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manufacturer: Line 6 date: 08/01/2012 category: Guitar Effects
Line 6: POD Studio UX2
This is the revamped version of the previous UX2 formerly known as the TonePort. The actual interface hasn't had any changes other than it's color being changed to completely black. The reason I waited around for this one was simply for the packaged software that was recently released, the POD Farm.
 Sound: 7.1
 Overall Impression: 7.1
 Reliability & Durability: 7
 Ease of Use: 6.6
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overall: 8.5
POD Studio UX2 Reviewed by: Raulness, on november 14, 2008
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Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: zZounds.com

Ease of Use: This is the revamped version of the previous UX2 formerly known as the TonePort. The actual interface hasn't had any changes other than it's color being changed to completely black. The reason I waited around for this one was simply for the packaged software that was recently released, the POD Farm. It is a replacement for the previous Gearbox software. // 9

Sound: Running a Fender '72 Deluxe Telecaster Re-Issue, through some Monster cables and some Samson monitors I got a very true clean tone. I found that it works great with clean tones but, unfortunately, works terribly with distortions when it comes to the models. The only work around that I've found to this was to use a decent mic to mic your amp with the sound you want. I have yet to find a decent distortion model that can handle chords or heavier things. It sounds very grainy and over saturated. I did however find some decent lead models. I can't blame the UX2 for the failure in distortion models though. Anyone Who has worked with any other modeling program (GuitarRig for example) will know how hard it is to get a decent distortion from a model. As far as effects go, they all do what they claim to do well enough to use them in your recordings. They're pretty tweakable and you'll find yourself playing with them for a good amount of time. No complaints here. Most of the 100s of presets do in fact match up with the song/artist they claim to mimic. Only a few sounded off and even then they still sound close enough to recognize. I'd recommend this to anyone doing some form of basic rock that doesn't involve anything too heavy if you aren't willing to invest in a decent mic. Otherwise, it's delivers some pretty impressive tone for the price. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The product looks pretty durable but it was lighter than I expected which I guess is a good thing. I'm sure it could handle a few drops but I wouldn't say you can smash it with a hammer and expect it to see working again. Software-wise, it hasn't given me any problems what'soever yet (even while running multiple programs). // 8

Overall Impression: I play progressive/experimental/ambient rock which is perfect for this interface in my opinion. I've been playing for about 4 years now and just got into recording with this interface. So far I'm learning quickly and not having many problems achieving what I've wanted to achieve in recording a demo. I didn't expect too much from the interface and because of it I was more than satisfied. With most interfaces running well over $200 this is definitely a steal. If you're a beginner like me, looking to get into recording or just to lay down some tracks at home I'd definitely recommend this. This also comes with the "FX Junkie Model Pack" which includes over 35 more effect pedal models (a $60 value) which also made it worth the money. If this were lost or stolen I'd definitely buy it again. To finish off I'd say that the POD Farm is definitely better than the previous GearBox and once again makes it worth the price. Definitely worth dropping some money down for! // 9

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overall: 3.5
POD Studio UX2 Reviewed by: KeineAhnung1992, on february 25, 2009
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Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: I've had nothing but problems with this box, and it didn't even come with ANY instructions. not a sheet of paper explaining the use of it at all. It looked like there mightve been instructions on the box, BUT there were four different languages, NONE WERE IN ENGLISH. As far as recording, it doesnt even come with real software, from what I understand. It came with gearbox which is nothing more than a pre-recrding interface, which is useless, and POD farm, which is supposed to be a program allowing you to customize your settings. It also came with Riffworks which I have had zero success with, the tutorial wasn't in depth or really even explanatory, and some other disc came with it that appeared to have a use, but I suppose I was mistaken, as it did NOTHING. It is a waste of money unless you play alternative music, and 'lighter' styles, or have a fondness for horrible sounding music. I would say, don't waste your money on this cheap piece of shit. // 1

Sound: I used a BC Rich Warlock guitar with a Steve's Special and an Air Norton. (Bolt on neck), and headphones for recording purposes which I purchased from radioshack. As I said, the setting are horrible for metal or rock, absolute junk. I don't recommend it period, really... you can spend more money purchasing a board with speakers and Protools or really reknowned software, but youll get your moneys worth...to me this felt like money down the drain. I have a 35 dollar two year warrantee and paid 200 bucks for it, not to mention another 50 for the patch, ad it was all for nothing...go buy that expansive stuff, it's worth it... // 1

