MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay review by ModTone

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (14 votes)
ModTone: MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay

Sound — 8
The MT-AD is great for adding a room-like doubling effect to your tone as well as padding your leads with some nice dark delay repeats. Country guitarists will particularly like the crisp nature of this pedal when dialed to slapback settings. I pulled the delay time back to about 12 o'clock and set the repeats short as well. The result was perfect for walking blues or country lines. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd is very famous for pushing analog delays to their limits, and playing Gilmour-like passages with this pedal at longer time settings is highly rewarding. I will say that I have heard longer delay times from other analog delays, which would make this pedal more versatile. That is the only thing about this great pedal that gives it a point deduction.

Overall Impression — 9
The MT-AD is a great delay pedal that any guitarist could justify owning. Even for subtle doubling alone this pedal is worth it. If you're an old school Vintage cat looking to replace your favorite run-down delay, or you're looking for your first delay, this pedal could be exactly what you need.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The ModTone Vintage Analog Delay is built with era-correct components, has a solid chassis, sturdy switches, and only costs 100 USD! It might be the best value over other delay pedals of it's same type.

Ease of Use — 9
In today's Vintage boom many guitarists are searching for delay alternatives to their old Boss DD-3s or other similar pedals. The MT-AD is a standard analog delay pedal with the three classic knobs: Time, Mix, Repeat. It features buffered bypass with era-correct components in a strong and durable casing. The overall idea of this pedal is Vintage without the price tag of sought-after classic pedals. However, the ModTone MT-AD is an analog delay which means you have certain limitations. To put it simply, analog delay is achieved by actually slowing down (delaying) the signal path as it passes through the circuitry. The more delay time you want, the more components the wet signal passes through before it is routed and given back to you through the output. The result is that with each repeat the wet signal loses the brightness of the dry signal. This is what makes analog delay pedals so effective. The darkening of the repeats helps keep the delay from cluttering up your playing. Those of you Who want large amounts of delay time (over 350ms) this pedal isn't for you. Guitarists who are looking for classic slapback and room sound will absolutely love it. Control your delay time (up to 350 milliseconds), mix in your wet/dry preference, dial in the appropriate amount of repeats and you're off and running. Some very good players have told me they have a hard time getting analog delay to sound good for their solos. Usually that is because they are trying to achieve a Digital Delay sound. This pedal is about as easy as it gets if you are using it for it's intending purpose.

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    Ah, vintage products always add some new sparkle to the world. What, in your opinion(everyones) is the best delay pedal out there for the price?
    MXR Carbon Copy already beat the MT-AD to the analog market with 600ms delay and modulation, but hey if modtone can get the pricepoint under 75.00 I'd think about giving it a try. Another good delay on the cheap but digital is the Ibanez DE-7...
    Modtone make some great pedals. I already had an EHX #1 Echo and MXR Carbon copy on my board before I tried this pedal, but it sounds great...especially for the $100. I've tried all of their pedals and I own the Modtone Speedbox, and its a decent little distortion pedal. I only paid $25 for it. They are very durable and great sounding pedals.
    I bought this pedal a couple of months ago for $50 and couldn't be any happier. This pedal gives that vintage tone and you can dial in reverb, echo or some crazy U2-type of delay. I played the MXR carbon copy and I didn't need an extra 100-200ms. I recommend this pedal to anyone and everyone from your beginner to pro.
    What I like about this pedal is that it has definition. The Carbon Copy sucks. It sounds way too warm and lacks definition. I find that the Memory Toy was probably the best out of them. The Modtone also has a nice decay to the repeats. I'm a 500 millisecond guy but the sound of this pedal is so nice that I don't even care.
    Contrary to the implications of the name this is more of a hybrid pedal as it usues analogue and there's a digital processor in it. Intrigued to try it out. Shame the shop I was in a couple of weeks ago with one on display was over populated with metal-head children wasnting to try LTD's through distortions and make really horrible noise.
    ^ You managed to lock up both, actually. Seems like a pretty cool pedal, wouldn't mind trying one out at all.
    seems to be tons of inexpensive analog delays coming on the market. This guy, the Carbon Copy, the new Memory Boy.....not to mention that more and more digital delays are using analog voicing. cool stuff.