POD XT Live review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (846 votes)
Line 6: POD XT Live

Price paid: $ 495

Purchased from: hershburgers

Sound — 9
I use Ibanez guitars and either a Rogue or a Crate amp. Most set ups aren't noisy and most don't give a whole lot of annoying feedback but some of the wah set ups could be toned down to get a better sound out of it. A couple of effects seem to almost double other ones, and some are kind of cheazy but if you get an extra expansion pack or learn to get your own set ups. Those cheazy effects won't bother you.

Overall Impression — 10
I play a little of everything and I haven't had any problem getting the sound I want 'cause if I find something close but not perfect, the slightest tweak makes it perfect. I've been playing the guitar for 12 years, and I've had the PODXT Live since not long after it originally came out. I would definately want to keep one around it helps for recording and you could play ur guitar right off of a pa system using this board.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It is very reliable. I do use it on gigs. and I only have one. I had 1 problem of the pedal squeeking but just lube it up umm correctly and it will be fine there isn't really a whole lot of electronics where the pedal is. Most are on the other side of the unit.

Ease of Use — 9
It takes some time to learn how to get your own sounds out of it and it takes time to figure out how to download new effects, but if you have the sounds in it. It is simple to use for it is on the floor so you can play and change at the same time unlike the original POD. I didn't get much out of the manual tho. And in fact haven't used it hardly at all. I got the upgraded system and I had the metal expansion pack installed and it's perfectly awesome.

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    I got one of these things for Christmas and I will never look back again! If ur just starting out on guitar or your a professional that goes on international tours I highly recommend this!!
    Does anyone know what output wire does it have to put in the amp? Because i can only insert a jack wire (circular one) in the amp and i'm not sure if the POD has another wire.
    I have a question. Can you hook it up to your computer via USB and record right into your computer?
    zetaspartan2552 : I have a question. Can you hook it up to your computer via USB and record right into your computer? Yes you can conect it to your computer and record if you have some tipe of recording software
    It doesn't really have that many effects does it? Will anyone care to list them or... not? I'm looking for a Whammy pedal too but I've heard good things about this, but I can't see what's so good about it to be honest, I'll look into it though...
    ampweasel wrote: I have owned one of these things for a year now. I use it alot in the studio but not so much live. It takes alot of pre-gig time to get the eq's set and volume levels for each patch adjusted to the placetaht you are gigging at. I upgraded to the metal junkie fx pack and the gain is just flat out nuts on some of the amp models. If youre thinking of buying this piece of gear and think it will make that fender 15 watt practice amp scream like a full up mesa triple or a marshall JTM..it wont. You do have to have a decent rig to start off with. Alot of amps "color" the tone throughtheir peramps. If you have a pure tone then the models come out much clearer. I tried it on a fender FM212 and it still sounded like a crappy fenser FM212. Even this awesome processor couldnt help out that amp. It does sound better through a quality tube amp. Check out the atomic 18 watter. That amp is purposely built for modeling gear. I use mine through a modded peavey classic 30 pushing a 4 x 12 cab of celestions. It does the job. --Trollhack... you still need an amp to power your speakers. This board does act as a pre-amp but you need to power that cab. Try pure class a power for the best results.
    You reckon the pod xt live will sound good on a ibanez rg570dx and a marshall valvestate vs 100r
    Hey Guys, any idea if I can replicate the tone of the Landmine LD-1 Pedal on the XT Live? for that Crushing tone thats in your face? lol thanks~
    Probably if you get the metal master pack or whatever it's called. Go to the Line 6 site and look it up, they have sound samples. The amount of variety in distortion styles just in those 6 samples is nuts.