Reliability & Durability: It seems like a good box itself, that wasn't the issue, it's the shoddy software that came with it. I wouldn't ever buy it again if I lost it, it isn't reiable at all, Line 6 products are all horrible, I was hoping that they would at least have success with a good recording interface, but I was let down AGAIN. // 9

Overall Impression: I bought it last week after reviewing it, which turned out to be misinforming, it sounded like it was good for tone. WRONG. I tried to find a clean distortion n this box that simulated that of a Boss Metal Core pedal, or a clean, thick distortion. All I got from this box and the programs that came alongside it was a deep, trashy tinny distortion with a horrible tone. when you hit a string the distortion wasnt clean, there is a SHITLOAD of horrible fuzz. I even used the noise gate, plus the buzzkilling setting on the gearbox program. it still sounded like shit. I was froced to go through and use a shitload of different amp and heightening the threshold on them so the shitty Drive of the distortion couldnt get through, and eventually what I got modelled the same sound of old black metal music, or old gothenburg style Death Metal, like ceremonial oath and OLD In Flames and dark tranquillity, AFTER I purchased a 50 dollar patch for the amp models that were supposedly 'metal'. I am still trying to find a way to add bass and Drive to this distortion without recieveing the buzzing and the horrible extra fuzz. If you have any idea how I can achieve this Please write - XxDismiss_the_CynicsxX@yahoo.com. // 3

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overall: 9
POD Studio UX2 Reviewed by: .starrk, on may 18, 2009
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Price paid: $ 199.99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: Before purchasing the UX2, I read a lot of reviews complaining about the difficulty of using the UX2. After buying it and using it for a few short hours, I have yet to figure out the problem those people had. It takes only a short time to install the software that comes with the UX2. Once installed, simply plug in the interface, hook up your guitar, and play. It takes some fiddling with the different amps and effects to find all of the sounds you are looking for, but that is only because there is so much to choose from. Even after owning this thing for a few weeks, I am still finding new sounds and features I wasn't aware of. It is a great piece of equipment, and I don't plan on getting rid of it any time soon. I bought the UX2 primarily because I wanted something small and light weight to take to and from college. However, it proved to be a very decent recording interface, and I now use it whenever I do any recording. The product lacks a manual, but everything is self explanatory. // 9

Sound: I use the UX2 for recording both guitars and vocals. I play an Ibanez VBT700 through the guitar inputs and use a Shure SM57 through the mic input. There is nearly zero latency when playing or recording. With just the basic set of amps and effects, you can get the sound of nearly any artist you wish. It lacks a bit in the area of high gain amps, but you can purchase amp and effects packs through Line 6 to supplement the basic installation. It has plenty of effects, and (currently) comes with the FX Junkie expansion, which includes a ton of extra effects for anything you could imagine. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This is the area where the UX2 loses some points. The casing of the UX2 is entirely plastic. However, it seems fairly sturdy. I have already dropped it twice, once in the box and once on the carpet in my room, and it has suffered no damage whatsoever. I keep it sitting on a shelf near my desk for easy access, and I've hit it with random objects and dropped a book or two on it, and it has taken no damage. So although it is plastic, it seems fairly reliable. // 8

Overall Impression: I have been playing guitar for about 3 years now. I play music in the realms of Opeth, Nightwish, Dream Theater, and Rush. I play an Ibanez VBT700, and both it and the UX2 (and my laptop) go with me everywhere. It is a great piece of equipment, and I would most definitely replace it if it were lost or stolen. For the price you could not ask for anything better. When deciding on a recording interface, I was initially hung on whether to get this or the Native Instruments Guitar Rig. I initially bought the Guitar Rig, but I had nothing but problems and delays installing it and getting it to work correctly, so I returned it for the UX2. I have not had any trouble whatsoever with this piece of equipment. // 10

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overall: 9.3
POD Studio UX2 Reviewed by: rlewishughes, on august 01, 2012
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Price paid: $ 150

