Floor POD Plus review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (78 votes)
Line 6: Floor POD Plus

Purchased from: TMC

Sound — 9
POD is recognized throughout the world as the way to get authentic amp tones and effects in a small package. The newest addition to the legendary POD line, Floor POD Plus unites the timeless sounds from POD 2.0 with a greatly expanded set of premium effects. This slick, road-ready package gives you 32 amp models, 16 classic cabs, 16 modulation effects (including chorus, flanger, and tremolo), 6 delay models, and 2 different types of reverb- all with ultimate tweakability. Now, with Floor POD Plus it's easier than ever to create your own custom signature sound and bring it to the stage with time to spare, within minutes you can create the sound you've always wanted to but haven't been able to without having to spend hundreds of pounds on multiple FX pedals. I play through the Floor POD Plus using an Ibanez JS100 or an Epiphone Special II. The multiple effects that are achievable with both guitars in multiple tunings are beyond belief, with mostly strong effects and many settings from other line6 amp effects like: hi-gain, Line6 Insane, Line6 Crunch, Line6 Clean, Tweed Blues and the line6 classic Fuzz Box. It is easy to create sounds from your favourite artists, wheather you prefer bands like the beatles, and Fall Out Boy, or bands like Atreyu And Silverstein. Many Sounds are similar to a normal amp with no effects, but effects like Obi-Wah and Swell give a very un orthodox 'Floaty' feeling to a chord, so the Floor POD Plus really can provide the sound that you've been looking for!

Overall Impression — 9
I play a mixture of music, I play many 'chordy' songs aswell as heavy songs, but I am also keen on experimenting with new effects and sounds. I have been playing for roughly two and a half years and have not come across another piece of equipment with such a mixture of new developed sound and old classic settings such as Fuzz Box and Crunch. I Would definately buy the Floor POD Plus again if it was stolen or lost because of the many features I love about it e.g Treadplate, Obi-Wah and the six different delay settings. This product is defiately a huge step up from the Floor POD and The POD 2.0 and The Floor POD Plus has really set the bar for any new effect systems.

Reliability & Durability — 9
The Floor POD Plus is a very durable piece of equipment that I have owned for many months now and have had no problem with whatsoever. I would hope that it would still work as well as the day that I got it and give the same great sound for many years to come. I Would definately use this in gigs etc as I wouldn't expect a sudden loss of sound from the Floor POD Plus.

Ease of Use — 7
The New Floor POD Plus is an exeptional piece of engineering, that may look like a hi-tech piece of equipment for professionals when recording, but with a reasonably detailed manual it soon becomes an easy to use 'Jam-Machine'. There are a huge range of amp and cabinet models to choose from along with 120 presets with also 120 spaces to fill in your own custom settings, the Floor POD Plus really is something special, an easy to use package for beginers or experts just hoping to improve.

