AX1500G review by Korg

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  • Ease of Use: 3
  • Sound: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3.5 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.7 (145 votes)
Korg: AX1500G

Purchased from: A friend

Ease of Use — 3
It was quite difficult to use. I enjoyed that you could pre-programm customised effects, but it was very difficult to learn how to do. The manual was not easy to follow, and I am not a beginner. Due to its range of effects, it makes it difficult to use. Especially since (like I said), majority of the effects are terrible, and it takes one a long time to find useful effect combos. But again, you cannot use this pedal in a chain. its either this piece of turd, or nothing else. Not a smart move if you only have 2 or 3 effects that you like on it.

Sound — 3
I owned one of these. Was not impressed. The reviews give it way too much kudos. It's sound quality is average, and its usability is average also. It was tried with various amps, mainly a Vox/Marshall valvestate combo. Its sound was weak, dull, and very "digital" sounding. Majority of it's effects are fake sounding, and budget. 

It has a large range of amp simulations, most of which sound terrible, and only a few are worth while. STAY AWAY FROM THE METAL DISTORTION. It has a broad range of options and combinations, but most of them are terrible in quality. There are a few comical effects like Chinese guitars, and robot sounds. Great for a giggle, but that is not enough to make me use it. There are better options out there for similar prices.

Reliability & Durability — 5
The screen can be plagued with viewing problems, and it's not particularly durable. It was smart for Korg to make the pedal board of tough steel, but its knobs are flimsy, and cheap, and therefore break off easily. Also its "stomp" pedal buttons are not very responsive. In fact you have to give it a good hard stomp to make them work. Problem is, there are 3 different sub settings on each button, making it very very difficult to change tone in a live show. You spend 2 seconds changing your tone, and that looks terrible in a live professional setting. Also, the "true by-pass" on this product is terrible. Put it in a chain with other pedals, and it will severely weaken your guitar tone.

Overall Impression — 3
Hard rock, metal, and punk. It is not a good match for these styles. You are better off buying your own amp according to your tastes, rather than use amp emulators. I have been playing music for 10 years, and there are better alternatives. If it got lost, I would cry for 5 minutes, and then get back to my happy life. It has sat in my closet for years, and been forgotten about. Bring it out to test it, and its still as bad as it ever was. I wish I had purchased alternative pedals instead of this one. Disappointing purchase.

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