Purchased from: Ken's Pro Sounds

Ease of Use: Well I have had it for 5 days and have learned the basics of all 4 softwares that Come with it. POD Farm 2 is an absolute dream and you just drag and drop whatever you'd like. Live Lite is the Recording software and I strongly recommend to learn the lessons cause it has so much more to offer than just recording. Riffworks T4 is the drum Machine that has a walkthrough which I also strongly suggest the tutorial to learn how to get the best out of the producy. And last but not least Reason adapted. This one is basically a rack with 7 different hardware parts such as a sampler and a drum Machine and a pattern recorder and a loop machine. This is a harder program to learn to use and I still haven't learned how to use all the parts but they all come with a built in recorder so whatever you record you have to send over to Live Lite which is the actual sound recorder. // 9

Sound: Absolutely perfect sound comes out of this device. At home I either use headphones or my Marshall Practice amp as an output but for gigs it goes through a PA system and Basically gets rid of the need for a big a-s stack to log around. I couldn't be happier with the sounds and the song presets such as "Crazy Train" or "Hotel California", "Enter Sandman" wherever I may rome just endless possibilities of the sounds that can be created with either pod farm or the other 2 softwares one being the drum Machine and Reason being the other. There is absolutely no Lag or latency from the time you hit the note you hear it immediately. I have no disappointments in this area. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Well I've only had it for 5 days and I haven't used it at a gig yet but the knobs are typical Line 6 knobs which are amazing and the interface itself is pretty durable. I'll give this and 8 cause it is a little light and just made out of plastic. I've only used it at home as basically my home studio but I look forward to taking it to gigs and blowing my buddies away with it. // 8

Overall Impression: If someone is getting into recording you could not beat this. there's over 20 guitar amps, 16 bass amps, numerous cabinets to select from and any effect you could imagine from Line 6 Vetta comp to Hendrixes Muff Pie and all the effects in between. Live lite took the tutorials to fully understand how to record audio and take advantage of all its amazing features. Riffworks T4 drum Machine is easy as pie to use. You select what type of drumming you'd like then what part of the song such as an intro a count in a chorus basically any part of a song. Now Reason adapted is a little harder to use and I'm still learning there but overall I am completely satisfied and am still amazed that I got all of this for just I bill and a half and it easily has over 30 or 40 thousand dollars worth of equipment available for use on pod farm. If your just starting out recording this in my opinion is a must have. The main difference between the UX1 and UX2 is the UX2 has phantom power and a mic preamp for the microphone inputs or you could just use a self powered mic. Either works. Like I said I am amazed at everything I got for the price and if you wanna start recording, with POD farm you can make or replicate nearly any songs sound but the expansion packs are a bit pricey. They start at 49 to 200 dollars but mine came with the FX Junkie expansion pack that gave me a but load of effects. 35 more than stock POD Farm. I absolutely love this gadget. I look forward to taking it to gigs and blowing my buddies away with it. Still Astounded. I have videos on YouTube under potjnkye86 unboxing and a second video reviewing some of the software. Enjoy my fellow musicians. Hope it helped. // 10

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overall: 3.5
POD Studio UX2 Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 04, 2010
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Price paid: A$ 260

Purchased from: Local Guitar Shop

Ease of Use: Once you get the set-up worked out and all the software installed, it seems fairly easy to use. Requires a lot of upgrades to get the full range of sounds within POD Farm, which seems a little rich. No hardcopy of the manual is included, which is an absolute joke and means having to spend many hours and days searching Line6's website for relevant information. I found youtube often was the answer to my questions. // 3

Sound: Just using it with my Yamaha pacifica at the moment and the sounds you can gain through POD Farm are quite cool (the basic one's supplied that is). As I generally stick to blues/folky/rock I usually can find something close to what I'm looking for. I have heard a lot of complaint about the distortions, but this is kinda unfounded, as there is enough to get a good sounding distortion out of the unit. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This is where the Line6 unit loses all its marks. My mic inputs are shot, haven't worked since I got the unit. I have to run the guitar through the line inputs on the back, as the guitar inputs also refuse to work. BEWARE of the line6 curse, A LOT of people are having problems, especially in regards to the Studio and Toneport. // 1

Overall Impression: Overall this unit seems to be great, if you can get it working. I would never buy another one, I would just splurge a bit more and get a M-Box Protools system, which I have heard great things about. // 2

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overall: 8.3
POD Studio UX2 Reviewed by: Esparko, on october 08, 2010
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Price paid: $ 199

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: The Line 6 Studio UX2 (With POD Farm 2) stock has a lot of different possible tones right out of the box. But if you're looking for metal tones expect to spent a lot of time tweaking your tone UNLESS you get the additional Metal Shop add-on from Line 6 which adds a bunch of new amp models designed for metal. There is a basic manual for this, didn't really need to use it though I figured the installation process out without it. After the initial installation this was pretty straightforward, just plug into the USB port, then I just plug my guitar into the UX2 and it works through the headphone input fine. // 10

