Shredmaster review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (38 votes)
Marshall: Shredmaster

Price paid: $ 50

Purchased from: Craigslist

Sound — 10
Fantastic. I originally got this pedal to beef up my 5150 and make it a bit warmer. It got the job done, but I recently switched to a Laney AOR 50 Pro-Tube Lead head, paired with a Mesa 4x10 cab and it sounds better then I ever could have imagined. I was going for a deep high gain, Marshally, Black Sabbithish if you say, tone. This pedal went above and beyond my expectation. It really is the best "Marshall in a box" I've tried yet. I just sold my Maxon 808 cause this pedal blew it away. It really blasts my Laney in to a new world of tone, without distorting the clarity too much, it still cuts through amazingly and has tons of low end as well. I play mostly hardcore, thrash, metal, and this gets the job done. I used to use a Maxon 808 along with a Clean Booster. Since getting this pedal I have eliminated both from my pedalboard. All I need is this and a tuner now.

Overall Impression — 10
I play mostly hardcore, metal, thrash, rock, etc. And this fits my tone perfectly. I've been playing for about 5 years and I play a Gibson SG Standard through this pedal, into a Laney AOR 50 Pro-Tube Head. If this pedal were lost or stolen I would 100% seek out another one. These seem to go for around $200 on ebay. I guess I got lucky from someone who didn't know what they had. This pedal gives a great black sabbath tone, also a great early metallica(ride the lightning) tone. Scooped mids, lost of gain and bass. When seeking out a "Marshall in a box" I tried tubescreamers, Zakk Wylde OD, MI Audio Crunch Box, Modded DS-1s, and a plethora of other pedals and this was hands down the best of all of them.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Not sure if the rubber foot on the bottom comes standard or not but it's the best I've ever seen. That thing isn't going anywhere. Built like a Marshall footswitch, AKA built like a tank. Very solid. You couldn't break this thing if you tried. Would feel comfortable using at a gig without a backup.

Ease of Use — 7
5 Knobs - Gain, Bass, Contour, Treble, Volume. Took a little bit to EQ it to the sound I wanted but once I got it, it nailed it. I found it really only sounds good at certain settings, and it makes some crackle while you turn the knobs, but I'm told that's okay. I've found it works best with the gain up pretty high, as well as the treble. The bass moderately high, and the volume must be at 3 o clock or higher. The contour knob is what makes different tones come out of this thing for the most part. It's essentially a mid Switch but has it's only character than I really can't compare to anything else. Not quite Marshall like. Very unique.

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    I use it together With my Marshall Silver Jubelee 2553 from 87. I use like a preamp to fatten the already overdriven tone of the amp. For that use its pure genious, but it`s not that uniqe as some People like to intend...
    Huh...shocking # of Laney owners here, why?? Not so common a brand, that (200% awesome but largely unknown) ...are you guys blindly copying someones rig? Or does it fit the Laney take on the plexi circuit (as in almost all their amps) surprisingly well? Due to being designed for Marshalls and good fit in general, then, or just one specific setting to make the Laney sound like a jcm800 (which is essentially a plexi mod, too, just a diff one than the Laneys)?
    Clutch Control
    Still a pretty great pedal. I have a couple and have built clones. I use different things live but always bring them into the studio.
    tenaciousjp wrote: Hart_Attack wrote: cyclefreak207 wrote: ArcherTheVMan wrote: YourLastAffront wrote: My Bloody Valentine never ever ever used the Shredmaster, it's a false rumor created by guitargeek. Jonny Greenwood does use one, but with a Solid State amp, they sound better with a Marshall or a decent Solid State. a decent solid state? maybe you could say decent For a solid state, but i don't really see the connection between the words 'decent' and 'solid state'. Dude not everybodys got 3000 to spend on a good tube amp, and if solid state wasnt good, would there be any of them still being sold?? and by the way, I play a MG100HDFX and its awesome, and not tube. damn it! why did you have to say MG100HDFX... i had respect for you for standing up to the whole get with what you got, but you just killed yourself when you said MG. sry dude but hock it over and get the orange tiny terror. if i'm not mistaken thats around 500 to 700 dollars and kicks super ****in' ass!!!just because you cant dial in a good tone on the mg doesnt mean its a bad amp i have the mg50dfx and a boss metal zone and i got steve vai's for the love of god tone easy...maybe its just you that cant dial it in right...
    i don't know if the fact that you're defending and MG is funnier than the fact that your saying it sounds good boosted with a boss metal zone, easily the most boring distortion pedal on the market
    I've yet to find a better sounding distortion pedal! Made every crappy amp I've played 10 times better sounding!