Pocket POD review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Ease of Use: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 2.8 Junky
  • Users' score: 7.3 (52 votes)
Line 6: Pocket POD

Price paid: $ 109.8

Purchased from: Dvguitars.co.uk

Sound — 4
I am using this through an Orange Crush amp (suprisingly good for a SS amp) and an OK LP clone. The sounds you get through the guitar straight through to the amp aren't bad. The sounds are very natural and clear. Plug in the POD and all the natural tone is sucked up and replaced with a horrible cold digital sound, especially as the sounds are more overdriven. Sounds on clean aren't that bad, but aren't good either. The effects are pretty useless, just change things from bad to worse.

Overall Impression — 3
I play music pretty much ranging from the Rolling Stones to Metallica. It doesn't really fit either, or anything in between. When I wanted to buy this thing, any bad comments sfell on death ears. I was 100% sure it was going to be good. I implore you to take my advice and not make the same mistake as me. If you like listening to polyphonic ringtones or the electric guitar sound on a cheapo keyboard, then, by all means buy this POD. If not, steer clear and stick with your current set up. If this was lost/stolen I wouldn't mind. I love that it gives impression that it's going to be good. I hate when you realise it just isn't.

Reliability & Durability — 1
When I first took this out of the box, it felt as durable as a paper aeroplane and looked like it had been made by 3 year olds. Wait a minute, made in China? In that case it WAS made by three year olds. The whole POD screams false advertising. Forget the pictures you see of it on the Line 6 website, there is no glossy red finish. It's a nasty MDF red. Think Berhinger. When I tryed to put the batterys in, I heared something break. that's not good I thought. It was only a sign of what was to come.

Ease of Use — 3
This Pocket POD operates with 4 knobs which each have two functions, which makes things extremely problematic. For example, you try to crank up the channel volume, and instead you end up sounding like you are playing in a cave, with reverb right up as soon as you nudge the control with alt button on. It also has a menu which takes quite a while to select different sounds which renders this useless for anything other than playing about with. The manual that came with the POD was pretty clear. The whole thing shold be simple to use, but unfortunatly not. It's not too hard to get tones from your computer to your POD.

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    I bought a pocket pod about 5 months ago and I think it was a complete waste of money. The effects are terrible, most of them have way to much distortion, and pretty much all of them sound very, very cheap and they sound as if you put effects on your guitar through something like garage band. Not very good. Didn't come with an adapter and consumes loads of batteries. There are effects labeled off of specific songs: some led zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. They don't sound ANYTHING like the original sounds of those songs. Not even remotely close. I get stellar tone compared to this if I just play through my amp. In my eyes, it ruins the amazing tone of my EMG pick-ups. Not to mention, the thing is built poorly and the pain got chipped a bit when I dropped it. The way they build it is kinda bulky for such a small 'pocket' pod. Why is it called a pocket pod if i can't fit it in my pocket! I would never recommend anyone to buy this.
    I'm a 30-year pro player and recording engineer and I own one of these units, along with several other modelers and some sweet tube amps. For a little over 100-bucks, the Pocket POD was a sweet deal, imo. I'm sure, as usual, the people who are giving crappy reviews haven't taken the time (or do not have the talent) to tweak on the presets. Not every preset can be GOLD for every guitar or every player, folks! I've used this unit to record direct, play live, and also as a bit of a "sweetener" an effects unit between my guitar and amp. Sure, the X3 might be better in some instances... but it's WAY more expensive! If you want nothing but the BEST modeler, check out tube driven models like the Vox Tonelabs, or the older Digitech Rp-14 (which I have in my studio)... but they'll set you back WAAAYYYY more coin, and you can't just toss 'em in your gig bag with some rechargeable AAA's and a set of ear buds so you can play during lunch at work! As for "chipping the paint" when you dropped it... DON'T DROP IT!! Bet the paint would chip on your GUITAR if you dropped IT, TOO, DUMBASS!!!
    I was thinking about getting this, but now that I've read the reviews, I'm gonna wait for the new PocketPod to come out.
    Spedwin142 wrote: I was thinking about getting this, but now that I've read the reviews, I'm gonna wait for the new PocketPod to come out.
    That comment was posted in 07 so by now a new version probably came out.
    yo i have a pocketpod and its pretty sweet. All i need is for someone to help get a really good tone out of it. Maybe something that sounds like metallica. This thing is cool but i could use some advise. I looked on the custom tones site and all those seemed to be cheep. Maybe i should try w/ my amp tho.
    I had mine for a week and it already broke. For 100.00 and something bucks you would think it would be a lot more sturdy...
    Im thinking about buying one of these, i have looked on youtube and its sounds awesome ! i have a les paul copy into a peavey backstage amp anyone got any suggestions wether or not to buy it ??