Sound: I play this with my M-100FM that has a Tone Zone(B) and a Breed Neck (N) The Studio UX2 STOCK (With POD Farm 2) has decent tones if you're looking to play/record genres that aren't metal or hard rock, while there is an amp model that does high gain stuff on the stock UX2 it sounds too fuzzy and sloppy. The FX are good, the only downside is it's hard to turn them off and on in the middle of playing cause you have to use your mouse to turn it off. Distortion pedals are good, but I quite like the analog delay in this, very spacey. FX Shop comes as a free upgrade with the UX2 which adds more effects. The UX2 is a good basis to figure out what certain effects do if you have no clue what they're suppose to do, most of the effects do their job pretty well. I just think the phasers and flangers sound a bit ridiculous in my opinion. The cleans are good though, if you're looking to not use any of the FX pedals or amp models you can just use your own effects and plug into the UX2 and it should be fine, I get some nice jazzy tones or some nice slightly over driven tones. Mild distortion sounds alright with the UX2 and has amp models that can handle that. To elaborate on the metal amp models, the stock model which models some sort of Marshall amp is really bad. Too fuzzy. Too digitized. However, after a couple of days with experimenting with Overdrives and amp combination i did find a decent metal tone, one that gets the job done. In the end I bought the add-on Metal Shop pack from the Line 6 store ($49.99), this adds in a ton of metal amps. The particular tone I was looking for was there. The Mesa Boogie amp distortion is named Cali Diamond Plate. Anyway, once I got the metal shop, metal tones were now awesome. Sorting through the different models, there new amp models I can use now which have significantly tighter distortion. It's an 8 because the metal shop doesn't come stock (I highly recommend it though), but the add-ons make this worthwhile for the metal player. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Seems pretty reliable, just needs a fast computer. I have a ASUS U45JC laptop which has an i3 running at 2.4GHz with 4GB of RAM, with this setup it does cut out sometimes if I have a lot of stuff running in the background. For the actual UX2 itself, it's a plastic case, while nothing bad has happened to it so far, it looks like it can take some beating but I wouldn't let it drop to the floor or anything, It's a 7 because this UX2 seems to work off the CPU of your computer (as opposed to just processing it within the UX2) so just make sure you have a good one, if you do then it should work flawlessly. It's a plastic case so I wouldn't expect much durability from it, just take care of it and it should be good. // 6

Overall Impression: Overall, this is an improvement from my last setup (distortion wise) which consisted of a Laney LG12 and a Keeley modified Boss DS-1. I've been playing the guitar for 3 years and like to play some jazz as well as do some metal, I just wanted this to emulate the Dream Theater tone which I think with the Metal Shop add-on, is sufficient. I live in a college dorm and it was either this or the Peavey Vypyr, but I got this over the possible recording possibilities. Earlier in the review I mentioned about how you have to use your mouse to turn off effects if you're in the middle of playing, there are footswitch connections in the back for MIDI foot switches, you just have to configure them. But in the mean time I'll resort to mouse clicking, I just wish it had some keyboard functions for turning certain things on or something. Anyway, in the end I love this thing now. It's quiet for the dorm room, compact and has nice tones. // 9

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overall: 6.8
POD Studio UX2 Reviewed by: CV334, on february 11, 2011
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Price paid: $ 169.99

