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manufacturer: Strymon date: 10/23/2013 category: Guitar Effects
Strymon: Timeline
It comes loaded with any delay sound you could imagine, ranging from tape delays, bucket delays, duck delays, and the works. Editing the patches are very simple, as you just click the save knob and can also rename them to your liking.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Ease of Use: 10
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overall: 9.5
Timeline Reviewed by: cjb2293, on november 06, 2012
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Price paid: $ 450

Purchased from: Strymon Online Store

Ease of Use: I purchased the Strymon Timeline delay unit and it has been fantastic. It comes loaded with any delay sound you could imagine, ranging from tape delays, bucket delays, duck delays, and the works. Editing the patches are very simple, as you just click the save knob and can also rename them to your liking. Some of the coolest features on the unit are the pedal's feedback loop, which let you layer effects on just the delays. It also has a tap tempo. // 10

Sound: Currently I run either my Schecter C1+ or C1-Classic through my pedalboard (including a few Boss pedals with the Strymon at the end of the chain in the FX loop) into an Engl Powerball 2 through a Marshall 1960 Cabinet. The pedal is one of the cleanest pedals I have heard and actually gives you the option to switch it between true bypass and buffered (depending on your needs). The effects can range from a nice modest sound to very aggressive sound, all depending on how you dial in the mix. It was perfect for me to get the delay sounds from artists like Foo Fighters (Song: "Aurora") or Breaking Benjamin (Song: "So Cold"). // 10

Reliability & Durability: The pedal itself is in a rugged metal case and has great components that aren't easily damaged. I did have a conga get dropped onto it on stage, which bent my mode selection knob and prevented me from saving settings. It would certainly be nice to have a backup pedal for this in the event that something like that happened again, but the guys from the factory were very easy to work with during the RMA process. // 8

Overall Impression: For the style I play out with my band, Alternative Rock (styles of Karnivool, Breaking Benjamin, Foo Fighters), and the styles I play in Sunday morning worship, this pedal does a fantastic job. I've been playing for over 7 years and have been running this thing for a little over 4 months now with my Schecter/Engl setup. The Strymon website has great videos that fully explain the product and had all of my questions answered. If this thing were to be blown up by dynamite or stolen I would certainly get another one (thanks to music insurance!). It has all the sounds I will ever want/need and more. I can honestly say there isn't anything about the pedal that I dislike. The best part is that is has a tap tempo, which comes in handy. I had compared this to the Boss delay unit that Aaron Fink of Breaking Benjamin had used on tour and I found that I enjoyed the variety of sounds and the ease of use in the Strymon.

// 10

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overall: 9.8
Timeline Reviewed by: cincycosmo, on october 23, 2013
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Price paid: $ 449

Purchased from: Strymon

Ease of Use: Presets are good and useful. Tweaking the patches is good after you get used to the user interface. I rarely had to look up anything in the manual, but the manual seems cool, but you have to download it online as Strymon only included a quick-fact sheet in the box. At first I would have said the ease of use was terrible, but then I realized the Type knob was stuck down. As soon as I exercised it some then the unit started performing i.e. saving patches. Like it is supposed to and I have very little to complain about. // 10

Sound: Sound wise this thing never disappoints. When I play out I never use as much delay as I do on my own. In house though, this thing is magic. The Timeline is so flexible as a delay, such a good creative tool, that I am finding myself wondering far too often what I ever did without it... Honestly. I use a Traynor 80 watt tube amp with this pedal. The Strymon is in the effects loop. At first I was getting a high pitched hum but some quick internet research said it was the power supply getting too stretched... I power the Timeline and my Bluesky on their own now and the rig is TOTALLY quiet. I use this with an older Fender VG Strat, which on it's own merits quiets down most rigs. The Timeline can get all the sounds you can want, or at least I want, out of a delay. Ambient swells? Check U2 type delays? Check Pink Floyd? Check Electronic low fi? Check Add Tremolo and modulation on the delay sound and this thing is stunning. If I could give it an 11 out of 10 I would. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have some concerns about the value dials. When I received it the Type value dial was sticking in the down position and still seems to show some problems. Other value knobs have a slightly inconsistent tactile feel or resistance to turning from knob to knob. If the value knob gets worse I'll make a warranty claim on it, but, there is a good chance that it just needs more breaking in. Other than that, it is built like a tank and seems pretty well made. The finish on the pedal is high quality, which I expected for the price. All the connector jacks are high quality too. By todays standard the LCD display is a little low tech but this pedal is about the sound not the look and it delivers so well there I am willing to overlook a plain looking display. // 9

Overall Impression: The Timeline offers pristine audio quality, tons of features and sounds and incredible flexibility. It IS expensive, but in many ways, worth it. I normally wait a few weeks before really writing an eval on a pedal, but this thing is SO superb it makes you want to shout about it from a roof. The rule of thumb that I use is; Does it make me want to play more or less? Well, this thing is darn FUN and it makes me want to play ALL THE TIME. I have had mainly Boss delay effects up to now... Boss DD-20, DD-7 and the Boss TE-2 Teranova. The Timeline blows them all away, especially the Teranova. // 10

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