MC404 CAE Dual Inductor Wah review by MXR

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (5 votes)
MXR: MC404 CAE Dual Inductor Wah

Price paid: $ 160

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Sound — 8
As far as using the Wah to get those funky strat sounds, don't ask me, I'm a humbucker man. I've played both my Ibanez RG and my Schecter C-1 Artist with this wah, sounds great. I've used the Wah on my personal Blackstar HT-5, along with rehersal studio amps such as the Roland Jazz Chorus, and a Marshall JCM 900; sounds great everywhere. Honestly, I was never really a fan of the Crybaby sound, especially if the amp setting you're using is already loaded with high end treble. Using the aforementioned gain adjustment pot to lower the gain a bit made the yellow inductor great for my tastes, and the red inductor is a lot smoother now because of it.

Sound wise, I use this Wah for a lot of stuff. In the high gain territory, I use this Wah on solos from The Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb Of God, Dream Theater, and others of the like. Obviously, this pedal also does great with your Alice In Chains style, classic crybaby tone. I mean, I understand that everyone has different preferences, but in a studio setting, I don't understand why anyone wouldn't use one of these baby's.

Overall Impression — 8
Don't think, just get it. This is THE wah. No where else will you get a Wah with both red and yellow inductors for this price, and this tone. Highly versatile. I don't have a lot of Wah experience, but it's not required - this Wah can match the tone you're looking for, and then some. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. If there was one thing I wish it had, it would be a mini vacuum cleaner, because I keep getting dust & lint on the top.

Reliability & Durability — 9
What can I say here? MXR features quality builds meant for war. Well in all honesty, most Wah pedals are built to last. This Wah is neither stronger nor weaker; just a good, solid Wah pedal. Don't drop it off any buildings, but don't hold back - stomp on it as hard as you want.

Ease of Use — 9
Despite the wah's versatility, it's very easy to use. It plays and feels just like a standard Crybaby wah, so buyers should expect it's familiarity and play it with ease. The manual that comes with it is very short and sweet (if you've ever bought from MXR you know what I mean). In addition to explaining the knobs and switches in a diagram, it also shows the internals pots for convenient adjusting. Like the title suggests, this Wah has both yellow AND red conductors (the yellow for your standard crybaby, and the red for those smoother, less harsh Wah tones), so if you pop off the bottom of this pedal, you'll see pots to adjust the Wah Q for both inductors, and a pot for gain adjustment (which controls both inductors). This pedal also features a boost, which allows your Wah to soar over the mix - very useful.

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    This ANY different than the actual "Crybaby" by Dunlop? BESIDES the brand name? Trying to get a decent wah here, the auto wah on my Vypyr 15 SUCKS!