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Ease of Use: The Line 6 POD Studio UX2 is very easy to connect to a computer and any other audio equipment. The interface itself is very simple in design. However, the software and integrating that software into other recording programs as a VST plugin can be extremely problematic. I found no documentation for setup in the box- just a stack of registration papers and CDs with the software in them. My UX2 came with POD Farm 1.0 and the auxiliary software (Monkey, etc). I followed the instructions online and within ten minutes I was up and running POD Farm standalone. When I tried integrating the software as a plugin into Cubase, Reaper, and other audio recording programs, I ran into many problems. I saw a few Youtube videos from Line6Support that helped me figure out the problem. I tried running Line 6 Monkey to update my software, but it continued to crash while updating itself (go figure). I manually re-installed Monkey from Line 6's website and it finally ran properly. I then downloaded POD Farm 2.0 and had to manually transfer the VST .dlls to my Steinberg folder. Each program has its own unique way of connecting to the POD UX2, so I can't hold that against Line 6. Needless to say, it was very aggravating but I breathed a sigh of relief once it worked. POD Farm itself is a decent. It is very simple to use and overall I was pleased with it. It can be difficult to get a good tone out of it, but I have figured out a few tricks. I have a Line 6 Spider 4 as a practice amp- DO NOT plug the output of the UX2 into a half-stack or anything without a non-buffered line-in (I tried it with my rack system and it was stupid idea). I connected the 1/4" output from the UX2 to a 1/8" converter to the Line 6 Spider 4's Cd/MP3 input jack. This works great as a monitor, plus I don't have to sacrifice any other audio while working on my projects. Ideally, two tabletop 1/4" input monitors should be used for optimal sounds. Overall, I'll rate ease of use at a 5/10. POD Farm's simple user interface was the only saving grace. Other than that, I'd give it a 2 due to the software issues. // 5

Sound: I am using a Schecter C1 Hellraiser FR, C7 Hellraiser, mic'd Takamine, lots of Boss pedals. I have also figured out how to get the distortion from my Peavey half-stack without forcing too much signal through the UX2 (use the effects loop with an Overdrive pedal to boost the signal slightly). If you set up the noise gate properly, there is virtually no noise. I was also happy with the lack of latency when using ASIO drivers and this device. I built a gaming PC two years ago, so I never really had much of a latency problem to begin with, but I am glad that I don't have to deal with it now. I have not tried many of the effects yet, but from what I can tell, the effects are typical for Line 6. They are very digital, and some people may love them. Personally, I like the warm-tube sound with a slight attack. You really won't be able to get that tube-like swelling sound out of any of the amp models. Overall they sound good, but you certainly won't retire your tube amp. However, if you are crafty, you can use certain effects in recording software to get that "swell" sound. My favorite band, without a doubt, is Opeth. I have duplicated their sound near perfectly with my current rig, but haven't been able to do so yet in POD Farm. I don't think it'll be possible with how digital the sounds are. Overall, I give the sound category a 6/10 rating. 10 would be a rating for any program that can perfectly simulate the sound of a tube amp (transistor vs tube argument here). Overall, the sound is right on par with what I thought it would be- decent for the price. There's also nothing stopping you from using the UX2 with other software such as Amplitube 3. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I have read a lot of reviews on this item in which people complain about the plastic enclosure. The UX2 is meant to sit on a desk. With that being said, the only load on it should be its own weight- nothing else. If you toss books or equipment onto it, of course it will break- it's NOT designed for abuse. I would not reduce a rating simply because the end user failed to take care of the item. For what it is, the UX2 is built nicely. I would have designed it with an aluminum case, but Line 6 was being cost-conscientious in their design. The knobs are similar to those found on other Line 6 equipment. // 9

Overall Impression: Generally, I play melodic/progressive Death Metal and classic rock. There really wasn't too much of a selection for metal in the amp library. There is a $40-$50 add-on for metal amps, but I'm going to hold off or maybe just use Amplitube 3. There seemed to be way too many similar patches aptly named after mainstream music. Where's the gain? I have been playing the guitar for 12 years, and have quite a few guitars, amps, pedals, etc. I had not ventured into recording until this purchase. I think it has been a GREAT learning experience, and therefore I would say it is definitely worth the money for that. I wish I had asked about compatibility issues before buying this product, but that's fixable and ultimately not Line 6's fault. This wouldn't get lost or stolen because it doesn't leave my desk, and I sleep next to a few high-caliber rifles. Nobody is getting in, and even if they did I highly doubt they'd go after the UX2 first... ;) So far I'm still trying to use the UX2 to its potential. I have heard some fantastic results on Youtube and that's really what made me choose this over other interfaces of similar price. I did a lot of research before making this purchase. I did not want to invest much to start- you get what you pay for but ultimately I wanted to use this to learn about recording. It's working so far and for that I'm thankful. I am fond of the two volume level gauges on the front of the UX2- they are great for reference. It would have been nice if there was a Switch on the unit- it gets a bit annoying to have to constantly unplug the unit to go back to my normal audio card settings for games. Not a big deal though. Overall, I'll give the UX2 + POD Farm a 7/10. It works, it's great for beginners to recording, though you will need to be technically savvy to get by some software hurdles. // 7

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