Bad Horsie Wah Review

manufacturer: Morley date: 09/05/2007 category: Guitar Effects
Morley: Bad Horsie Wah
Switchless design. "Clear-Tone" buffer circuit ensures pure guitar tone and maintains signal level in bypass and wah mode. Works with BASS guitar too!
 Sound: 8.9
 Overall Impression: 9.4
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Ease of Use: 9.7
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overall: 9.5
Bad Horsie Wah Reviewed by: Demented Leprec, on april 01, 2004
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Price paid: $ 315

Purchased from: Musicmaker

Ease of Use: This Pedal is easy to get a good sound out of it. It gives a lovely wah, the only problem I found was trying to use it with a distortion pedal. It gave a bit to much wah with the distortion pedal. // 8

Sound: I am using an Ibanez GIO with the pedal. The Effects are always great off the 'Bad Horsie' Wah and I would reccomend it to everyone. A lovely Hendrix sound comes with it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Very reliable and I haven't had any problems with it yet. Very Sturdy. // 10

Overall Impression: I play rock and it suits well with this style. If my wah was stolen or lost I would definitely buy it again. The only bad thing is that it has no level meaning you can't vary the amount of wah you get but it delivers the right amount always. Overall, the 'Morley Bad Horsie' wah is a brillo pedal. // 10

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overall: 10
Bad Horsie Wah Reviewed by: UJ_boy, on august 13, 2004
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Price paid: $ 109.8

Purchased from: sceerers (leeds)

Ease of Use: I'm ashamed to admit that I purchased this pedal because of the name. Gud job it's the best pedal I've ever used, huh? It's quite possibly the easiest pedal to use, as it is spring loaded. Although it will take a wee bit of getting used 2 4 some, once you get the nack of it, it'll feel like the part of your gear that has been missing 4 years. And the clever bit is, instead of having 2 nock a switch to turn it on and off, u just put your foot down, play, then take it off. It's got automatic bypass with a variable timer. // 10

Sound: The sound is amazing. I'm usin this pedal with a Tanglewood LP or a Noel Gallagher Epiphone Archtop. It's perfact. I personally find that the wah range is perfect 4 old metal and general rock. I also find that when the wah is in use, the volume seems to be boosted. Handy in a band that. When you're playing the rythm, then u can bring yourself above the rest of the band with a louder solo, just by putting you're foot down. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I do depend on this pedal at gigs with out a backup. I'm that sure of it's quality (and I can't afford a spare.) I honestly think this pedal will never die on me. I've had it for a little less than a year, and I've never had n e problems with it. This pedal was built too last, and it deffinately does that! // 10

Overall Impression: I play a wide vary of rock music, and this pedal does it's jobe better than I could have ever imagined. I've been playing for about 4 years now, and this is truly one of the best bits of gear I own! If this were knicked, I'd first break down in2 a heap of tears and self pity then I'd get off my ass, and buy myself a new one. I compared this product to the Jim Dunlop Cry Baby since my purchase, and I'm so glad I bought this one. It won by far! On a final note, I'd just like to say that if you're considering the purchase of a wah pedal, then please consider this beast. It really is all it's cracked to be, and more! // 10

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overall: 10
Bad Horsie Wah Reviewed by: ravenrage07, on august 15, 2007
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Purchased from: Ebay

Ease of Use: This pedal is the Bad horsie 1 Steve Vai signature. It basically does'nt have knobs or switchs (which is great). This thing is so easy to get a good sound out of because of it's true bypass feature and how it's pressure based. If you press down on it, it turns on. You let go of it, turns itself off. You don't have to switch it on and off. I didn't get a manual but you would never need one because all you need is a battery, or adaptor and cables. it's extremely nice, best wah I have ever used. Point blank, you can get anything out of this metal monster. // 10

Sound: I mainly run it through a BC Rich warlock with duncans, through a crappy Marshall MG-15CD (I need to upgrade bad) and this thing is perfect even with that. It may say bad horsie but that doesn't mean it aint a true trick pony. It can do anything! It works very well on cleans and on distortion. On clean you can get a very funky tone to it, really saturated and can be anything you want. It doesnt't need tweeking or anything. Just EQ your amp to what you want and it responds perfectly. it's great even with high gain (Metallica style solos). You can rip solos out like Zakk Wylde, Slash, Hammet, or any of them extremely easily. It's basically no way you can make this thing sound bad or unversitile unless it is off. that's how nice this thing is. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would definitely depend on this. It has a very nice metal housing on it, very very durable. it's kinda heavy (nowhere near as heavy as a Dunlop though). It's made out of metal, no plastic parts that I can find. it's very durable, very sturdy, extremely nice. I would definitely gig without a backup. You would never need a back up with this monster. // 10

Overall Impression: Best pedal ever. I play basically any style from country, blues all the way to classic rock and shred metal. I basically do it all. I have been playing over 5 years and this thing is genious. If it were stolen or lost I would buy 2 more! This thing is amazing, I would never consider any other wah pedal! // 10

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overall: 9.3
Bad Horsie Wah Reviewed by: HawkNelsonGeek, on september 05, 2007
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Price paid: $ 50

Purchased from: MusiciansFriend

Ease of Use: Well, this thing is as easy as heck to use it. It has about a one second time delay from when you take your foot off of the pedal to when the wah turns off. But, you can get the schematics off the website to fix that, and it's possible. Steve Vai liked his wah that way so, that's why they did that. // 10

