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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (24 votes)
Line 6: Pod Studio UX1

Price paid: £ 90

Purchased from: Anderton's

Sound — 10
I was blown away in this aspect. I'm the type Who gets real anal about how an amp feels. I don't even like having true bypass pedals in a chain - any more than 1 cable seperating guitar and amp and I'm not happy - no matter how much I may want that particular effect. That said, I was thoroughly impressed by the sounds on offer with POD Farm. For one I was able to use all these different effects in a chain without losing that responsive feeling. one thing to bear in mind is that the sounds come through your hifi like a recording. in other words they don't feel like having amp X in the room with you but sound just like they would on a CD. This is not a bad thing. I have a nice little valve amp to play about on but to record - POD Farm can do much better than I could even if I had all these Vintage amps and effects. Its a crazy feel if youve always played real amps. going through the preset (most are named after songs) and playing the song the preset is based on with the guitar they recommend and it WILL sound like the Original recording. At "All right now" (Free) I was impressed. By the time I hit "Barracuda" (Heart) I had this huge grin on my face. The amp sims (I stuck with the classics and haven't tried the metal ones much) are great and really have the character of the amps (deluxe reverb, bassman, plexi, 1974x, AC30 etc). They respond to picking dynamics and guitar volume just like real tube amps. I like the effects. Never used a compressor before but the one included is really good (transparent too) and is good for getting a more finished sound. Reverbs are nice but need tweaking at high settings to keep things together. Same goes for having a very far microphone placement. The phasers and choruses are cool, as are the tape Echoes and delays. there's also a load of weird synth effects that I'm sure have their use... Somewhere. Bass sounds are good too, if not so extensive and I'm looking forward to trying all the mic preamps when I get a mic.

Overall Impression — 10
I play in a bluesy kind of style in terms of tone for the most part and this actually nails everything pretty well surprisingly. My preconceptions were that it would have good cleans and hi gain but be crap at in-between settings. Luckily I was wrong there and although the clean sounds are beautiful, the in-between stuff is superb. Never really used the high gain tones so I'm not much of a judge of metal tone. Sounds good to me though. Overall it is probably the best 90 ever spent in the cause of playing guitar. Does so many things so well. If I didn't already have an amp, this would definitely do for playing at home/practice. Plus it has opened the doors to dabbling in recording. As it is also about the cheapest of all comparable competing products I think I'd buy it again if anything happened to it. Gives a nice complete package and not, as I learned, at the expense of tone.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Don't know what to say here. It involves a computer therefore unreliable? the unit itself is as reliable as any of its competitors are likely to be and although ive crashed ableton a couple of times, POD Farm has always kept running.

Ease of Use — 10
This is my first delve into recording, computer based or otherwise, so I'm hitting it as a complete newbie. If youve done it all before, skim through but if you haven't some of this may help... SETUP If you have some computer skills and understand what the box does (I read bit's of the manual etc whilst shopping around before I got it) then it is pretty straight forward. stick the POD farm disk in and it will install all drivers and ask you to plug the UX1 in to a spare USB socket when its ready. thats it! The difficulty comes in all the options and different ways of setting it up and I see a few people having problems with monitoring etc. Since I don't have mixers or other outboard stuff apart from this, the UX1 is my main audio interface with the computer. I plugged the audio outs from the UX1 into my stereo amplifier (hifi) and set the computer to use it as the main soundcard. This gives a far better sound than the computer's motherboard soundcard and means I'm not messing about switching audio sources. I set the ToneDirect buffer to as low as it'll go for no latency and wacked the ASIO recording buffer up to the highest it will go for the hell of it. This way it feels just like my tube amp in terms of immediate response and records without my computer feeling any pain. Just be sure to turn off the monitoring on the recording software or you will hear double. POD FARM Stupidly easy to use. At first there was a bit of a faff registering the box with Line 6 Monkey. Just involved sending me off to their website where I got a username and password in exchange for my email address. Going through the presets is good fun but it is so easy to get a setup going. Just a case of going through the pretty pictures till you find what you want and dragging it down onto your chain. You can press the dual Switch at the top of the screen to split the signal in 2 to allow dual amp setups or whatever takes your fancy. Double clicking any bit of gear brings up the settings for it - knobs on an amp, face of an effects pedal etc. Really its a nice program and is intuitive to use. RECORDING If this is your first attempt like me, this will be the biggest hurdle. I spent a good few hours building projects just to find I couldnt get on with the DAW software. I went through various demo downloads and reaper etc and got stuck with all of them but I ended up sticking with Ableton Live which came with the UX1. Riffworks is more of a scratchpad really but probably a good place to start once to find your feet. There is a steep learning curve here but it isnt the UX1's fault.

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    I have a problem. When music is playing, every 30 sec sound slows down(lag) and I hear crackles. I don't have that problem on another laptop. Any ideas what it might be?
    I have an UX1 but when I plug in the guitar and open POD farm ready to rock. Theres no sound! Why!? I have plugged the USB cable into the PC. I have all the Drivers nedded. I have everything ready but I cant get any sound into my PC!? WHY!?!?! I have a mic plugged in also that wont work either!
    i am thinking of buying one of these, i just have one question, is it good for recording and electric acoustic?
    so when i plug my guitar into the pod, i can easily record everything i want? the only thing i have got to buy is the pod? damn... sounds almost too wonderful
    This is an awesome piece of equipment, I use it to mic up my mesa boogie amp, and I also use it when I want to record something quickly without hassle. And you can get sound through your computer speakers just connect a wire from the analog outputs to the line in.
    Does anyone have any experiences or opinions about the version with the MIDI controller? (KB37) And do these things work with bass as well?
    got a question: i'm considering buying either the UX2 or the UX1. i have an SG clone guitar with EMG pickups, which as far as i'm aware are high-output. i read somewhere online that the second guitar input on the UX2 is meant for high output guitars. i'm wondering, does that mean if i buy the UX1 then my guitar won't sound good through the single input? would i have to spend the extra money to get the UX2 even though i don't need/want any of it's other extra features?
    The 2nd input (pad) is meant for guitars with Active pickups (which usually have with low input impedence). The other input is for standard passive pickups; these can handle active pickups also but the better transient response of the active pickups would be wasted there.The inputs have very little to do with the nature of the guitar otherwise/ pickup (high-gain/low-gain has nothing to do with input impedence).
    Jet_Fixxxer wrote: I own a UX1 and it's great.. Just remember that you won't be able to play through your computer speakers.
    well actually yes you can, just need the 1/8 to 1/4 adapter and thats it, i had it before i swicth to my rp-355 and i was playing on my logitech pc speaker or directly into the tube amp