Bad Horsie Wah review by Morley

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.4 (30 votes)
Morley: Bad Horsie Wah

Purchased from: Ebay

Sound — 10
I mainly run it through a BC Rich warlock with duncans, through a crappy Marshall MG-15CD (I need to upgrade bad) and this thing is perfect even with that. It may say bad horsie but that doesn't mean it aint a true trick pony. It can do anything! It works very well on cleans and on distortion. On clean you can get a very funky tone to it, really saturated and can be anything you want. It doesnt't need tweeking or anything. Just EQ your amp to what you want and it responds perfectly. it's great even with high gain (Metallica style solos). You can rip solos out like Zakk Wylde, Slash, Hammet, or any of them extremely easily. It's basically no way you can make this thing sound bad or unversitile unless it is off. that's how nice this thing is.

Overall Impression — 10
Best pedal ever. I play basically any style from country, blues all the way to classic rock and shred metal. I basically do it all. I have been playing over 5 years and this thing is genious. If it were stolen or lost I would buy 2 more! This thing is amazing, I would never consider any other wah pedal!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I would definitely depend on this. It has a very nice metal housing on it, very very durable. it's kinda heavy (nowhere near as heavy as a Dunlop though). It's made out of metal, no plastic parts that I can find. it's very durable, very sturdy, extremely nice. I would definitely gig without a backup. You would never need a back up with this monster.

Ease of Use — 10
This pedal is the Bad horsie 1 Steve Vai signature. It basically does'nt have knobs or switchs (which is great). This thing is so easy to get a good sound out of because of it's true bypass feature and how it's pressure based. If you press down on it, it turns on. You let go of it, turns itself off. You don't have to switch it on and off. I didn't get a manual but you would never need one because all you need is a battery, or adaptor and cables. it's extremely nice, best wah I have ever used. Point blank, you can get anything out of this metal monster.

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    pizzabox wrote: you bought a signature steve vai wah because you want to have your own sound when your famous. lol
    It's not his signature, he just endorses it. It's a damn nice wah.
    I got one at a pawn shop in perfect condition with a power supply for $25.00