TonePort UX1 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (73 votes)
Line 6: TonePort UX1

Price paid: $ 100

Purchased from: Guitar Center Online

Sound — 9
As I said before I have to play this through my old practice amp which makes it sound thin and sterile, though if you have monitors in your studio already or good headphones it is more than satisfactory. My guitar is a Jackson SLSMG Soloist with Mark Tremonti pickups. Gearbox is an amazing software program that has distortion and fuzz pedals, delays, chorus, phaser, reverb and about 25 amp heads. The cabinets are ok, I use it almost as an equalization, some are more bass heavy others small and thin. The gate that comes with it is great because if you add the distortion pedal with gain already from the amp, you WIll get feedback and static/tons of extra noise. But, not only does gearbox have a guitar hum eliminator (which helps alot! ) it has a gate which though it steals from your tone, helps with the noisiness. The effects are probably the best feature because the delay, chorus, reverb, etc are the SAME EXACT tones that are on the POD xt Live and other higher Line 6 modulars. I like the delay the best, it sounds exactly like (because it is, more or less) the delay on the Line 6 echo farm pedals.

Overall Impression — 10
I play lots of jazz like Paul Kogut and also play classical guitar. Saying that I also love Avenged Sevenfold and love fast screaming solos. Of course, like all guitarists I play your fare share of guns and roses, Van Halen, maiden, etc. The tone I really go for and love though is Synyster Gate's tone and Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge. I can get very close to Syn's tone with a solo 100 amp on gear box, I use it as my heavy tone. I find for jazz and such the so called "clean jazz" amp model has distortion and breaks up! I was a little disappointed with that but then supplemented the jazz tone with the piezo acoustic tone preset it comes with. It is worth the money, I would pay twice as much for it. Why is because this is pretty much as good as the POD xt with the exceptions of portability with amps and such. Tone wise, it has the same feel. Get this beginners, recorders, people on a budget, and people looking for lots of tonal flexibility.

Reliability & Durability — 7
Unfortunately you have to be plugged into your computer, so unless you have a laptop, you can not gig with it or practice with a band, or anything but record at home and practice by yourself. For recording and home practicing, it is great, fantastic. But do not think about using this to play with other people, you have to have your computer and a PA system/ speakers. Being said, I rely on this for my recording as it makes a great easy to use interface. It also has a microphone input and many preamp models (which I sometimes use for a clean tone on my guitar). I have not had any problems so far but do not plan to use this as effects for your amp for gigging or anything.

Ease of Use — 9
The TonePort UX1 is probably the cheapest, most economically efficient way to practice at home, try new sounds, and record your riffs. For 100 dollars it is the best deal I have ever made. Currently I am saving up for a tube amp, but they are very expensive (hence the good tone) and so for now I am practicing through this. I have been playing piano for 6 years and record a lot with my synth and mac. My guitar experience is not very seasoned, only 2 years, but I play a ton and am very dedicated. This effects modular/recording device has let me play awesome leads and studio-quality backups for my previously recorded songs. At first when I was online I was amazed that all those effects and tones could be purchased for such a great deal. When I excitedly opened the package they easy to follow step-by-step guide let me get right to playing. There were easy to follow pictures and directions that anyone can easily understand and not get confused. I had set it up exactly as the manual had said with everything done in the right order too. Through all my excitement and the easy instructions I had thought Line 6 would do everything for me. I was wrong, there is one thing that you should know. You MUST hook up external monitors or speakers to either the phones out put or stereo jacks, it will not play through your computer speakers! So my excitement died down and even though it was something stupid I assumed, other people might do the same. The issue with that is you must now go out and buy good monitors or hook up headphones. Unless you have good quality headphones it diminishes the tonal quality greatly, I had to hook it up to my old practice amp, which is not good, therefore making the sound on this lower than it should be. Line 6 is very, very, very good at customer satisfaction and help. If you have any problems and call them they will answer politely and tell you what you need. If you sign up for the online newsletter (which you should) they give you many discounts on other Line 6 items and upgrades. They patch the Gearbox software frequently and come out with new tones.

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    I was looking into this...but can you download or import some drum tracks or is there an option to make your own?
    Phe4rTheGod wrote: I was looking into this...but can you download or import some drum tracks or is there an option to make your own?
    you have to use external recording software, though it does have a nice onboard metronome.
    f1sk wrote: mfergel wrote: Why would you guys connect this too your amp? Seriously.....if you want to record your amp, get a mic and use the mic input. No one serious about tone would run straight out of the preamp (effects send) and I hope to god you guys aren't running from a speaker out on an amp head.....and, if your goal was to record your regular amp, then why even buy this? There are plenty of other interfaces designed strictly as line/mic inputs for your computer. you're missing the point, first off you can mic your amp with this if you want, it has a regular mic input, so if nothing else it can serve as hardware, second its like owning a million effects, also you can use it for the mac programs like garage band, or logic studio(express also) and finally, I own a mesa boogie, im not going to haul the head around as well as a cabinet every time i want to record, when i can just hook this up to my laptop
    I completely agree, i have a peavey 112, but this is good for traveling with a laptop.
    i want to use this as an interface, recording onto Cubase SX. will it work? or does it only work with the software it has on it?
    caboosekk08 wrote: i want to use this as an interface, recording onto Cubase SX. will it work? or does it only work with the software it has on it?
    yes it should work with any recording software and definitely works with cubase. Have you ever had an audio interface? they just transfer the information via midi usb into your computer. The software abelton, is not really suited for the audience of line 6 buyers. It is more for djs and stuff and does not work well with it.
    I plan on micing my amp up with a Shure SM57 and recording that way. So am I best off getting a interface, like an M-Audio interface with the mic input, or will this mic input do the job? I'm curious, because comes with all the effects and what not if I ever have to travel light.
    And you can get the sound through your computer speakers, just connect a cord from the headphone output to the line in on your soundcard, works for me anyway..
    youser name
    For the people that think its absolute asinine to plug this up to your must have zero creative drive in your body. I use my toneport to sample beats, licks, sound of any sort. I run Winamp through the toneport and the toneport to my loop pedal (Digitech dl-8). I can loop anything I want for up to 20 secs. Drum loops, ambient noise, prerecorded songs. SHAMWOW!