POD XT Live review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 7.5 (846 votes)
Line 6: POD XT Live

Sound — 8
I have an Ibanez S470DX (with infinite pickups) and a Fender 25 watt Champ300. Not the best amp but it does it's work.:p For the most part it really isnt that noisy on the metal shred amp settings, yea you get some buzz, but that can be easily taken care of with a Noise Gate. I noticed taht all the clean amp models sound a little dirty and creamy through my amp. I think it might be because my speak could be split. but if you set ur bass mid and treb to 5, it should sound like the amp it is imitating. One thing I did really like is thhe endless supply of what you can do effects wise. Like dialing in speed and frequency and everything to every last digit. They are definitely good sound effects, if you stick with the standards. I bought this thinking it would have some Killswitch Engage presets like the spider amp does. the POD doesnt't.:( so I am on a very long Quest to fiqure their sound out, which isnt fun. I really dislike the distortion in the amps, and the fuzz boxes. They just have to much buzz and even the noise gate doesnt't keep it from buzziing while you hit a chord. I just us meh Boss metal zone distortion pedal with this, and use the amp modeling to give it more ummph, but I stay away from their distortion. Good thing I bought this for the recording and mod and delay effects. oh yea and one other thing is the Reverb sounds really tinny, I highly dislike.

Overall Impression — 7
I play a lot of metal, (killswitch, All That Remains, Avenged 7fold). I didn't buy this thing for metal sounds, more the digital effects so, I guess it's fine. I could Live without it. I've been play for 3 years, so I'm not that awesome, been playin through a Fender Champ 300 with a Ibanez S470DX. I've heard that this thing sound really could through just a standard PA speaker system, I guess because all the settings are flat. Of someone stole this thing, one thing I would say is they would look like a dumbass lugging this hulk around, I prly would end up buying the line6 amp with the same settings and stuff, with a footcontroller, just because I need a better amp. I haven't had this thing long enought to adore it, nor despise it, but I am especially found of the volume pedal for volume swells. As I had sayed earlier I wass looking at the Boss ME-50, which had 1 dist pedal, no amp settings, and a mod and delay pedal with some other doodads. But I wanted to be able to record riffs right into my computer which the Boss did not have the capability to do so, also it only had 1 channel and 3 pedals so I couldnt get any phaser than a chorus sound if I wanted to. I would have gotten the Boss or a Zoom zfx recording unit, with a tube in it and some basic mod settings. I am glad I got this but think it will take some time before I am especially found of it.

Reliability & Durability — 8
With the metal construction and pedals not just being little stubby buttons, I would say this thing could withstand some really good beatings. I would say that this thing would be very realiable in the field but has some problems with certain amps and PA systems if you don't connect them accordingly.

Ease of Use — 8
Well I bought this thing about a week ago when recommended from a friend. I was originally looking at he Boss ME-50, which had1 dist pedal, no amp settings, and a mod and delay pedal with some other doodads. But I wanted to be able to record riffs right into my computer which the Boss did not have the capability to do so, also it only had 1 channel and 3 pedals so I couldnt get any phaser than a chorus sound if I wanted to. It comes with 84 stompbox and studio effects, 36 amp models, plus 24 cab, and 4 mic models-all. storable to 128 programmable channels. I got it right out of a little box and plugged it in, and have to say.. I wasn't really impressed. I was actually rather disappointed. It is very easy to get sound your looking for in it, but it just takes A lot of time. Patches are quite simple to edit, you have about 40 open patchs to edit yourself. 21abcd to 30abcd I believe. you am really not sure what some of the effects are supposed to do because I did not receive it with a manual, and I can't check if my unit has been upgraded because the guy didn't give me the USB cable. all in all I give it an 8 for ease and editing.

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    grooveytigerrr wrote: Can anyone tell me how many FX you can have at once? I currently have a ZOOM G7.1ut and can have about 5 or 6 i think but some more would be nice! Thanks for the great reviews.
    You get 1 amp pedal, 2 stomps and a delay. Believe you get 2 pedals and a delay pedal at best. If you want anymore you have to change the presets. I personally am not a fan of the Line 6 lines. I'm not gonna say the same thing as everyone else and say lol too digital but the sound isn't as controllable as some of the amps I've played. Rolling up and down the drive knob and all the eq settings doesn't produce as much of a drastic change as what you would see on most amps. I own a Mesa 5:50 express now with a TS-9 analog pedal. With a boss metal zone and the ts-9 I'm pretty confident I can get any tone I want under the sun. No point in the other 20-30 other pedals that comes with the lin6. Most of the effects are pretty useless anyway, you'll just end up using the same 5-6 effects and the other 14 you paid for will be largely wasted.
    sry....id rather dish out the dough for a few really good pedals of effects i actually NEED....i like my distortion from my peavey valveking just fine...and i have a dunlop crybaby 535q and the electro-harmonix #1 echo (amazing)...and its great. but hey theres nothing wrong with having a lot of different possibilities
    These things ****in rip, I have one, they truly are insane.
    The guitarist in my band uses one of these and he's absolutly blown away by this. He used it for recording our demo, and uses it to plug directly into a PA when we play shows. From what I experienced with this pedal, it is truly incredible. Although, I enjoy buying seperate pedals because I do not have the time or patience to set one of these up. I like sitting down, twisting 3 or 4 nobs and getting a sound I like in a matter of 5 minutes haha. But thats me. I'm a Boss pedal lover, yet, that Boss GT-8 stands no chance against the Line6PodXTLive.
    My memory totally got erased T__T Idk why, it just stopped working. It said "code error 03" then stopped working
    A few people said it's too digital and I agree. If you don't mind that it sounds too synthetic, this would be a good buy. If your looking for a natural-sounding Effects-unit then I would recommend the Vox Tonelab.
    Quality piece of kit, can't fault it. I've played around with loads of stomps, multi effects etc over the years and this pisses all over them. If mine got nicked I'd buy another one tomorrow.... And those who say 'too digital', I can't say I agree with you. If you spend the time with it you can get it to do pretty much anything (tone wise, can't get it to make a coffee or walk the dog...obviously.) Anyway, I'd recommend it.
    A freaking good gear. Right now Im using POD 2.0, but I want to get myself a XT Live as soon as possible. Or mayby Ill switch to X3 Live - dont know yet.
    Had mine for over a year now and have been plugging it into the front of my Fender Deluxe 1X12. So what I have done is take all the digital processing of this unit and run it into my preamp which processes it some more and give's me what is left over. Then I tryed the pre-out/Amp-in (EFX Loop). WOW! Big difference!!! The Warmth of my Carvin Bolt single coils came back, Chorus, Mod, Delays sounded the way they were intended, and distortion/leads are cleaner. That is why many swear by running it into a PA. This unit works best going directly into the AMP and bypassing the PreAmp thru your EFX Loop. If you use a seperate Wah, put that in line with your guitar into the main channel. Lessions learned...DUH! LOL