channel mostly, sometimes a bit of crunch). I play mostly rock (progressive, alt, latin and even a bit classic rock), blues and funk and tend to Switch a bit 'heavy' distorted tones (a la Petrucci), clean (sometimes funky, sometimes a bit 'dreamy') and use a quite a bit of Wah (I just love it) and, whether on-stage or in room, it works like a dream! You can even get some decent heavy metal tones from this baby, but I'd prefer a Boss GT-6 or a Line POD XT Live if I were playing Death Metal and all. And I guess a back-lit display would've helped a bit. In the end, I can tell you that if you believe in 'no-nonsense' stuff, then this processor is worth every penny well-spent.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have been using it for the past year and a half and traveled a lot, and I can tell you that you can pretty much rely on it with your life! Sturdy chassis, a well-built pedal and some nice EM isolation. Just be a little careful with those knobs at the top. No need to worry about backups with this baby around!

Ease of Use — 8
This baby is pretty simple to use and configure. 16 pre-set and 16 user configurable banks, each with 3 patches (with 2 channels each) allows you to have many more patches at your disposal than you'll possibly ever need. Switching between patches is easy, though the small foot-switches kinda need getting used to. Modifying patches is easy once you get the hang of it: just select the parameter and turn the knob! But it does have a couple of nasty drawbacks: no separate 'bank down' switch. Though each bank has 3 patches each with two channels (which is more than enough usually), switching between banks can be a bit of a pain. Setting up the 'sample and play' and 'tap delay' can be a bit of a pain and is virtually impossible to configure 'on the run', i.e. during a Live gig. The manual's not exactly super-comprehensive, but it gets you started off pretty quickly. And even you don't have much experience with effects and amp-settings, it's very difficult NOT to get a good sound from this processor! Some of the pre-sets are a bit cheesy, but there are some good ones too. You can work on them to create really kick-ass tones.

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    This unit is "ok" but come on people digitech is better. All of these processors have good distortions and for rock any of them will do. But this unit lacks versatility. For the same price you can get the RP350 and work with the PC, and you also get a variable eq sweep on the mid which affects all the sounds dramatically. Dont waste your money on Korg.
    Digitech isn't bad, I love some of their pedals but their modelling proccessors ain't that great
    Silky Smooth
    The RP models are amazing seriously The RP350 just rips for the price, its one of the clearest "sounding" effect/modlers i've heard. Though the Korg has a very unique sound, you wont find other sounds like that on any other modeler.
    does this have a whammy or pitch bend effect in it? and how hard is it to use?
    Guys im buying a modeller next week.. im choosing between a Korg ax1500g and a Digitech rp 350 . which do you think is better in terms of overall performance ? P.s. im gonna use it for practice and not for live concerts .