HF-1 Hydrogen Flanger review by Onerr

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.4 (5 votes)
Onerr: HF-1 Hydrogen Flanger

Price paid: $ 75

Purchased from: Local Shop

Sound — 9
I have an Eagle strato with Ibanez S3 pickups, an UD-100 Behringer Ultra-Distortion, a modular digital delay, an Orange Crush 15r amp and a Roland GR-30 and HF-1 plays a very good teamwork with the others. This flanger is, opposite to disappointing Behringer UF-100, analog sounding, sometimes reminding me of Boss BF-2. In despite of having one less knob, HF-1 does all good and relevant sounds the other one used to do. Although a little bit more metallic, you can safely play The Police, Nirvana, The Cure and many other flanging-sounding bands. Definitely, it has very good sound quality. It's a keeper.

Overall Impression — 10
I began playing in 1987, but from 1990 I had to almost stop completely due financial problems caused by unemployment and Brazilian government economic plans. During that time, I only practiced Acoustic guitar and occasionally played electric guitar and bass in rehearsals, studio practice and jam sessions. Now I'm finally back, to play for fun or some event. In this comeback, I decided not to spend too much money on expensive pedals. In Brazil we have to be very careful when choosing a pedal, since even the Behringers are expensive if compared to many other countries. In my case, I was missing that old flange sound. I bought a Behringer UF-100 Ultra Flanger. That pedal was very weird sounding, hissy, and distorted if using the Depth knob, so I returned it, gave the shop a little more money and got the HF-1. Hydrogen is very good for the price, since any Boss flanger, modern or vintage-used, costs at least twice the Onerr's. In my opinion HF-1 can replace any of them. If lost or stolen, the logical decision would be buying it again, specially because I like its sound. After years seeing ridiculously bad quality and overpriced Brazilian pedals, I'm still astonished by the Onerr HF-1 Hydrogen Flanger. At last some MIB product can be a serious competitor to the most famous similars. I remind you Onerr exports its products to USA, so you can all give it a try.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Like the competing Boss pedals, it's super-solid, made of crash-proof metal. The knobs, instead of loosely like Behringer's, are tight and heavy feeling, like they were moved by some hydraulic mechanism. This makes settings very precise. I confess it was a very good surprise. I'm still in a kind of "dating" stage, but somehow I know I can completely count on it, since it standed a not proper power supply for a brief time, and it's still working normally. In addition, If I ever need to use batteries, the compartment is just like Boss'. Another nice surprise. Now, fully armed with my new stable multi-pedal PSU, I'm more than sure I can depend on my HF-1.

Ease of Use — 10
I bought this thing used, but like new, inside its Original box, but no manual. However, since it's very easy to use, I didn't miss instructions. The HF-1 has 3 knobs: Rate, Depth and Feedback (equivalent to Boss'RES), what makes it very easy to have good Chorus, Jet Flanging, Tremolo and other nice effects. The "missing" Manual knob seems not to be needed, so there is the advantage of finding the ideal tone faster.

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    The shop in my town which develop EMMA Pedals, sell Onerr to, have only heard good things about this Brand. EMMA was once Custom shop but now assemblys somewhere else, still they are designed in DenmarkK. Anyways, Quite suprised they sell Onerr, they know a thing or two about Pedals. SO thei must be worth a try.
    i'm in canada, and i was given a used HF-1 for a gift; my bassist found it at Long & McQuade and picked it up for me... it's a great pedal! very lively flange sounds, and easy to tweak.
    Smart Patrol
    What I told in the review is true. You can try some Behringers overdrives or distortions, but the mod effects are pretty lame, beginning by the fact they are digital. The HF-1 sounds close to Boss BF-2, a good replace. I think it can fit any guitar, be single coil (like mine) or humbucking. I never thought a Brazilian product could be this good.
    Smart Patrol
    Nirvanafanjonny wrote: Nirvana, a flanging sounding band?!?!
    Nirvana uses some flanger simulating chorus in some songs, like Smells Like Teen Spirit (the "clean" part) and Come As You Are (intro).
    Smart Patrol
    Just trying to say Nirvana used flange/chorus effect in the quiet parts of their songs. I hope I have undone any misunderstandings...
    Smart Patrol
    Unfortunately the pontentiometers dont resist to a fall... Be careful for not dropping it...
    Smart Patrol
    This pedal is half way between an MXR Microflanger and a BF-2, with a bit more than the first and without those crazy alien sounds from the latter.
    Smart Patrol
    The Onerr is more than the MXR not because of sound quality, but in number of setup options. Sorry If I didnt make myself clear.
    Smart Patrol
    Some things changed since I wrote my review. UD-100 has been replaced by Boss DS-2, which sounds better, less fuzzy. The modular digital delay (Berzek dd-08) wasnt good enough and now I use an Ibanez DF-7 Delay-echo. I was about to change the flanger for an imported one, but besides the fact flangers from Boss, MXR, EHX and other imported brands are very expensive, I decided to keep my Onerr since it not much worse than the other ones. It blends very well with distortion, delay and my Orangs built-in reverb. I also have my guitar neck fixed and refretted with Dunlop Jumbo frets. Now my axe has really sharp edges.