WP-101 Wah-Wah Pedal Review

manufacturer: Rogue date: 04/08/2009 category: Guitar Effects
Rogue: WP-101 Wah-Wah Pedal
Make your guitar cry for a price that'll leave you laughing. Re-creates classic wah effects and opens new doors of expression. Made of durable, high-quality plastic to last for years.
 Sound: 5
 Overall Impression: 5
 Reliability & Durability: 3
 Ease of Use: 6.5
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overall: 6.5
WP-101 Wah-Wah Pedal Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 27, 2005
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Price paid: $ 17

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Ease of Use: Well just like any wah pedal its easy to use but this is not an ordanary wah pedal its cheap for one and thats cool one thing that I dont like about it is that its made of plastic if you step on it to hard it will crack like mine did. // 8

Sound: Ok now for the sound. It's not the greatest but it works if you work with it and what I mean by that is if you have any computers steros or anything that gives off static and the pedal will Pick it up and mess up the sound for the wah sound and to find a good spot to put it for a good sound turn the pedal on and walk around with it and where it has a little buzzing sound or none that is the best spot to put it. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This is one of those effects that is made only for practice use only in a house. It's not realy reliable at all and don't use it on stage or the boos will come. // 4

Overall Impression: Well overall it is a good Wah-Wah Pedal but only for may be a beginner and a good price. // 8

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overall: 3.3
WP-101 Wah-Wah Pedal Reviewed by: Brett Michael, on april 08, 2009
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Price paid: $ 20

Purchased from: Ebay

Ease of Use: it's not the greatest effect pedal, but it's good for the price. I wish that I had bought a better quality pedal though, mine isn't that great. It's really easy to use, though the housing is weak because it's made of plastic. Mine cracked near the top left of the pedal. I also hate the power consumption of it. I have a one spot wall adapter for all of my pedals and the Rogue Wah-Wah just absolutely drains the power from the other pedals. // 5

Sound: I use an Ibanez prestige RG with a matching Ibanez amp. The Rogue pedal is ok for low-level use but will start to overload if you use the full effect of it. It has a loud and abusive tone to it. It also cracks and pops. It does not work well with any of my other pedals because it drains the power from them. The overall effect of the pedal is weak and can not recreate any sounds from any artists that I have listened to, nor can it create a decent sound. // 4

Reliability & Durability: The pedal is not very durable because of the plastic that it is made od. If you step on it too hard or even drop it, the housing will crack or break. I wouldn't recomend this pedal simply because of that, because once you start to play and you get into the moment, you're not going to step on the pedal gently are you? No, you're going to stomp on it and then end up having to buy a new one. I would definately have a backup at a performance. Possibly two. // 2

Overall Impression: I play some classic rock, so the pedal does get some use. It matches some of the songs that I play, but not many. Overall, I would say that the pedal is a poor match for my style of playing. I've been playing for about ten months, so I thought that a Wah-Wah would be essential. I wish that I had looked at the other brands of pedals before I purchased this one. I'm considering buying a Weeping Demon now. If this pedal was stolen or lost, I would not try to replace it simply because I don't use it. If I did, then I certainly wouldn't buy another Rogue brand pedal. Overall, I really don't like the pedal because of poor quality and power consumption. // 2

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