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manufacturer: MI Audio date: 03/17/2009 category: Guitar Effects
MI Audio: G.I. Fuzz
The pedal is very easy to use. It features a three way "brightness" toggle switch that lets you match the tone of your amp.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9.5
 Ease of Use: 9.5
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overall: 9.8
G.I. Fuzz Reviewed by: f1sk, on july 07, 2008
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Price paid: $ 159.95

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Ease of Use: The pedal is very easy to use. It features a three way "brightness" toggle switch that lets you match the tone of your amp. Aside from that there are six knobs that let you customize the sound. I found it very easy to dial in the fuzz I was looking for (and then some) and it is very obvious (in sound) what each knob is doing. The only downside that I can see to it's ease of use is that if you want to put a battery in it (I use a power supply) you have to remove four screws on the back and take it apart. // 10

Sound: The sound is amazing. My main guitar is an Ibanez S1625 with Seymour Duncans. I run it through the G.I. Fuzz into a Mesa Boogie Mark IV over a clean channel. I was really surprised at the tone I was able to get out of a solid body guitar that I own. The volume of the pedal really stands out and can be adjusted to your liking. Turned up half way it ads a considerable boost to my sound. There is plenty of play with the amount and strength of fuzz. This pedal could also double as an over Drive. The Bias control knob is the most fun to play with and also has an effect on how long your notes ring out. You can turn it down to get very short fuzzy "blips" or even use it to "cheat" and make it sound like your chops are really tight. The fuzz itself is great, awesome sustain, you can control some great feedback moments with it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: When the package came in the mail I thought Musicians Friend sent me an empty box. It is a very small pedal and weighs practically nothing. I plugged it in when I got home and it worked for about two hours then started to short out. I emailed the company and got a reply back within an hour. They informed me that some times the bolts on the input and output jacks can be come a little loose and that it is rare, preventing the signal from grounding out. I snugged them up and have had no other problems with it. It continues to work perfectly, it was a very minor situation and I do not believe it takes away from th e value or quality of the pedal in any way. Due to it's size and weight (and how much I love it) I would not stomp on it or mistreat it. // 9

Overall Impression: I first heard saw this product in a demo video from ProGuitarshop.com on Youtube. They deleted that video and made a new one with a different rig and I have to say that it does not do the pedal justice at all. This pedal is a lot stronger, more versatile, and capable of some pretty raw sounds. During that time I had also considered and played with a Zvex Fuzz Factory. I can say without a doubt I am very thankful that I made the choice to go with the GI Fuzz. I think that this pedal is sort of a hidden gem that would be tons more popular if people knew about it or got the chance to plug into it. Hands down I would buy another one if it were lost or stolen. It has really turned around my sound and tone. I would recommend it for any genre requiring a fuzz. // 10

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overall: 9.8
G.I. Fuzz Reviewed by: JaykeSucks, on march 17, 2009
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Price paid: A$ 140

Purchased from: eBay

Ease of Use: This pedal sounds great on nearly any setting. It's a plug-in-and-play kinda pedal, but a bit of tweaking is needed to get the exact sound you like. It's got 4 knobs and a brightness Switch. The knobs are volume, fuzz, tone, body, bias and load. The 4 little knobs at the top take a bit of playing with, but it's not really hard to do. Just fun. // 9

Sound: One of the best fuzz pedals I've ever played. It's extremely versatile, and can range from a 60s Overdrive sound (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Sabbath etc), right through to a wild Fu Manchu kind of fuzz. It creates a lot of hum and a bit of feedback, but that's just what fuzz pedals do. The hum and feedback don't get in the way when you're playing though, so it's not really a problem. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Built like a truck. It's a fairly small sized pedal, but it's built extremely well. I honestly think I could throw it up as high as I could and just let it drop with it still working. By far my most well-built pedal. It's pretty light too, which is good, but I can tell it's strong just by looking at it. It's military green, for crying out loud! // 10

Overall Impression: It's amazing. I love it completely. I'd like it if it had a built in gain-boost style thing to make the fuzz really go insane, but I can just use a clean boost pedal for that. It's very versatile, and there are so many different tones that you can squeeze out of this pedal that you can really make your own unique sound. // 10

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