Floor POD review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 6.5 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.6 (70 votes)
Line 6: Floor POD

Price paid: $ 1.5

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 5
I used this mostly through my Line 6 15 and now through a Fender Mustang 20w and I honestly end up unplugging it nowadays since the reverb is far better on my amp. The insane settings(2) on this pedal board are NOT the same as the insane setting on the Line 6 amplifier. Less scratchy and buzzy, plenty of insane. I'm not sure why though. The gain boost function is actually not much of a boost. Not gonna bash it but I'm sad I sold my ds-1 =/ The reverb is decent but as I said its not as nice as a twin reverb(duh).

Overall Impression — 6
I play Evreything from blues to Alternative rock and it does them just fine, not GREAT but just fine. I've played with plenty of effects bt I'd definately just go for boss. No I probably wouldn't buy it agaiin but I would miss it. Lots of usefull things on this hardware-wise. I compared this to a digitec RP 155* I think but it was the same price.

Reliability & Durability — 7
If you're starting to gig this is a cheap alternative that gets the job done but could still sound better. Dependable - yes reliable- - yes. But you can only rely on it to sound average or slightly above average if you're just using factory presets. You could throw this at a freaking WALL and it might just collapse your house. VERY durable.

Ease of Use — 8
Getting a good sound of it is fairly easy. However in all honesty you're going to want to make your own presets as the vast majority of the factory presets are just whacky. Google amplifier settings if you don't already know what you want and this WILL let you dial them in effortlessly. There is a button you must hold to turn on the alternative functions (mid, presence). You can find the manual for it in the box or online in PDF format if thats your cup of tea.

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    joaslak wrote: It mIs it just me or does it make the sound sound like shit?
    You are not alone, my band mate uses this, for leads, clean and other stuff it sounds fine, but when it comes to Metal rythm riffs, the distortion sounds so muddy shreeky, it sounds like too much of high-frequency noise even when I turned the Bass knob on Eq all the way high. This is one consistent problem with multi-fx they sound nice on small practice amps but when it comes to those big amps they sound like too much of overkill(probably aspiring black metal dudes will feel good about it, :p ). I would go for Zoom G1 instead of this one, Zoom g1 has more variety of effects and better control over sound.
    As a guitar player for the past 20+ years, I find it amusing to read all these reviews written by people who have been playing less than 2 years and have no clue what a good tube amp sounds like. One guy even wrote of an "acoustic simulator", which this unit doesn't even have. "Class A" does not mean "Acoustic simulator". Another guy commented that there are only 3 controls for amp tone - apparently he didn't read the manual (or the front panel) or he's know that the knobs are dual purpose if you know how to do it. I also love how people complain how bad it sounds through their crappy $99 amp. Gee, you think?? Anyway, Line 6 units like the Floor Pod are designed to emulate the characteristics of different popular and obscure amps. This unit does a very good Marshall emulation, and the Vox AC-30 sounds very close to the real thing. I have not owned the other amps that are modeled here, so I cannot comment on those, although I will say that the MESA Rectifier setting (green) has a very warm, lifelike tube sound. These Floor Pods are no longer in production and can be picked up on e-bay for less than $100. I used one at our church direct into the PA and it sounds killer. Not nearly as versatile as newer Line 6 gear, but unbeatable for the price.
    yo le encontre la distorcion ke kiero pero en el casillero 1 tiene un cierto volumen y el en casillero 2 uno mas fuerte para los punteos.. asi lo tenia en mi zoom g2 y aora me compre la floorpod y no lo pueso poner.. porke cuando vuelvo al casillero se me baja el volumen del todooo!!
    I'm rather fond of my pod, even tho i don't use it anymore. It's a great entry level piece of kit that introduces the user to digital modeling. I gigged with it A Lot and it got kicked around something fierce yet it's still as good as new. I ripped out the passives of my nez and replaced them with irongear volt actives (as they were proper cheap, 30 each, and I was curious. I'd highly recommend volts!) and it was a perfect marriage. Obviously, it helped with the muddiness and sustain etc, it brought my pod to life! That little pedal made me realize digital modelling was the way I wanted to go. I now use a Pod HD400, through monitors. It's a Beast. Oh, and ToneCore modules through Blackstar for my (semi)acoustic crap. Echo Park, Baby!! I'M A BITCH FOR LINE6 AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!