Mod Factory review by Mooer Audio

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  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Sound: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.8 (4 votes)
Mooer Audio: Mod Factory

Price paid: € 77

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Ease of Use — 8
Mooer Audio and their Micro Series of guitar FX pedals couldn't be easier for the players to use. These pedals don't require reading a manual; just plug it in, play and have fun! Although the Mod Factory is easy to use, it does take a little time to set the CTRL knob 1 & 2 to the desired setting, but hey, that's the fun part when getting new pedals! There's always some fiddling around to do, otherwise your tone and sound won't improve. Again, the knobs can be very hard to spot when being on stage playing. Mine didn't have markings on it, but Mooer Audio assured that there would be on the newer shipments.

Sound — 7
It's possible to get some solid and decent sounds from the Mod Factory. The 11 modes will take you anywhere, but requires some tweaking. I find that this "one in all" modulation pedal didn't quite suit my style of playing. This may vary from player to player, of course. The chorus sounds alright and do open and bar chords very well. There's actually no tone sucking or loss of signal. I didn't notice anything. Otherwise a buffer would sort that out and better patch cables. I used my Hiwatt Maxwatt top and cabinet, plus my Tradition Stratocaster with the Mod Factory. On the bridge and neck pickup the Chorus and Phaser sounded like more expensive pedals, but still missing some characteristics. The pedal was not noisy at all, silent switching all the time.

Reliability & Durability — 8
As for all Mooer Audio Micro Series pedals, the reliability and durability is solid. The pedal is built like it should be, with metal-housing and unbreakable. One aspect can be questioned though; some might argue that the true-bypass switch won't last for long, when stepping on it a lot. I must say, I haven't experienced that yet, and I have stepped a lot on my Mooer Audio pedals. I would state that all switches, at some point, will break or need replacement. Overall the Mooer Audio pedals are solid and reliable enough for gigging and practicing, both with your band and at home. The finish and painting on the Mooer Audio Mod Factory is nice and looks good. It's like any other painting on FX pedals.

Overall Impression — 6
The Mooer Audio Mod Factory is an "all in one" pedal. It's a modulation pedal, which contains nothing less than 11 types of modulation effects. The types of modulation are: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Envelope Phaser, Tremolo, Stutter, Vibrato, Univibe, Auto-Wah, Touch-Wah & Envelope Ring. Each mode is selected with the "mode" knob. Then you've got 3 "setting" knobs; CTRL 1, CTRL 2 & Depth. Well, on the outside, this pedal looks great and really fine. But, when plugged in and playing, the overall sound of this effect fades a bit. I only found a few of the modes useful - at least for my style of playing. With the Chorus, Phaser, Univibe, Tremolo, Vibrato and Flanger I was able to get some solid sounds, but overall they sounded a little thin, in my opinion.

A piece of advice would be: buy your modulation pedals individually, not one pedal with them all in it. You will get better quality and sound from buying 3 or 4 individual pedals.

Compared to individual Modulation effects such as the Boss CE-20 Chorus and the Mooer Audio Ninety Orange Phaser, the sound and fullness are very different. Overall this Mod Factory is acceptable. Especially for its price and size; the Mod Factory will fit on any pedalboard. This would be a good pedal for beginners and people on a budget.

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