ToneCore Uber Metal review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 7.5 (81 votes)
Line 6: ToneCore Uber Metal

Price paid: $ 200

Sound — 7
I'm currently using it with an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top / Schecter Omen 7 Extreme and a Behringer Ultrabass BX600. It can be abit noisy, but that is only because of the user setting it up poorly. Usually when you crank the treble, gain and midrange abit too much, but it's nothing you should be doing too often anyway. I can get sp, e great sounds out of this, but only when it comes to modern-ish metal. It's abit difficult to dial in even Black Sabbath or such, as it is a bit lacking in the lower gain. The notes get really cut off half way through and it kills the sustain. It is said to have a Vintage style distortion, but it sounds pretty goofy. Also, it's a bit of a pain to dial in a really crunchy rhythm sound which will sound good. All in all, not the kind of sound I'm after, but it will do the trick.

Overall Impression — 7
As I played mainly modern metal when I got this, it was a pretty good match. It is abit lacking soundwise, but I thought it was so great sounding, as I was pretty much of a newb to these things. Now, when my tastes have 'developed', I realise that this pedal only can do one thing. Now, I don't say it should do classic rock, but it should atleast be able to do some Black Sabbath and really crunchy rhythm work. I've been playing for nearly three years, and I had only been playing for 14 months when I got this. If it were stolen or lost, I wouldn't get one of these things again. I'd buy myself a Muff, whithout doubt. Or even better, I'd get a real tube half stack and an OD. My favourite feature is the noise gate, which is very useful, as it get's rid of all of the static, hum and feedback. I compared it to a lot of other products, I just regretting not trying this agains one the Electro-Harmonix distortion pedals.

Reliability & Durability — 7
This thing comes in a full metal casing, which is sturdy and heavy as hell. As if it would help? Nah, two weeks after buying this, I accidently dropped it from 40 cm, and while gently shaking it, you can hear this rattling inside the module. Not good, as it since then has the ability to kill the stompbox, but this can be solved by shaking it abit.

Ease of Use — 9
This stompbox is really easy to operate and the controls are really self explanatory. There are Level, Bass, Mid, Scoop, Gain and Treble. No questions. The manual wasn't at all needed. The only thing I used it for was to check exactly how the scoop worked. It also has a nifty noise gate!

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    Why is it that in EVERY review, people have to write "..if it were lost or stolen, I would...blah blah"???? Is it law??
    jesus. line 6 were such retards for putting those clips up. you can get it to sound wayyyy better than that.
    I bought this pedal at the beginning of this year and for now its been doing it's job, lotsa gain and "metal" sounds but when you dial in a high gain tone theres lotsa high end noise and white noise so its kinda crap for recording. If anyone does buy this pedal make sure you have an eq pedal as well, helps clean up some of the white noise issues and etc. also the noise gate on the pedal is pretty good at first if its the first noise gate you've ever gotten but it sometimes cuts out good pinch harmonics and cuts off the sounds a bit. Better off to use a noise gate pedal as well =]
    the fact that it's called 'uber metal' automatically made me dislike this thing. the sound samples sound like ass and idk if line 6 is capable of making anything worth my while.
    Yeah, really versatile.... You can dial in everything from thrash to death metal. A big yay from the audience. And the noise gate really helps, yeah. A saw an above poster who said it was noisy, but did he try the noise gate? This pedal isn't amazing at all. It is just your avarage overpriced mediocre distortion pedal in an expensive casing.
    Insane Esp
    Dude i have this pedal its amazing u can get any type of gain and overdrive sound possible. ITs very versatile, except the dumbass who posted this is retarded. I got mine for 100 bucks and thats all it costs. Definate buy. ITs nice for shaping ur sound.
    And they will surely never replace the sound of a real full tube distortion.
    why does no-one ever write which currency?
    Because it automatically converts to U.S. Dollars. I wrote an amp review and wrote 770 cad and it ended up saying 603 or something.
    Chiefwiddler wrote: Why is it that in EVERY review, people have to write "..if it were lost or stolen, I would...blah blah"???? Is it law??
    it's suggested by UG as something to write when you're writing a review
    I was going to buy one of these but i went for the boss mt-2, a much better choice and i've been playnig for quite a while now so i know what i'm on about.
    that sounds like a great pedal, but from the sound samples it sounds WAAAAAY digitised. but that could be the amp, right?
    if you want high gain go buy a high gain amp. pedals are never going to replace the real sound of a top quality high gain amp.