ToneCore Uber Metal review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (81 votes)
Line 6: ToneCore Uber Metal

Sound — 9
Currently I use the effect with my Ibanez RG321 (awesome guitar by the way) and a Marshall MG30 DFX (f--king crap amp by the way:-D), but I will upgrade it soon to a Roland Cube 60. Looking for a Metallica, Iron Maiden etc. Kind of sound look no further. Looking for a Linkin Park, Korn, Silent Civilian or As I Lay Dying tone look no further. This thing has 3 different kinds of distortion. First is called "metal": it gives that real classic british heavy metal sound. Known of the early Metallica records (Kill em all, Master of Puppets etc.) Second one is the "Pulverize": it's the best of the three. It gives more punch and more bottom end. But be carfull! When you crank the mids too much, it gives a too digital sound. But it's so great for playing more modern metal, agressive punk, hard rock and basicly anything with much distortion. Last one is called the "Insane" Channel: Holy Shit. Even on my little Transistor amp it sounds huge. Artifical harmonics come just perfectly wonderful. Great Sustain! Take down your mids, crank the scoop and you have a perfect scoop sound. Additional, to the others, I would say, that if you put in some effects (delay, chorus etc.) you not only get some great sounds for metal, but a great one that "sings". Perfect for the lead tone of Slash or the Comfortambly Solos from Pink Floyd. But the gain back to 12 o' clock, and you have not a great but a quite decent AC/DC tone. I choosed the Uber Metal and not the similar Boss pedals, due to the totally brilliant noise gate. So much gain can really produce a lot of hiss and some feedback. Put the gate on 2 and it's perfectly noiseless. I admit that it kills some of the sustain, but it is still very good.

Overall Impression — 9
Great Pedal for any sort of metal, whether Heavy, New, Trash or Death Metal. But also for your smooth lead tones and some crunch sounds which are ok. But for last one, there is definitly some better effets, like the Ibanez TubeScreamer, or the Boss BluesDriver on the market. Great noise gate, but really get an AC Adapter, otherwise it will get really expensive. I would definitly buy a new one, if it was stolen or lost.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This thing seems to be build for a nuclear war. It it is a full metal construction and is really heavy. You can really depend on it, also in Live situations! But there is one big problem with the ToneCore UberMetal: the battery mode. A 9V battery will only last for 1 or maybe 1 hour of playing. So I suggest you definitly to get an AC Adapter for this. But then you can really use this pedal without a backup, even at a gig. If there would not the problem with the battery, I would give it 10 of 10 points.

Ease of Use — 8
I wouldn't say that this pedal is very too use. You really have to tweak around a bit with the Scoop and Mid Control. But in my opinion this also stands for the versatility of this pedal. It can go from real perfect mid-scooped sound to a rough britisch sound. You also get some decent suggestion for some setups from the manual.

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    liarsynic wrote: NatDeroxL7 wrote: if you want high gain go buy a high gain amp. pedals are never going to replace the real sound of a top quality high gain amp. Oh my god did someone here just have an epiphany? Wow are you a dumb ass? god your retarded. You should write a book. How To State The Obvious For Retards
    very creative man. unfortunately the insult "retard" went a little out of style when it became used by every damn 6 year old alive.
    well i have to say that this is another line6 product that sounds way to digital...
    Yes, save up and buy a real amp for metal. This pedal is mediocre at best. Sounds very digital. If you absolutely need a pedal for your metal tones look elsewhere (i.e damage control, metal mayhem etc.)
    Violent-D13 wrote: The soundbytes don't do it justice. I own it and i love the thing. I can easily match tones from Hatbreed, Static-X, and Mudvayne . The only thing i would consider replacing it with, is the Spider III Amp's insane distortion mode.
    I lol'd many times at this :haha