M116 Fullbore Metal review by MXR

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (80 votes)
MXR: M116 Fullbore Metal

Price paid: A$ 120

Purchased from: Ebay - Jax Music Supply

Sound — 9
I'm usually just using this at home through a Marshall MG15CDR for practicing alone. Its amazing how much gain this has while still maintaining clarity through such a small practice amp. Not noisy at all, the noise gate works perfectly and can be edited to how much you want cut off just by tightening a screw. Main influences would be The Black Dahlia Murder, Dethklok, Thy ART Is Murder, The Red Shore. This pedal can easily achieve these tones.

Overall Impression — 9
I play metal and most subgenres of metal. This pedal is very suited to every type of metal really, mainly focusing on more modern metal music. I have been playing about 7 years now, as mentioned before I'm going through a Marshall practice amp. I have also put it through my crate/krank half stack and it sounds pretty good, a little more noisy but that is expected at higher volumes. If it were lost/stolen, I would buy another one immediately. The noise gate and the mid boost are both very handy features, its like getting two pedals in one! Only downside that I can see really is the way the 9V adapter plug is on the side next to the input, I would much rather it on top so the leads wouldn't get tangled. Apart from that, great pedal.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It seems very solid and looks as if it would easily hold up for gigging.

Ease of Use — 9
Pretty basic pedal. Volume, Frequency, Gain, Lo, Mid, Hi. Also has a noise gate button and a mid-boost button. Adjust these to your liking and you can get some Killer metal tones. Ranges from classic metal such as Pantera to newer genres such as Deathcore with just a few changes.

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    you guys bitching about the tone either: a)Bought the wrong pedal for your needs BEFORE trying it for yourself. You get butthurt bacause you made a stupid decision like a child, and come bitch on the guitar forum. b)You have the attention span of a toddler and can't spend the half hour or so it takes to tailor the sound to your preference. This thing does a wide range of metal applications fairly well. Maybe not "80's" enough for some, but this is for metal of a more extreme direction so to speak. I am picky about tone, this gets the job done.
    Ratt n' Roll
    I bought this because one of the workers at guitar center said this would be a good pedal for the type of music i want to play, god was he ****ing wrong. i took it home, tried it, hated it. This pedal sucks ass, way, way to high gain. shitty sound. not the distortion i wanted. i took it back like the next day or so. and exchanged it. Im a big fan of the 80s metal scene, that is what i love and play. Like motley crue, metallica, slayer, Ozzy, King diamond. and this pedal is not for that type of stuff, so i tried a few pedals out at guitar center and found on i absolutely love, the digitech tl-2 metal distortion pedal (Hardwire series) took it home played messed around with it through my marshall halfstack, ****ing awesome. insane, and there is so much you can get out of it, and the pedal is built like a ****ing tank, seems industructible, i love my new sound, and it is the sound i wanted. love it. If you want an 80s sound like me, try this pedal through a good marshall amp. Not a bad price either, $100 but i used a coupon and got it cheaper.
    Such a waste. I bought this pedal after watching videos, reading reviews, what I thought was doing my homework, and man, I just cannot get into this thing. I play mahogany neck-thru ibanez's into my marshall 50w half-stack, heavily modded epi so-cal 50, vox avt100h, and avt30xl and it makes every single one of them womp no matter where my lows are set too, and so un-naturally tinny in the highend and it's un-usable. I play nu-metal, hair metal, classic rock, all sorts of things, through 1960 cabs, fender vintage 412 cabs, even tried it through my spare MG cab, and the result is the same. Tons of womp, tons of fizz, no usable tone. I'm gonna stick with my Boss ML-2. even THAT thing is an improvement.