D&S Distortion/Sustainer Review

manufacturer: Maxon date: 12/03/2007 category: Guitar Effects
Maxon: D&S Distortion/Sustainer
The D&S can produce a wide variety of distortion voicings, from heavy and thick drive suggestive of a vacuum tube amplifier to extreme vintage fuzz.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 7
 Ease of Use: 7
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overall: 8.3
D&S Distortion/Sustainer Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 03, 2007
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Price paid: $ 144.4

Purchased from: Global Vinatge

Ease of Use: Three knobs, very simple. Distortion, Tone and Balance, which means volume. Manual was very comprehensive, detailing all of Maxon's effects. All in Japanese though, but the preset diagrams are very easy and simple. Easy to get good sound. Low rating due to manual being un-readable. // 7

Sound: Squier Fat Strat -> Maxon D&S -> Boss OC-3 Octave -> Roland Cube 15X. I hate the Overdrive and distortion from the cube, very cold and just plainly crap. The Maxon fixes all that. Warm and VERY fuzzy. You wont find Overdrive here, it's pure fuzz heaven. I'm a Grunge rock junkie, but also love the 60's psycheldelic rock. This is hard, full on, warm sounding and the sustain shows itself quite boldly. Does everything I want it too. And is loud. Have it set to about 9 o'clock for practice, and it boosts my amp signifigantly. It also bypases the signal well. Many people say this sounds a lot like Big Muff, but I've never played through one (shame on me). A little noisy, I'm using a small amp so those with bigger rigs might need a suppressor or something to control it. Btw this is a re-issue, not an original. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Made of metal, though the circuit board seems to rattle a little. Certainly not Boss-style Thermo-nuclear war resistant. But dependable. Would rely on as I love the tones. Tried a million Boss pedals that couldn't match. Have had no problems thus far but time will tell. All I hear is that they don't break, and that they made Ibanez's tube Screamer. Nuff said. // 7

Overall Impression: As I said, I'm alt rock, psych-rock, and I love this pedal. I tried one side by side with a D&S 2, and this one blows it out of the water. Not that D&S 2 is bad, but it's a lot less fuzzy than this baby. I have distortion about 3 o'clock and tone about 9 o'clock. Great fuzz. Would not hesitate to replace if stolen. Considering the price of things like Fuzz factories and the like, a bargain. Try it, beautiful tones in a killer small package. Built like someone made it in their garage, but some people like it that way. // 9

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