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manufacturer: Roland date: 06/15/2011 category: Guitar Effects
Roland: GR-55
I do not find it easy to get my own tone, however today I was getting good tones that I wanted. So it takes practice to get the true sounds you want. Editing patches are great. You can save well over 200 sound presets on this monster.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Ease of Use: 7
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overall: 8.5
GR-55 Reviewed by: ryandevison, on june 15, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 918.11

Purchased from: Long & Mcquades in Sydney, Novascotia

Ease of Use: I do not find it easy to get my own tone, however today I was getting good tones that I wanted. So it takes practice to get the true sounds you want. Editing patches are great. You can save well over 200 sound presets on this monster. The manual has some really good details. I just wish there wasn't so much, because I'm starting to become a tree-hugger as of recent. I'm not sure if this program can be updated with new sounds, but its possible. All you need is A USB memory stick and a computer/laptop. Also, the screen is really bright, so it would be good for use on stage. And the tuner mode is AWESOME! Best tuner ever I must say. Its hard to describe you just gotta try yourself. There is a additional Pickup, if you don't have one built in on yer guitar. I needed one of these. Also witht he pickup is a built in controller which helps navagate through the patches. This is built for guitar and bass, however I don't have the bass pickup, as I'm waiting for a new bass first. // 7

Sound: As for gear, I'm using a Limited Edition Epiphone SG, my amp is a Roland Cube 20X (ONLY USE CLEAN CHANNEL! IMPORTANT). Some people on The Internet said you need a keyboard amp not a guitar amp to play this thing. But my amp supports COSM technology, that might have something to do with it. It can be noisy if not set up properly. Effects are awesome. Top of the line instrument. It can play acoustic, electric and synth guitars and pianos, as well as wind instruments, violins, drums/percussion, a bunch of sh-t. This also has a amp simulator. there's a couple of Fenders, Voxs, and Marshalls to name a few. You can also get in deep and f--k around with cabnet and mic settings, has EQ (Which every amp Sim Should). They say you can play up to 4 sounds at a time (2 Pianos, organ synth shit sounds), Guitar/Bass/Sytnh simulator (can be a acoustic, Fender strat with EMG'S, A Good Ole Rickenbacker 4001 for the bass (GEDDY LEE!), Fender Jazz (Again... GEDDY LEE!) Crazy Synth Guitars for Examples). However, if you have a additional keyboard or sound generator, you can add that in to get 5 or more sounds (depending on your sound generator, or if your in a crazy prog rock band and have a sh-tload of extenders that can make 100 sounds and a billion Moog's through 1 guitar). There are 7 effects (included EQ, and Amp modeling), the rest are modulation (use Wahs here, also overdrives, octaves, flangers etc), MFX (Multiple Chorsuses, Flangers, Rotary's), Delays (7 modes, my favotites are analog and Reverse), Reverb (5 types, the higher the number, the more presence), A Whole Chorus Section (4 types) and EQ (which you can use as a volume booster using the dB section). You can also use alternate tunings on your guitar. You can put it in nashville tuning, or make your 6 string guitar sound like a 7 string in standard tuning (without the 1st string sadly). Sound of my favorite artists? I got a wicket Dave Mustaine Sound off of this, as well as some Killer Alex Lifeson Tones (80's keyboard stuff, as well as some late 70s stuff). I Also thought I had a good Slash tone once before, but them I almost forgot that he isnt real (thanks South Park!) But this would be really good for country, rock, pop, metal, rap/Hip-hop, Bluegrass, Jazz, School Band and almost anything. However, it can't fully replace a keyboard player, unless it you had 2 guitars performing a piano part. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Like most Roland/Boss Products, this thing is built like a beast! Would not recommend throwing this off of a 5 story building, even know it will still work. Just don't do it too much. I don't need to bring a back up. It will NOT break down cause I take care of my sh-t Properly. // 10

Overall Impression: My Tastes have changed as of recent, so know what I Love to play are Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Rush, Radiohead, and it fits these matches. I Know people are gonna say (Line 6 HD500 is better f--k you everything else is gay!) but this has guitar, Piano and synth sims... Something Line 6 HD500 dosent. I love the guitar sims. Much better then paying 3000 for a les paul. It dose not have a lot of electric guitar sims (around 9 I'm pretty sure). I have played guitar for 2 years, and as someone who likes to shred around the neck, I need some new pickups on my electric, or a whole new guitar, because it would not Pick up notes that were higher pitched that good (however a Tube MP Solved that problem). If it was stolen, it Kill the guy who took it, rob him from all his belongings, and take back my prized possession. If he gave it away, I'd buy another one. I Do Not have a favorite feature, there is so many things. I Hate the dance beat's tho. Just Pointless Garbage that does not seem right with a guitar There is over 900 PCM Sounds, but I wish there was more amps (over 60 I believe) and more electric guitar sims. I Compared this to other Roland synths, and since this is the newest and greatest one, I got this. Like synth sounds? Got sh-t pickups on yer guitar? Got a amp that dosent produce great guitar sounds? BUY THIS! // 8

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