FBV Shortboard review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 8.3 (23 votes)
Line 6: FBV Shortboard

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 8
I use the shortboard with a Line 6 Spider II 212, and my guitar is a custom Hamer. The clean channels sound excellent and you can use the shortboard to turn on and off distortion, (stomp) modulation (echoes, tremolo, etc) delay and reverb. The heavy distortion sounds are great, and it has a ton of preset sounds that are let's just say unique. But they're all fully customizable so you can change them to whatever sounds you want. The pedal is a volume pedal normally, it's a little touchy but it gets the job done. There's a toe switch that turns on the wah function that the pedal doubles as. The wah is OK, not the greatest. I would invest in a dedicated wah pedal instead. Some effects it sounds great on, like the mild distortion, but for the clear channels and heavy distortion it doesn't provide the full range of wah that most musicians are looking for.

Overall Impression — 8
I play a lot of metal/harder rock stuff, and it's got the sounds I need. I think it's kind of a big splurge, but I like it a lot now that I've had it for a while. I'm not sure that I'd replace it if it gets stolen or something but it's fun to play around with.

Reliability & Durability — 6
I've had it for about 6 months and it would still be fully functional (if a music stand hadn't been knocked over onto it during a show). It made a ding in the plastic surrounding the display screen, and a few days later the backlight for the display went out. Line 6 will fix it for you if you buy the warrenty, but it still works. Just not quite as aestheticly pleasing.

Ease of Use — 8
There was no manual for the shortboard when I got it so I had to figure out most of the effects myself, but it was pretty easy. If you buy the Spider II half stack it has a manual that shows you how to use it. The shortboard is for use with any Line 6 Spider II amp, I think the Flextone series too. It's got 36 preset channels that you can customize as well as a volume/wah pedal and a tuner. Everything is simple to use, and you can pretty much synthisize any sound you need for playing a show. Switching between banks can be a hassle because each bank has 4 effects (9 total banks) and you have to switch between banks to find the effect you want but if you know where every effect is saved it's not too hard.

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