AX3000G review by Korg

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.5 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.9 (195 votes)
Korg: AX3000G

Price paid: $ 347.682

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Sound — 8
I use an Epiphone LP100 with stock pickups, which it copes with perfectly, I've played it through various amps, and each time after playing with the settings a little its sounds how it did before, I've gigged it twice, and the keylock feature is the most vital part of this, as hometown gigs, we play at the same level as the crowd they constantly fall towards the stage, and this saved the settings being knocked, I played alot of metal, from Trivium to Cradle Of Filth, to Maiden to As I Lay Dying and each of these it easily replicates after a small ammount of time setting up, the Wah is good quality and the expression pedal has a good range, the parameters on this can all be set to perfection, the distortions are a bit of a let down, some are ok, while other just really don't suite my style, the ESS (Expression Step Sequencer) is fun to play with, but I doubt I will ever find a serious use for this, along with a few effects which are a bit "unreal", the choruses and flangers are really good, the cabinets arent really too good, if you were to buy this unit I would back it up with a high quality distortion pedal, or an amp with a good distortion, and its distortion can be weak at times.

Overall Impression — 7
It suites my band's style, which would be metal/classic rock The Last Few Remaining the recording is really bad quality though, I use it with a Marshall AVT150X and with a small Kustom 10 watt Practise amp at home, but have put it through various keyboard amps and peaveys. I wish I had asked if it had the albilty to record licks, because I loved that about the 1500, record rhythym, then solo over it, really fun and good to improve with. If it was lost, I'd claim on the insurance, if it was stolen I'd cry and claim on insurance, I would probably buy the Boss GT-8 as the soft playing=clean, harder playing - distortion and everything in between sounds really usefull, and the distortions are better. I wish it had a recorder, a metromone.

Reliability & Durability — 4
Well no, I'd had it about a month plugged the adaptor in and it did nothing, just "dead", sent it back and Guitarvillage sent it back to Korg, just over 2 months later, it was returned to me, I'd lost all presents which luckily didn't take me much time to fix. I gigged with the back up of the AX 1500 which I've never had any problems with, I've had that just over a year longer than this one.

Ease of Use — 7
After owning the AX1500G prior to upgrading I found this one a little more fidly to get used to as, the expression pedal selector had gone and been replaced with a Pre-FX, so you can't use say, wah and compressor at the same time, well I'm unaware you can, as I have not bothered with the manual, I've owned it nearly 8 months, saving patches is simple, naming them is simple also. The back lit display is great and can be easily viewed in the dimmest of stage lights, as the lights are revered, the background is Orange and the characters in black.

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    This rewievs dont show how advanced this thing really is, yeah, its easy to use in a basic way, but theres a whole bunch of possibilites under this, which requires use of manual, control assignment for example. Another thing, how you plug it in to an amp have big effect on the output, and to make it work really well on a tube amp take some figuring out..
    Yeah, BigBalls right. I posted the 2nd review down, and since then ive learnt so much more you can do with it, and matured a bit maybe lol. Just Quickly a few things... You can use the expression pedal like a Volume Pedal, but instead of controlling volume you can control, Gain amount, Treble amount, chorus Speed or depth, and almost every effect parameter. Ive Not set up through a tube amp though, so i wouldnt know ive just used Left and Right outputs into two marshall combos. And i just noticed a typo in my review I actually Meant 1 Month not 2 Months for its return, so Sorry Korg! They were actually really good and helpful.
    i feel lik multi fx don't work well with tube amps anyways. That natural tube breakup and unique charecteristic is bad when your trying to model something.
    i own one... its prtty awesome ..easy to use n its worth every penny