AX3000G review by Korg

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (195 votes)
Korg: AX3000G

Price paid: £ 135

Sound — 8
It sounds amazing through a set of headphones when practicing and as mentioned before you can get any sound you want but you cannot add pre-amp distortion to it and you won't get a Death Metal distortion sound if you play that type of music. But through an amp - combining a heavy pedal distortion (such as the thrash or metal distortions) you can make ears bleed! Although the other effects do not sound as good and sound weaker and different. It isn't very noisy even with full distortion and has an inbuilt noise-supressor but if that is left off you will still get a tiny bit of distortion even on clean. You can get the sound of a steel string acoustic with it on your guitar's bridge pickup and a nylon-string with the bridge with the pedal's acoustic simulator - I have a stratocaster copy with all single-coils. For best sound with the acoustic simulator the manual sugests single coils - I have yet to hear it through a humbucker. It's very versitile and you can get the sound of Slash and zakk wylde even without having a les paul - with the overdirive, you can get more Hendix sounds aswell as it also has a wahwah. Then wah isn't very strong but can be tinkered with a lot like other effects but effects like delays, reverbs and pitch shifter (harmonizer) are very versitile and sound good at whatever setting. One thing that I don't like is that you can't have the volume pedal and wah on at the same time as it only has one expression pedal.

Overall Impression — 9
I play classic rock, hard rock and a bit of metal - it matches them perfectly, it can also do alternative rock perfectly. I own a 15watt tube amp and a stat copy - the amp is a Behringer and the pedal would probably would sound better through a stack with multiple-speaker cabinets, if it was stolen or lost I would probably buy some compact analog pedals because they are better quality and I now know what effects I use most - but this is best for starting off with effects. I choose this over a lot of other multi-effect pedals such as the Line6 pods and Vox pedals but came out as having most effects of the same quality and best value for money.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It very strong and heavy but I haven't dropped it at all, I probably would gig without backup and the only thing I would say is bad are the control knobs which feel a bit fragile although the pedal are stronger and the expresssion pedal is unbreakable. Since it is made of metal/metal alloy like the cover but the other pedals and knobs are plasic. You probably won't break it unless you did something realy serious.

Ease of Use — 9
It has an amazing different varity of sounds but takes time to actually get them, after a week or two of using it you probably won't need the manual anymore but even though it is pretty simple to dial the sound you want in, it's going to take some time to actually get the exact sound you want. The manual is strait forward and easy to use and explains things in detail, such as the MIDI function - I haven't used it but I could if I wanted since the manual makes it look quite easy. There are a lot of default patches (32) and they are easy to edit and switch to.

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    I have been using korg for a long time and it is pretty cool. so i will post a (hopefully) useful comment. 1. Mono input, Stereo Output (I wish it was stereo input/output) 2. Almost any effect parameter can be controlled by the expression pedal (Modulation ,speed, depth, tone, vol, etc) 3. It boasts the ESS but I don't use it (just google it if you want to) 4.a. Can be configured as 5 individual pedals: PreFX, Dist, Mod, Delay, Reverb, or 4.b. program select mode. You can set one effect on or off using the ctrl pedal. For Ex. I made a program with distortion and delay and in the middle of my lead I need a wah, I can turn on the wah (or anything else) without creating a separate program for it. 5. I rarely use wah so no comment if you dont like it. 6. The phaser is awesome (once you figured out how to use it) 7. You can select from another bank with ease. Like if my next effect to be used is on bank 10 and I am on bank 1, I don't have to stop on each bank from 2-9. 8. No comment on the distortion because it just fits my style. 9. MIDI in/out possible 10. Patches! useful stuff 11. AUX in (you can plug your ipod and play with the music in it duh!) 12. SEND/RETURN (for external effect processors) 13. S/P Dif output 14. Tube amps? Well I don't use one so I have nothing to say about it. 15. Noise reduction 16. I like the delay models the most. And it sounds better when using stereo outputs. really versatile but it all depends on your taste. If you care so much about the wah then buy a crybaby, or distortion then buy a metal zone. but I like delays and modulation so I use this with line6 delay modeler.
    i never thought to comment on it in my review but i used it through a tube amp exclusively. maybe thats where the digitalness came from. but still you could say the only reason you notice it is because its the only digital component in the chain.
    How bad is the distortion? I have a korg ax5g and i think that the distortion I've made on it sounds really good so I can't imagine the ag300g being worse? o.o
    I really like my pedal AX3000G, got it last year and it really gets me. The distortion sounds okay, fine and great,...
    Korg Ax3000g or zoom g7.1ut? What do you think? Im hard in choosing.
    if your playing really gritty, hardcore, underground metal stuff, the distortions and high end gain arent great at all. id go with a simple stomp box+a silencer (noise gate/noise reduction) box. i own this thing and considering using it solely for the noise reduction (less crap feedback) at this point as its not satisfying me at all on the distortions
    @gustavo yeah u can run all kinds of combinations and effects simultaneously
    It's a good multi-effect processor. The classic chorus is fantastic, so are the compressor and acoustic simulator. The noise gate is very useful. Some of the ditorions sound very synthetic, but there are good ones, too. And the reverb is useful, too. I own it for 1,5 years and i'm satisfied with it. It's very easy to use, and it's built like a tank.
    i have a spider 3 75 watt. it can be annoying when used with some fx pedals and is there any point in buying this? id love to buy loads of pedals separately but i just dont have the money. i play using a gibson les paul junior and have a fuzz factory that can be used for distortion.