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    so is it possible to use my spider 3 15 watt (i use it for practicing at home) to work with the floor pod plus and still sound okay? or can i just set my amp to the clean channel and set the distortion through the pod?
    Help! i got this pedal 2 days ago and not completely satisfied with it! im thinking about returning it for a Boss ME 20! is it worth it??
    this is my first pedal ever, i was gonna buy one of those single effect pedals which costs like 50 bucks, i liked the one with lots of distortion and gain for metal, but the dude told me to get this line 6 floor POD, and told me its better, but when i got home, i cant get the tone i like. i feel ripped off, the POD is so hard to use, and since this is my first pedal, it makes it even worse for me, now i dont even feel like playing guitar because the POD ruins the sound.
    i have a fender frontman, so im guessing it would work for me. i am completely new to pedals and have no knowledge of what to do with them. im deciding between buying this and a digitch rp350 or rp355. they both seem like quality pedals for their money, and i dont have a clue which to decide on. would you recommend this pedal for a new user, or should i buy stompboxes and stuff like that. im confused. help would be great. thanks.
    so your telling me that there is absolutely no way to make this work with my spider 3 150?
    ya i recently used this sound nothing like the spider amps.its pretty easy 2 use but it just doesnt sound good
    guys dont waste your time on this one. i bought it and was very dissapointed with it. the sound was too muddy and dry, especially when distorted. your better off saving for a better effects. trust me, if not youll regret it. and this thing isnt very easy to use.
    I'm not sure if there's been a new model released, but the line 6 POD plus that i bought has a MIDI in AND a MIDI out...
    hey i need help on multi effects stuff. igot a line 6 spider 3 and her the floor pod plus sucks with this the amp. what else do i cosider that is under 300$? thanks.
    hey i need help on multi effects stuff. igot a line 6 spider 3 and her the floor pod plus sucks with this the amp. what else do i cosider that is under 300$? thanks.
    The preset effects are all for shitty metal music... You have to play around with it to get good sounds.
    I'm thinking about buying one of these and the compression comments caught me, but then I realized that of course its going to sound compressed plugging it into a computer because that's what its made to do so it doesn't blow out your headphones and also the computer sound card has something to do with it.
    First Posting Woo Hoo!! Purchased this a month ago and have been constantly fiddling with it to achieve a decent tone. After checking the manual and Line 6 customer support I found I had the thing routed incorrectly into my amp. Rather than inputting through the normal Guitar input, it is recommended to route through a CD in!!! This has to do with 'stacking' pre-amps and leads to all sorts of unwanted noise. After a reroute this thing was transformed, models now sound as they should and additional pedals placed pre floor pod are having the desired effect. If you have this unit connected through anything with Gain and EQ it will be inneffective. If this is your last resort keep gain low Bass 5 Mid/Contour 0 Treble 5. Or connect to Audio System. Also do not forget the amp/direct switch to disable A.I.R. Hope this helps...
    is it possible to save and assign a preset to one of the foot switches so you can access it later just by using the switch?
    dammit! I was going to get this, but apparently it wont work or sound good with my spider 3. and i don't have any money to buy another amp and and the floor pod.
    Yeah I just bought this pedal a few days ago and I tried to play it through my Line 6 Spider 3 15-watt, and the distortion sounds awful. I get a really strange hum, and the noise gate doesn't seem to block it out... I really don't think the floor pod is compatible with the Line 6 amps for some reason .... strange since its the same company.
    Yes, I have tried it with a Marshall AVT150HXT and the sound was nice, the modulation effect I find is ok.
    I also had this experience when I plugged in my 30 watts Spider, the floorpod amp models sounds bad and very dry. At first I thought it was my guitar, but when I plugged directly to my PA system it sounds great.Also when I plugged direct to my presounus inspire interface and do some records it sounds great and not too noisy. I need to try with some other amps like marshall or vox if its the same... anyone there tried before?
    I don't think Line 6 pedals work with the Spider, on the Floor Pod review, I think somebody adressed this.
    For a few months of experiments, I find this floorpod awesome & pretty gorgeous. Its a bit tricky, try not to put the floor pod to full volume,you need to adjust the volume by comparing with guitar connected to floorpod & guitar to a direct connection to a spider amp, meaning there is a need to calibrate. Brit Hi Gain,Thread plate,Modern Hi gain are quite good distortions.
    Ive recently recieved the floor pod plus and ive been trying to play it threw my line 6 spider 3 amp and i cant seem to be able to switch from clean to distorted by just using a footswitch, i also have to change the channels on my amp such as (clean to insane)is there a way around this or is this just not compatable with other line 6 amps for some reson? help me
    it's good but it could be much better ... there is no PITCH SHIFTER. I need it so badly. Zoom GFX707 has PITCH SHIFTER, drum-machine, sampler ... it cost me 50$ and i think gear which cost 200$ shouldn't be less "equipped" with effects than cheaper multieffects. The sound isn't that bad. It's good and sometimes it fits me perfectly. BUT I NEED PITCH SHIFTER ... The Line6 should make a Floor POD Puls PLUS with some missing effects.
    Their is no midi controller or usb just left and right 1/4 out. I have not heard the clips, but I use mine for 3 things. I split the signal between my mesa and peavey to run in stereo although it sounds more like dual mono. To me it sounds really good through 2 tube amps seems to remove that solid state feel. It also works as a back up if I loose an amp. I have an ass load of new pedals & vintage pedals but this supplements amp sounds I dont have and pedals that dont exist plus you have the option of turning off your amp model and play through your amps using just the effects in my case 2 amps. cool feature. As far as recording it all depends on card or break out box. The better the mic pre the better a pod or your amp will sound I use an echo mia fairly cheap $199 when I bought mine they have come down now, M-audio has some cheap break out box's. Point being Guitar World didnt give it a gold or platinum award cause it sucks it does what it made to and does it well if you take the time to play with it. Like I said I have all the pedals I need, this gives me amps if I want them and effects with out all the noise. The korg sounds good and so does the vox and zoom if you want to hear digital try the digitech.line6 is the original and still the best if you want to run it through a computer go with the xt run through an amp go with the plus and record via mic or line out. Love mine and yes I played them all I worked @ GC
    RX120D wrote: i find line 6 sounds too digital and has no original sounds, they just copy other brands
    Line6 was the 1st their not copying anyone except for the amps. But they were the 1st back in 98 then every buddy else jumped on board.
    thoraxe wrote: whitebluesboy wrote: How is this different than the POD XT Live? it doesnt have as many amp models and effects
    It also dosnt have usb either which makes better if you are a nice pre into your computer.
    i bought this a while ago now, took me 30 an hour to get a good distortion sound with it. the delay makes a strange noise with it and it does'nt have a pitch shifter, but the distortion from it is good not digitolly as long as you play around with it. but i want a pitch shifter so i was wandering would it work if i bought a sepertae single pedal and put it in after this in series
    Line 6 made all its floor pedals not to go through a line 6 amps. Line 6 Pedals such as the Floor pod plus act as a pre amplifier. They are not made to go through Line 6 amps that already have effects on them. Because if you take the effects coming through the pedal and connect it to the amp with effects also those effect are going to mix and you are going to get crap. Line 6 pedals are made to go through solid state amps such as a Marshal amp, Fender amp, or a solid state vox with no effects. Over all I have had a Line 6 Floor pod plus for a while and its works great and it sounds amazing. But The Pedal will not work through line 6 spider amps or general amps with effects. Even if you put the amps setting on clean it will not work. Hope This helps
    TO mdr85 if u want to get in2 multi-effects stuff then i would recommend digitechs rp500.its more expesive but its much easier to use and has alot more sounds to it,or i would check out deltalabs multi effects pedal. also u might want 2 consider buying pedals first. iwould get a ditortion pedal,a overdrive pedal,and a chorus pedal. but in any case i would go digitech. they 4 the most part r the simplest to use,and they 4 the most part arent buzzy r bassy like alot of boss pedals.