MF-107 FreqBox Review

manufacturer: Moog date: 07/30/2007 category: Guitar Effects
Moog: MF-107 FreqBox
The MF-107 FreqBox is different from other effects, the effected sound is not a processed version of your input signal, but the sound of the input signal modulating an internal oscillator.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Ease of Use: 6
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overall: 8
MF-107 FreqBox Reviewed by: cjimil419, on july 30, 2007
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Ease of Use: Very fun to mess around with, but difficult to understand what you're doing. If you play with it enough you can get a good idea how the knobs work. The drive and output level are straight foward. The VCO freq and waveform knobs are to change the speed and shape of the vco which is and effect in it's own. The waveform can be set to a triangle, sawtooth, square, and a small pulsing effect. The sync switch syncs the VCO with the input signal. The other section has Env amount, FM amount, and mix. The Envelope amount modulates the frequency of the envelope filter. The FM amount is the frequency modulation on the sound. and the mix controls the blend of the dry signal and the effect sound. Overall, I messed with it until I got the hang of it, so if you want to understand it, you will figure it out. // 6

Sound: Very unique sound. A lot of fun to mess with. Though it's not something I think I'd use much on stage, it will be good for adding colors to recordings. This is not to say in small amounts and can add cool effects to solos and chord progressions. Very original effect. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The pedal itself is built pretty well. It's not like my Fuzz Face which is basically a bomb shell, but it's durable. Unless you plan on jumping and down on stage and you come close to landing on it, even then, it'll probly hold up. I would trust it during a gig with no backup. It has lasted for several months and it's great. // 8

Overall Impression: I play blues rock, like hendrix, cream, robin trower, and I've been looking to find a sound that steps away from straight up blues rock. I also like Pink Floyd like darkside of the moon and in that same way, adding this to a Vintage sound, will send into a future that '60s and '70s generations believed in. If it were lost or stolen, I would get another. The sound is very unique and I sent my cheap synth through it and the sound was out of this world. So unless you're the kind of person who won't bother messing with pedals or reading manuals, it's awesome. // 9

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