Sound: I use it with an Epiphone Les Paul and an old Classic 50, that likes to get warm tones, adn a few other pedals. I am serious when I say that this thing has range, No Doubt. But, the highs are a little choppy and the lows are pretty muddy. In the middle is the sweet spot for use of this wah. This is very sturdy pedal, because I have dropped this many times before I had a pedalboard. // 8

Reliability & Durability: When it comes to reliability and durability, this gets a 10. It has a very hard, almost indestructible, outer shell. On the inside evrything is fastened perfectly. One thing I tried was running it with my main board, which is all Boss, and you can run this with your Boss pedals, i.e. daisy-chaining, And you still get the sound fine out of it. // 10

Overall Impression: I play alternative-rock. This goes good with that. But this is also good for some screaming solos and some sweet riffs. Ok, if it were stolen, I might buy something else, just to experiment. When I got this I didn't know much about pedals, so now I do. This thing is pretty heavey, so make sure you can properly velcro or tie this boy down. // 9

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overall: 9.5
Bad Horsie Wah Reviewed by: Whstripesrox, on august 02, 2004
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Purchased from: Gear One

Ease of Use: Well it's pretty easy to get a sound out of it, just press down on the pedal. The manual I got with doesn't tell you how to operate it or anything, but that's not a problem since everyone knows how to wah. // 10

Sound: I'm using this wah with a Dean Markley 30 watt combo amp, with an Epiphone Elitist Explorer, and I also have a Boss Metal Zone pedal with it as well. I also have a Washburn telecaster but I haven't played it with it, because I rarely ever use it (the Washburn that is). The pedal can be noisy when you step on. There's this hissing noise in the background while you're not playing anything. That don't really bother though, because it only does that if you're not playing any notes. There's also this other little problem too. Whenever you don't press the pedal down all the way it gives the guitar a bad grainy sound, which makes it a lot less louder and screws up the sound. I don't know if all wahs do that or not, but that's not really a problem either. This wah has two little knobs on it that changes the level of the wah and the 'contour' which kinda gives it a little more swing. This pedal is okay to get the sound of Metallica (my favorite artist), but not that great. For a Metallica wah you would probaly need a Dunlop Crybabay since that's what Kirk uses. I'm not really trying to copy that exactly though, I want my own wah sound when I'm famous. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've only this wah for about a week, but I think it's pretty strong. This thing is pretty hard man! It looks very professional. I think it would hold up for ages. // 10

Overall Impression: The style of music I mainly play with this is metal and hard rock (can't play lead in metal without a wah). I think this pedal can easily do metal, but I believe it's strong point is in the Jimi Hendrix kind of wash sound. I have been playing guitar for little over a year, and I'm getting pretty good, for only a year's worth of playing! Some of my other gear is a Dean Marley 30 watt combo, an Epiphone Elitist Explorer, a Washburn telecaster, an Ibanez DE-7 Delay (never use it), a Boss Metal Zone Distortion, and a Cakamine Jasmine acoustic. Ever since I started playing seriously I have been wanted a wah for that awesome solo, and now I finally have it! // 10

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overall: 9
Bad Horsie Wah Reviewed by: easwaran, on august 06, 2004
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Purchased from: Singapore

Ease of Use: Freaking easy to use. There's an adjustable pot timer inside it. Need a fine screw driver to play around with it but I liked that feature. The wah automatically switches off which rocks. // 10

Sound: I had no probs concerning sound. The pot didnt wear off. But the range wasnt good enough for metal sounds. The probably deviates to about 1/2 a note which is good actually. Very useful for live gigs because then you dont sound like an ass when your notes go flying all over the place with a greater ranged Wah. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Damn thing is as solid as a rock. // 10

Overall Impression: It's good for an amateur or someone just getting used to Wahs. The range isnt all that great but it still provides some kick ass Wah. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Bad Horsie Wah Reviewed by: TotalyHAB, on july 21, 2006
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Purchased from: Music O Round

Ease of Use: The Pedal is very easy to use, all you do is press down and back to get a beautiful wah sound, I have the simple version of the Bad Horsie Wah, it works well and has no effects knobs but it doesn't need them either. // 10

Sound: I have a Squire Fender Stratocaster (I upgraded the pickups, tremolo system, and shielded internal parts, to make it sound like a 1000 dollar strat) my amp is a Crate GT12 120 watt apm (I'm hoping to get a new one soon.) this pedal has a very nice sound, I have tried many wah pedals and this one defiantly holds up to the best, the range is not grate but its good enough to put out an original sound. When you press down on it with the amp set at a loud volume it makes a ring, but that is ok if you want to get feed back. The effects always sound grate in it no matter what. It's easy to get a grate sound when I play a blues\rock combination. This pedal is beautiful for playing Steve Vai and Hendrix. If u are looking for range id go with Vox if you are looking for an original sound this would be an awesome choice! // 8

Reliability & Durability: This little device is extremely sturdy; it's made of medal and hard plastic that will never brake. I have gigged this pedal and always will gig this pedal, and I never need a backup this thing is solid as a rock. // 10

Overall Impression: I play a Blues/Rock combination and the Bad Horsie holds up well. It does not have the Range that I hoped for but the beautiful sound makes up for that. I've been playing for a couple years now and I like to keep things simple, my other pedals are a Boss Flanger, Boss Auto Wah, and an Arian Stereo Delay. If I could only have one pedal out of all of my pedals I would defiantly say the Bad Horsie. If my pedal was stolen I would defiantly get a new one! What I love about the pedal is its original and unique sound, what I don't care for so much is that it has low range, and no effects. I've compared this to a VOX and it holds up well to the best (given that it does not have quite the range). I can only wish that this pedal had more effects. The Bad Horsie is an excellent foot pedal, Buy one you will love it! // 9

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