Fuzz God II review by Red Witch

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 7.5 (2 votes)
Red Witch: Fuzz God II

Price paid: $ 220

Purchased from: Humbucker Music

Sound — 10
I use a HSS strat through this most time. The cool thing about it is I love the sound of both single coils and humbuckers through the pedal, and you can tell the difference. But just in a classic fuzz role, I like this pedal, btw these version of the Fuzz God uses silicon diodes for it's clipping. The pedal does have a fairly smooth fuzz tone, with the option of breaking it up slightly with a rollback on the 'sputter' knob. I usually use this pedal for leads myself and I am usually inclined to use a boost and/or a Overdrive pedal in front of this fuzz to really kick it into feedback/sustain/ultra gain territory. This effect can get noisy with lots of gain through, like any other distortion pedal really. But if that is not enough noise for ya, go ahead and engage Wrath of God mode and start pulling strings off the fretboard and messing with the wrath knob for absolute guitar insanity. There is one annoying aspect of this pedal. If wrath of god mode is engaged, with the pedal being bypassed, then you will get a humming in your signal chain that will be making you think you have a bad cap in your amp or something. It's scarey the first time, but you quickly get used to checking for 'wrath' mode when you get a buzzy signal. Personally, I couldn't ask for anything more from a fuzz pedal. It has great fuzz and gnarly possibilities.

Overall Impression — 8
This pedal is great for a person who wants a great regular silicon fuzz with a few more options on it to spice up some riffs and solos. This thing will make noise for all you crazy noise freaks out there. I have been playing for about a dozen years or so and this fuzz is one of my more favorite I have played, but I wasn't a big fuzz fan in particular and mainly use this for 'over the top' solos. If lost of stolen I would probably buy that WMD fuzz with the bit crusher built in, as the WMD looks like an even crazier version of a psycho fuzz. So, all-in-all I Love Love Love the tone of this pedal. I think the options are great and are particularly useful for the eclectic rock based music I play. But if you are thinking about this pedal, be aware it can be temperamental and may need regular upkeep to work consistantly.

Reliability & Durability — 5
Well, alright. I love this pedal, but it is time to come clean. I am having some issues with it. The big one at first was the sputter knob is starting to crackly more and more. Lets get this out now, the sputter knob is attached to a DC voltage going to a transistor in the pedal, so when you tweak it it's SUPPOSED to crackle. No prob. My deal is that sometimes I'll get in at a setting and it won't stop crackling until you move it to a more 'clean' position. And also the crackling is getting louder. It's making it hard to even use the sputter control. Second, and this one just started recently, I am having some kinda output trouble with the pedal. I can engage it just fine, but when I bypass it, sometimes it cuts out my whole signal. I can do a quick double tap on the 'bypass' switch to engage and bypass it again real quick and that usually gets it working fine again. But I don't expect to have to worry about stuff like that with such a high dollar pedal. Might need to get it checked out, but Red Witch is out of New Zealand. For those in america who can't find their own hometown on a map, New Zealand is really really far away and thus shipping it back for repair wouldn't be cost effective. So while there has been no catastrophic failure on this device, it is getting harder to use with age(a little over a year old)

Ease of Use — 8
One of the best things about this pedal is the option to keep it simple, you can just treat it like a fuzz pedal with 'volume' and 'fuzz', that is what I do most the time. So in it's most basic form, you can just treat this as a 2 knob conventional fuzz that is insanely easy to use. There is also a toggle switch for some extra gain(thunderbolt emblem) and another toggle switch for a high end bump(ear emblem) for a little bit of customization. Now the next best thing is when you get bored of just fuzz(like that ever happens) then you can also roll back on the 'sputter' control to get this great 'choked' sound. The sputter control basically makes the fuzz 'gate' by messing with a DC current on one of the transistors, but can be used to great effect. The is pedal also has a Wrath of God mode that engages an internal oscillator operating in the audio frequency range. The Wrath knob controls the frequency of this oscillator(think of a theremin). The way Wrath of God mode works is it 'parasitically' leaches off the signal in the fuzz to create odd sustain and pitch shifting effects that allow for a bunch of innovation. The package that all this is rolled into is incredibly customizable, with very easy access to controls, with an unparalleled intuitive sense that will have you using all these effects in no time. It can be difficult at first trying to 'tame' Wrath of God mode and sometimes the sputter knob gets 'stuck' on an are where it crackles alot. But it's still easy to use.

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    Ben Fulton
    Hi There, hanks for the kind words about the sound of our Fuzz God Pedal. Sorry to hear that you have had an issue with the footswitch - please email me directly at ben@redwitchanalogpedals.com and we will co-ordinate the repair of the footswitch - at no cost to you. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a brilliant day! Regards, Ben Fulton C.E.O. Red Witch Analog Ltd www.redwitchanalogpedals.com
    Mark Dally
    I have had exactly the same fotswitch problem with my Fuzzgod 2 after owning it only 3 months and took it back to the shop today. I love the pedal, it sounds awesome, but I am a bit concerned that this is a manufacturing fault and that I am likely to have the same problem again. I also waited around 5 months for delivery to Australia (from NZ) when I bought it and I don't want to have to wait that long again for repairs. I think I would rather save myself the hassle and get a refund on it which is a big shame as I love the sound of this pedal
    Mark Dally
    I have sent my Fuzzgod2 for repair (after only 3 months use) and have also experienced a lot of difficulty with their warranty policy which was explained by the CEO as "just between you and me" you need to activate the 3 year warranty via their website to be covered by the lifetime warranty.